4 Pillars (四柱命理), Date Selection (擇日)

The 10 Spiritual Days

The 10 Spiritual Days, as the name suggest these days’ energy are more atune with Nature, Wicca, Metaphysics, Intuition, Spiritual and Prayers.

From a BaZi (八字) perspective, people who are born on these day or hour then to be intelligent, portray good temperaments, poetic, fashionable, good looks and empathy.

Masters in the past, when recruiting apprentices to learn the FiveArts seek apprentices born on one of these 10 Spiritual Day. As people who are born on this day are smart, intuitive, good in observation and comprehension. And importantly they have empathy for others and the world.

日干: 甲 乙 丙 丁 戊 庚 庚 辛 壬 癸
日支: 辰 亥 辰 酉 午 寅 戌 亥 寅 未

• Wood Dragon
• Wood Pig
• Fire Dragon
• Fire Rooster
• Earth Horse
• Metal Tiger
• Metal Dog
• Metal Pig
• Water Tiger
• Water Goat


Metaphysics (易学)



Date Selection (擇日), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Key Ideas for Annual Feng Shui – 2022

Annual Flying Stars for 2022 is a FuYin (伏吟) set-up, need to watch sectors such as SW and West, risk of legal / gossips matters, theft / missing items, female ailments, sickness – respiratiory and intestinal due to Monkey – and Goat – . This sector should remain still instead of activating it.

Monkey – is standing in the opposite direction of Tiger – , which means going against the flow of Grand Duke (太岁); when this sector is activated the household or workplace could expect challenges, obstacles to overcome and changes to happen/ adjust.

At the same time, the 5-Tiger Killing lands at SW and West ( and ), this adds woes to the already mentioned SW sector. 力士 and 蚕室 which are 2 disturbing stars of Grand Duke sits at SE and NW. Avoid starting ground breaking on these sectors for 2022.

Tiger + Horse + Dog annual combination (寅午戌会火局,三煞在北) means the 3-Killing energy is directed towards North. Hence, Star 1 in Flying Star Chart at North Sector is a little handicapped and cannot deliver at full capacity.

From a “Robbery Mountain” perspective, if the property / apartment is sitting at or sector + an adjacent building or mountain at sector it could represent detrimental signs of fail investment and wealth lost.

East Sector (卯), Southeast (巳), South (丙), Northwest (亥) is favourable to make use and activate in 2022. In 12 Deities of Tai Sui (流年⼗⼆神煞), these are the Green Dragon, 6-Harmony, Fortune Virtue areas.

Coincidentally, the East Sector (卯), Southeast (巳), are Nobleman Stars (贵人歌: 壬癸蛇兔藏) for 2022, for people with academic pursuit or learning a new skills (文昌歌: 壬逢虎) sitting at Northwest (寅) would get good support from the Grand Duke, and the annual wealth sectors (岁君壬禄在亥) sits at Northwest (亥).

Date Selection (擇日)

Heavenly Pardon Day – 2022


Heavenly Pardon Day is about 4 special Yang (陽) days in each season. It is believe that in these dates has prosperous energy (氣) giving birth to all things and forgiving sins. It is an auspicious day for the Emperor of Heaven to forgive the sins of sentient beings.

• Spring Season uses Earth Tiger, Spring (Wood Energy) prosperous at Tiger Branch.
• Summer Season uses Wood Horse, Summer (Fire Energy) prosperous at Horse Branch.
• Autumn Season uses Earth Monkey, Autumn (Metal Energy) prosperous at Monkey Branch.
• Winter Season uses Wood Rat, Winter (Water Energy) prosperous at Rat Branch.

Heavenly Pardon Day is unique because of its seasonal prosperous energy properties. Yang Wood – Jia (甲) is deem as the leader of the 5 Yang (陽) stems while Yang Earth – Wu (戊) is the mid point. Thus, this 2 Yang heavenly pillars are used.

Heavenly Pardon Days in 2022 (天赦日):
✓ January 25
✓ March 26
✓ June 10
✓ August 23
✓ October 22
✓ November 7

Date Selection (擇日)

Date Breakers

Energies vibrate at different frequencies, not only does a day contain its own energy signature, months and years have their unique vibrations. When these energies are opposing each another, there is stress and tension. Everyone would feel uneasy and deep down we felt that something is wrong. We call these days as “Breakers”.

Depending on the magnitude and duration of the vibration, the impact of the Breaker would differs. There’s the Year Breaker, Month Breaker, Day Breaker and Hour Breaker. Year Breaker (岁破) being the most impactful while hour (时克) is the least. The idea is to avoid breakers in Date Selection.

We need to be mindful in Date Selection is that the energy affecting the activity lasts for its duration. That means for short-term events such as a one-day renovation would only last for one day and would (likely be shorten) as the effects end the moment the event finishes.

Hence, it is not advisable to commence long-term activities such as getting married or starting a new job on Breaker days. And remember that ONLY the date we commence the activity matters, there might be negative 12 officers days or “Breakers” in between ~ those doesn’t count.

Date Selection (擇日)

Brief points on Date Selection

In Gregorian Calendar, a day could be a Monday, Thursday, Saturday … In the Chinese Calendar perspective, each day could be one of the 12 Day Officers: Establish, Remove, Full, Balance, Stable, Initiate, Destruction, Danger, Success, Receive, Open and Close days.

Suitable activities would relate to what each day is named after. For example, Establish and Initiate Days are great for beginnings and starting something new. While, Remove days are good to remove negativity out of our life.

At times, Receive Days are ideal for activities that involves asking for something (such as a promotion or a pay raise).

Danger days are not at all dangerous. It about turning situation into opportunity. This is one of the better days thanks to its effect.

Likewise, Balance Day is when we can get bridge the gap and achieve a equal footing when we are in a disadvantageous position.

Success Days has a multiplier effect and are the most auspicious and favourable day of them all. The energy present during these days are suitable for most activities that require a positive start and a positive end.

Metaphysics (易学)

Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowls are used as an ancient form of regeneration that vibrates and produces deep tone. The sound of Tibetan singing bowls harmonizes and allows deep relaxation of both sides of the brain stimulating stress relief on all levels. Tibetan bowls are forged with alloys that usually contain from five to seven precious metals, which are connected to the planets of our galaxy: lead (Saturn), tin (Jupiter), iron (Mars), copper (Venus), mercury (Mercury), silver (the Moon) and gold (the Sun). Besides Tibetan bowls, there are also Nepalese, Japanese, Bengalese and Crystal Bowls the latter are made out of glass.

To play a Singing Bowl, one must either strike the bowl or rub the rim with a mallet. The action taken with the mallet is the first step in creating sound with a Singing Bowl. The friction created either by rubbing or striking a Singing Bowl creates vibrations. The continuing sound is called resonance. Resonance is the note we hear even after the player ceases contact between the singing bowl and the mallet.

The material by which the Singing Bowl is made can change the depth and tone of the sound. Crystal Bowls will not sound the same as bronze alloy bowls. Wooden mallets and padded mallets will produce different sounds as well. The size, shape and weight of the singing bowl can also affect what tones are produced. Adding water could change the note of the singing bowl as water is more difficult to vibrate than the air inside an empty singing bowl. Cushions, rings, or other accessories also alter the sound of singing bowls, often dampening or softening the sounds.

The benefits of Singing Bowl during a relaxation session, significantly decreases both blood pressure and heart rate. Additionally, using Singing Bowl with meditation reduces the feeling of physical pain, as well as decrease negative moods such as tension, anger and depression. Other benefits includes:

• Deep relaxation
• Improves mood
• Improves hypertension
• Better pain management
• Reduces stress, anger, and anxiety
• Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

How do I know if my floor or level is suitable for me?

This is another common question that querent frequently asked with all the build to order (BTO) coming up in the local property market. I’ll try to address it via a short note / essay. Hopefully, the idea can give a certain concept and everyone can twist and play around with it – DIY.

There are 2 ways of looking or doing an assessment for this. The “BaZi Element Method”, the “Floor vs Door Method” or if the case permits, a hybrid of both. The selection of internal layout has previously been discussed (Selecting HDB Apartment from a Feng Shui Perspective).

To use the “BaZi Element Method”, the querent first need to plot out his/her BaZi chart from one of the widely available online BaZi Calculator. Thereafter, focus on the day pillar’s heavenly stem (天干); numerically determines which element in the BaZi chart is the useful element; mathematically speaking, the weak element is often the useful element. The apartment unit selection, therefore focuses to have the main door at sector where the BaZi useful element is (i.e. Querent’s BaZi theme centers around weak fire, therefore beneficial for him/her to have a main door at the South sector). Where the chart is balance, the choice would be to select a main door’s sector similar or produce the day pillar (i.e. Day Pillar is Wood + Main door sector is North, East or Southeast).

The “Floor vs Door Method” looks at the luck cycle relative to the floor and door. Starting in year 2020 to year 2031 (12 years cycle) the luck energy is Metal. So, it would be a tailwind scenerio to select floor or levels such as 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26; but this is only useful if the door opens in North, East or Southeast. The reason being Metal (Luck) produces Water (Floor / Level) and Water produces Wood (Door). The door should (ideally) be same as or produces the Living Room sector or matches the Querent’s life-gua.

And, in some situation the Querent’s BaZi useful element is Wood. Thus, this assessment goes hand in hand adding one layer over another.

Note: This method(s) are specifically for HDB apartments and High-Rise apartments only.

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Metaphysics (易学)


虎戏:木 - 怒、肝、魂,肝在五行属木,其华在爪,在体合筋,与胆相表里,虎戏通过手型(撑掌、虎爪、握拳)的变化和两目的怒视,对肝的功能进行有效的调节,能疏肝理气、舒筋活络。

鹿戏:水 - 恐,肾、志,肾在五行属水,其华在发,在体合骨,与膀胱相表里,鹿戏通过腰部的侧屈拧转和背部后拱等动作使整条脊椎充分旋转,腰肾、命门、督脉能得到充分锻炼,具有益气补肾、壮腰健骨的作用。

熊戏:土 - 思、脾、意,脾在五行属土,其华在唇,在体合肉,与胃相表里,熊戏运用腰腹运转、左右晃动对脾胃进行挤压按摩,能调理脾胃、充实两肢。

猿戏:火 - 喜、心、神,心在五行属火,其华在面,在体合脉,与小肠相表里,猿戏对胸廓挤压、放松,动作变化多样,能养心补脑、疏通血脉。

鸟戏:金 - 忧、肺、魄,肺在五行属金,其华在毛,在体合皮,与大肠相表里,鸟戏两臂的上下运动改变了胸腔容积,增强了血氧交换能力,能补肺宽胸,调畅气机。

Metaphysics (易学)

Participatory Universe and Manifestation

In the course of encountering QiMen (QMDJ), notice there is a new-notion or interesting idea of using QiMen Deities for Manifestation, walking the 7-Stars Path and even signing contracts with “The Universe”.

Let’s look at manifestation. This concept is better explain using science of quantum fluctuations and the idea of Participatory Universe.

John Wheeler’s hunch is that the universe is built like an enormous feedback loop, a loop in which we contribute to the ongoing creation of not just the present and the future but the past as well. Wheeler envisioned that conscious observers partake in the creation of the participatory universe; the entire universe is filled with events, where the possible outcomes of countless interactions become real, where the infinite variety inherent in quantum manifests as a physical.

And as Stephen Hawking puts in it The Grand Design: “the universe appeared spontaneously, starting off in every possible way. Most of these [alternative beginnings] correspond to other universes.” Or, based in simulation theory, we (humans) could be living out a specific theme in a dimensional universe or simulation; and the act of manifestation is merely the act of reaching out to our higher-self for guidance, assistance, walk-through, solutions, decisions and goals (it should be a simple YES or NO; idea of contracts is irrelevant and is of a lower vibrational body).

In energy works, there are 4 main realms:
1. Divine
2. Spirit
3. Soul
4. Physical

And when users of manifestation are meditating, they are actually focusing or working with the soul level. This is where the higher-self, soul light and astral resides. If these energy vibration aren’t activated, the resonance could be pick up by other energy of negative qualities and not our higher-self or soul light.

Also, whether we can reach out or bridge to the higher self at the soul level largely depend on our karmic blockage on the physical level. Karmic blockage can be seen as the residual impact of memories of the soul. And even if we can bridge it, is this manifestation part of the original theme (or are we going against the original theme) we chosen when we sign up for our ‘vacation’ on Earth?

Noticed that in QiMen Manifestation, the area of focus is about using deity or giving the deity a command. Firstly, QMDJ is a divination tool, the model and naming convention although gives it a mystical feel, it is not use for mediation or visualization. To do mediation and visualization, the correct source or book to use or learn from is — The Secret of the Golden Flower 《太乙金华宗旨》. Secondly, given that we are at the physical level, even if we could bridge the soul level and reach the spirit level, are we anointed by the Divine to give command to Deity at the spirit level?

Running into technicals, in QiMen, there are several style. ZhiRun method, ChaiBu method, MaoShan method, Yin Plate method. Each of these give a different deity. Hence, users of manifestation might need to reflect upon which deity is the correct guardian deity.

In addition to these method of plotting, there is also flying style vs rotation style of QiMen. This created ambiguity as there now are 2 different set of Deity, users of QiMen Manifestation now need to discern the accuracy.

Lastly, assume the user of QiMen Manifestation come to a consensus on which is the correct deity to use. Another questionable area is why among the Classical 3 Style (三式), the 10 Deities of QMDJ is adopted instead of the 16 Deities in Tai Yi Divination (太乙神数) or / vs the 12 Deities in Liu Ren Style (大六壬); which supposedly exist earlier then QMDJ. Incidentally, this 2 other method has more Deities to choose from, and is more granular than QMDJ.

Or (maybe) we are now in period 9 which energy and vibration represent that of religion practices, spiritual awakening (and female dominance); and knowing that Classical Metaphysic might no longer be a sustainable revenue driver, there might be a business justification to use methods of manifestation and incorporate with Classical Metaphysic to revitalize the product / service curve and extend it’s life-cycle. The “truth”, perhaps only the original founder of “QiMen Manifestation” will know.

Parting Shot (P.S.) ~ if we understand this (below) quote, we would have already understand and know how to apply a “Manifestation Prayer”.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水), Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数), QMDJ (奇門遁甲)



Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)


Metaphysics (易学)

Spirit Consciousness

Many people now understand the power of their thoughts and emotions to affect their present and manifest their future. However, the greatest manifestation power does not come from the lower levels of thoughts (e.g. words and visualisations), it comes from the intentions that created them.

Regardless of the words and the images we consciously create when intending to manifest something, it is the intentions we send out within those lower vibrational creations that really have an impact. We may say something in our mind to try to manifest or do something, when our true intention, in the background, may be to wait for a bit longer before we manifest it, or to never do it at all because we don’t feel ready, worthy or for another subconscious reason. Indeed, our real intentions are not always aligned with our spoken words, our superficial conscious thoughts or our actions.

Developing our spirit consciousness connection and our conscious awareness of the true intentions behind everything that we say or do will help us “feel” and better understand and control our deeper mental (subconscious) processes.

In QiMen, spirit consciousness is as simple as getting the proper alignment of Stars, Doors and Palaces.

QMDJ (奇門遁甲)


以日祿起五符 (不論陰陽遁) 順行一圈排出十二神。

吉星 : 五符、天曹、地府、風雲、唐符、國印。
凶星 : 風伯、雨師、雷公、天關、地鎖、天賊。

(1) 五符,火,謁貴,吉神。
(2) 天曹,金,詞訟,吉神。
(3) 地符,土,逃避,吉神。
(4) 風伯,木,驚恐,凶神。
(5) 雷公,木,驚恐,凶神。
(6) 雨師,水,出行,凶神。
(7) 風雲,木,半陰,吉神。
(8) 唐符,金,財吉,吉神。
(9) 國印,金,陞遷,吉神。
(10) 天關,木,阻隔,凶神。
(11) 地鎖,土,反覆,凶神。
(12) 天賊,水,失盜,凶神。

Metaphysics (易学)

The Soul’s Journey

The Soul’s Journey our spirit’s decision to embark on an exciting adventure. It is about experiencing the process of self‐realisation, manifestation, and most importantly, the incredible experience of forgetting your true divine nature to slowly reconnect to it and to the Source.

This journey normally unfolds over many lifetimes, incarnations and deaths. We can view or refer each incarnation as “Theme”. A limitless number of life experiences are offered to each soul on their own and unique path to the re‐discovery of their true nature and the nature of our multi‐dimensional universe.

Our soul is an energetic vehicle, another body, to which your spirit gives life, and through which it expresses itself and experiences life in the soul realm. A soul body seems to also be intimately connected to and affected by the two higher energy bodies: the higher emotional body and the higher mental body.

The “Home” of the soul body is the soul dimension, as it is made of the same energy, or rather the same range of vibration. It needs to be incarnated into a physical body to exist within the physical reality. This simply means that it needs to be energetically connected with, give life to and express itself through a physical body in order to experience the physical world and its specific properties.

Souls without a physical body that have crossed over to the soul dimension are however able to temporarily come into the astral world to connect with us. The astral dimension is indeed a world between the physical dimension and the soul dimension (in terms of vibration).

The soul was designed to enter the soul’s journey with restricted abilities and a limited access to its spirit’s knowledge. Over many lifetimes of learning, experiences and recording/ remembering, a soul progressively reconnects with different vibrations of energy to heal and develop its physical and energy bodies. Hence, from a BaZi perspective, we could try to unravel the main theme within the individual’s soul journey by locating or looking at the useful element(s).

Metaphysics (易学)

Repressed Emotions

Most people will have experienced emotional traumas during their childhood and in their adult life. An emotional trauma is not always connected to what we would intellectually consider as a “traumatising event” or something out of the ordinary. However, this sometimes creates “Repressed Emotions”.

Emotions are just as valid whether or not the intellectual mind considers the related event as a “difficult situation”. In fact, there is a discrepancy between what we feel and what we think we should feel. And, this negativity often feeds or fuelled those “Repressed Emotions”.

When an emotional trauma has occurred, the emotional and mental energies associated with the events may be subconsciously kept away from the chakra system as a defence mechanism. This prevents the energies from going through the brain / nervous system, and therefore from being felt. This process also happens with “every day” emotions, often those emotions which are deemed unpleasant. In addition the mental repetition makes it worst or permanent.

“Repressed Emotions” induces repressing energies, this negative energies ends up creating clouds of stagnant emotional energies that often disrupt the flow of energy within other energy bodies, including the etheric body. This can lead to psychological and physical conditions, benign or more severe, as well as general imbalances, suffering and self‐limitations. Therefore, clearing these energies can often significantly improve the balance and health of one’s body and mind.

Most people also tend to repress those emotions that their intellectual mind consider as “bad” or “unnecessary”, such as anger, for example. Emotions are there for a reason and are a language inthemselves. Denying their existence is not going to make them disappear. On the contrary, it is important to allow ourselves to feel all emotions and to understand their significance.

In BaZi, if the chart with these “Broken Signs” / formation in the year and month pillars, or if there is these “Broken Signs” / formation in the luck cycle which happen to occurs in the childhood years; is likelihood to have such negative energies. To seek healing or release from these “Repressed Emotions”, the key is in the use of 6-Combination (六合) or 3-Combination (三合).

子酉破,Rat + Rooster
寅亥破,Tiger + Pig
辰丑破,Dragon + Ox
午卯破,Horse + Rabbit
申巳破,Monkey + Snake
戌未破,Dog + Goat