Metaphysics (易学)

Aligning the 5 Energy

天,Heaven Energy is Mind and mental state, a collective intelligence that stands alone. Inspiration, idea, thru dreams we see solution and future, acumen. Knowing what to do at the right time. That connection with Akashi records. And we seek to take notice of it, so that we are conscious of these thoughts.

灵,Spirit Energy is the divine intelligence (or that life force) that give life to everything around us. That natural program code or order that governs a programmed path, just like a seed will grew into a tree. This also seen as the 7 chakra within the body – Crown, Brows, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base Chakra.

地,Earth Energy is emotions of the person. And just as the environment around us which affects our mood and state of mental health. Happiness level would be low if the emotional state is counter-intuitive. The external is the catalyst and most of the time these are trigger that generate (internally) those feelings.

人,Human energy relates to the physical body, our general state of health – internally (organs) and externally (limps). We cannot achieve our dreams and goal if we lose the full co-operation of our body. To be able to do the things we would like to to; to achieve the success that we want, we need the full alignment in this aspect.

神,Deity would be the spiritual being above us, recording our events throughout the course of life, who we meet, what we do etc. It is usually passive but sometimes this deity will put up the necessary hurdles and throw us choice to be made. This is seen as the 5 other chakra that is outside (but around) the physical body – Consciousness, Spirit, Soul Light, Elemental and Universal Chakra.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Bright Hall, Kitchen, Bed, Study Desk

Bright Hall is the internal place after the main door. This is the first check point of home Feng Shui as this is the first place in the home for energy to be collected. A brighter and cluttered free bright hall can take in more benevolent energy as oppose to a malicious energy. If natural light is unavailable, then the use of artificial lighting to brighten this area. If this place is in the dark, not ventilated and a musty smell, then energy flow is impeded and it is not good for the home.

Kitchen is the sector that affect health. Kitchen FengShui is important only and if only one eats at home. If the family eats out most of the time, the Kitchen Feng Shui is not of major concern. Stove need to be place against the wall as a form of support. The stress is when the stove and washing basin is directly opposite each other, this signify a fire and water clash that leads to anger and argument. In long run develop as blood pressure people. Water and fire clash is mitigation by wood, a small pot plant will mitigation this issue.

Bedroom is about Yin activity, so the bed headboard need a Yin feature like a wall. So that he rest is supported. If place against a yang feature will affect a peaceful sleep.

Study desk supportes with a wall is key to getting the edge when it comes to academic and career performance and success. Also the study room door should not be directly against the desk to avoid energy clashes onto the desk.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Flying Stars Combination of 10 in 2023

In 2023, there are 2 beautiful chart in period 8, that is the Geng Jia facing and sitting (甲山庚向 & 庚山甲向). These 2 charts in particular produce a combination of 10 with the annual stars. Either combo of 10 on the mountain stars or water stars.

Combo of 10 in mountain stars denote vitality, health, recovery from ailments, harmonious relationship, wedding, fertility and family bliss.

Combo of 10 in water stars trends toward achieving goals, learning new skills, gaining reputation, popularity, wealth, career, business growth and entrepreneurship

These combinations bring about auspicious energy in the house and some of the ills of 2, 5 and 7 stars could be mitigated naturally. Big problem will come with necessary nobleman’s help and solution, invoking good improvement to the residents of the property, so long as the residents are open to these challenges and improvements.

For the combination of 10 to be invoked, the apartment or property must not have any missing corner. For Geng (庚) facing apartment, receiving Qi is a must and there must not see any water, lake or river. While for Jia (甲) facing apartment, there must be presence of external water, river and lake.

Also, internally NW and South sectors must be kept clean and neat. There shouldn’t be cluttered, the usage of these 2 sectors can be as per normal. Externally, no major construction or digging and broken mountain.

Nonetheless, there are sceptics and naysayers to flying stars; could say that these chart are oppressed or do not conform with what was taught in the classic text. My response would be to smile and give gratitude to Yin-Yang.

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Date Selection (擇日), QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

12 Deity of Tai Sui


Grand Duke – 太岁:Is a neutral deity (but is) the strongest in strength. Energy puts you in the spotlight, everyone is paying attention to you, hence you have to make decisions, step out of your comfort zone, face challenges and changes. This energy needs one to take a leadership role. Key word is to Lead and Serve. 

The Sun – 太阳(青龙):The Sun is alike a Nobleman Star (but) this deity is also about compassion and genuinely cares for people around them. As the name implies, this is being the Sun and that Ray of lights for other peopleś life. Happiness comes from other people’s success, helping others to be successful (i.e being a nobleman to others). And in doing so, fortune, prosperity and blessing comes in; this is because of the network, connection and opportunities open up when you help others. The key word for Green Dragon is being a Guiding Light for others.

Funeral Door – 丧门:Denotes funeral matters, filial piety matters in the households, heartaches, sadness, health issues and downward spiral. 

The Moon 太阴(六合):The Six Harmony or known as The Moon in the 12-General. This is an entrepreneur star – The Mastermind of Money; and the ability to create solutions to problems (seeing the gap in the market) which means having the vibration to start an alternative stream of income and in doing this help comes along the way. Traditionally, also because it is Yin Energy, denotes help and cooperations comes from females or from a more feminine nature. The key idea behind Six Harmony is being Creative and thinking out of the Box.

Five Ghost – 五鬼(官符):Backstabbing, gossips, nay-sayers, fines and legal implications. A lot of energy will be consumed and wasted to resolve these issues. As energy is wasted, this leads to misplaced cash, loss of items or prone to theft. 

Small Consume – 小耗(死符):Tradditionally, this star relates to spending money, issues coming up causing one to be feeling vexed. But, on the positive side, one can be spending money to acquire assets, spending money to fix up health issues, spending money to acquire skills and education. This deity / star become malicious when its energy is stack with Funeral Door (丧门).

Clashing Grand Duke / Major Consume – 岁破(大耗):This star / deity is all about changing us. This energy and vibration is about invoking major changes in oneś life. This star/ deity affects personal life, personal growth, career, wealth, health, relocation, and relationship. Difficulty, pain and gossip arises when one goes against these changes. So, we need to facilitate and accept changes. Be facilitator of change rather than the subject of change. All major changes cost tremendous amounts of energy and money, that is why this star is deemed as Major Consume.

Dragon Virtues – 龙德(朱雀):This deity / stars represent the ability to solve problems, overcome obstacles and rise above all. And, the opportunity to work with high ranking officials in the organization. As well as the ability to access resources to pursue goals and get things done. The good stars are only as good as the goals in life. Becoming a mentor or coach for others (i.e. becoming a noble man himself) is key to open up opportunities with this deity / stars. Hence, don’t shy away from other people’s problems. Rising up to Challenges is the key word. 

White Tiger – 白虎:Endows one with excessive energy, thus easily to get bad temperament and physical injury. Also, risk taking, abusive languages, gossip and surgery. The key to using this star is to rechannel these excess energy to new skills, workout and vacation (experiencing life).

Fortune Virtue – 福德:This deity / stars focus on longevity, respects, relationship, health, kindness and officialdom (rise in ranks – 官贵). When endowed by these stars, one should not start gossip (backstabbing) towards others. Without negative talks and attacks; one will start attracting positive people to come in. Starting legal proceedings is also a last resort as it leads to a win-lose situation. Delayed reaction (emotions) and seeking win win are key ingredients.

Funeral Guest / Heavenly Dog – 天狗(吊客):This deity / stars centers focus on mourning, sadness and self pity. Energy is a downward spiral in nature. It triggers scaring, injuries and negative self-talk. When this deity / star appears one will start talking about past scars, trauma and using it as a trophy; as one keeps doing that, it keeps one mentally locked and unable to move away from this downward spiral. Funeral Guest also denotes, the funeral or mourning is other peopleś problem. These are other people that you empathize with but remember to draw boundaries to protect yourself. Key word is in moving forward.

Sickness Charm – 病符:This energy is about Sickness / illness; needs one to recuperate and rejuvenate. These illnesses would likely be internal to the body or in the mind. Depending on where this star appears in the 4-Pillars, it could denote illnesses in parents (year), family (month), self (day) or children (hour).  The negative effects of Sickness Charm is amplified when coupled with Small Consume (小耗) or Funeral Door (丧门).

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Playing with Nobleman

How to memorize, or at least understand the heavenly nobleman we don’t need to refer to any charts or notes. The key in memorizing the heavenly nobleman lies in the storage. Let me look at the triple combination, zoom into the storage of each of these combination, mentally superimposed the 3X3 diagram and you will realize the key to this moment resize in the storage of each of the gua.


寅午戌 (Fire Combination, Heavenly Nobleman – 丁亥丙) – Fire Storage at 乾宫
亥卯未 (Wood Combination, Heavenly Nobleman – 乙申甲) – Wood Storage at 坤宫
巳酉丑 (Metal Combination, Heavenly Nobleman – 辛寅庚) – Metal Storage at 艮宫
申子辰 (Water Combination, Heavenly Nobleman – 癸巳壬) – Water Storage at 巽宫

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

XKFS, 4 Flying Stars Charts with FuYin Activation

As we approach 2023, although the heat is about the Chinese zodiac signs auspicious and inauspicious, we often forget the one important aspect – that is the flying stars for 2023. With Star 4 in middle, Star 5 at NW, Star 6 at W, Star 7 at NE, Star 8 at S, Star 9 at N, Star 1 at SW, Star 2 at E and Star 3 at SE.

For the flying stars in 2023, the annual 5 yellow recites in the Northwest sector of the house, in traditional astrology dissected represent the man of the house, the bread winner of the house and more importantly the father of the house. 5 Yellow energy vibration is often related to big ticket items, such as loss of wealth, challenges in health and relationship.

The annual start 2 Black, represents the sickness star recites in the East sector of the house. This sector represents the mobility within the household, the eldest son and people born in the year of the rabbit. So if we were to add the two levels of analysis, that is the two black annual annual Stars along with the Grand duke of 2023, this represents a significant risk of those born under the zodiac of rabbit having plague with illnesses and sickness.

The 3 Jade annual Stars goes into Southeast sector of the house, distance to represents arguments and disagreement in the household, especially if the master bedroom resides in southeast sector of the house. Has this actor also represents the eldest daughter of the family, Jason significance in terms of disagreement and argument with the elders doctor of the house, there is a likelihood of rebelliousness. Especially with the father.

The 7 red annual Stars, that represents theft, robbery and injury is located the Northeast sector of the house. This represents the youngest son of the family it’s likely to have his thing stolen or met with injury especially if he is residing in this sector of the house.

The academic star 4 is being confined in the center sector of the annual flying star chart. This represents that the person in the household with Gua 4 would have head winds when it comes to academy pursuits. (You can simply Google for gua 4 information and calculators).

Moving on we are going to the auspicious sector of the house, something with star one that resides in Southwest sector. You Southwest a third represents the mummy of the house, mommy or the house would likely to have challenges that eventually leads to career advancement. As well as self-improvement and personal growth.

The 6 white annual stars recites in the west sector of the house, although this leads you to greater career impacts, it also leads to more arguments and fighting in the household. This is especially so if the residence of the household has the zodiac after rooster, at the rooster also clashes with the Grand Duke.

The 8 white annual Stars recess in the south sector of the house, this is great for financials, investment and wealth growth. however please note that for the South sector to be auspicious, it shouldn’t have water placement oh hi guys building blocking the frontal view of the unit or the house.

In the north sector of the house, will be the 9 purple annual star of the year. This is great for profit taking income growth and entrepreneurship. In order to capitalize the benefit, the property should have water placement all high-rise building acting as the mountain to support the house how to reflect the Qi from the southern sector into the house.

Given the ‘pattern’ the annual stars for 2023, there would be 4 Xuan Kong Flying Stars charts during period 8 that will suffer the FuYin (伏吟) effect, namely:


What this means is that the 4 inauspicious annual stars will invoke the mountain or water stars in these 4 period 8 chart. When couple with external landform triggers, there is a likelihood to activate issues such as accident, harms, argument, weaken health and loss of wealth.

Given the magnitude of the FuYin (伏吟) effects, FengShui placement and cure won’t help as much. What is important is keeping the Qi (氣) flow smooth, internal room well ventilated, where there is broken furniture or fittings, get a good date and have it fixed. And most importantly be mindful of external landform triggers (road works, demolition, construction).

QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

Tagging DLR methodology onto QMDJ

One quick note to share and this will definitely scale up QiMen analysis.

This idea is adopted from DLR (大六壬) and had used it for a while+ felt it quite grounded.

Basically, when we look at the 8 Deity (or 9 Deity), namely 值符,腾蛇,太阴,六合,白虎,玄武,九地,九天 + 太常,朱雀,勾陈; we should identify if these deity element nature and whether they are in season or off season. When a deity nature is negatives but meet with produce in season, the inauspicious aspect of that deity is negated. But when the season is clashing the deity or producing out, the inauspicious aspect is promoted or activated.


Date Selection (擇日)

From Forgiveness to Happiness

1. Embrace the darker times. Stop revisiting the event in the mind.
2. Switch from blaming others to understand ourselves.
3. Don’t go to sleep angry.
4. Stop looking for reasons to be offended.
5. Avoid the need to tell people what to do.
6. Be responsible for own happiness.
7. Be kind, instead of the need to be right.
8. Practice giving, instead of taking.

Beside seeking Forgiveness, we can use the Heavenly Pardon Day to grant forgiveness to those who hurt us. Below is list of Heaven Pardon Day (天赦日) for 2023.



1 月 6 日 ~ 甲子
3 月 21 日 ~ 戊寅
6 月 5 日 ~ 甲午
8 月 18 日 ~ 戊申
10 月 17 日 ~ 戊申
1 月 1 日 ~ 甲子 (2024)

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Dragon (辰), Horse (午), Dog (戌), Rat (子)

During Chinese New Year (2023), there are many Querent asking if my zodiac is good (or bad) and so on. Moreover, there are also many methodology in deriving or forecasting. Hence, took some time to put this in writing to serve the community.

In this article, I eliminate talking about the negative stars / zodiac. This is the traditional 12 Grand Duke Stars (太歲十二神), google this keyword and be lots of Chinese articles from Taiwan and China on this theory.

The Dragon (辰) is endowed by Green Dragon or other known as The Sun in the 12-General. This deity is about compassion and genuinely cares for people around them. As the name implied, this is being the Sun and that Ray of lights for others. Happiness comes from other people success, helping others to be successful (i.e being a nobleman to others). And in doing so, fortune and blessing comes in. The key word for Green Dragon is being a Guiding Light for others.

The Horse (午) is blessed with Six Harmony or known as The Moon in the 12-General. This is an entrepreneur star and the ability create solutions to problems (seeing the gap in the market) which means having the vibration to start an alternative stream of income and in doing this help comes along the way. The key idea behind Six Harmony is being Creative and think out of the Box.

Dragon Virtues or traditionally know as Phoenix, indicates that there be challenges and obstacles to overcome. And with noble help and advise the Dog zodiac will overcome and rise above and shine. This in turns brings in fame, reputation, fortune and as well as becoming a mentor or coach for others (i.e. becoming a noble man himself or herself). Hence, don’t shy away from other people problem. Rising up to Challenges is the key word.

The Rat Zodiac is blessed by the fortune virtue in 2023. To be blessed by this star, the Rat should not start gossip towards as well as backstab others. Starting legal proceedings is also a last resort as it leads to a win-lose situation. When one doesn’t start all these negative talks and attacks; good luck and fortune will gradually appear and help people with Rat Zodiac in 2023. Delayed reaction and seek win win is the key word for the Rat.

As quoted above (URL), where these 4 zodiac appears would have different inferences. For example, the Horse (午) is blessed with Six Harmony or known as The Moon and appears in the hour pillar would denotes areas such as investment, desire, passion and assets needed creativity and out of the box solutions.

Or if it’s appearing in specific months, it also indicate that energy vibration we can harmonize during that month.

These 4 zodiac can also be specific sectors, which are energetic vibration in the 24 mountain compass we can use in our house Feng Shui.

So, instead of asking fortune tellers and believing in their half bake reasonings or look at some silly banners and posters; why not we understand these theory (a bit deeper) and seek to improve the decisions and make quality outcome ahead of us.

QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

100 QMDJ Cases (FiveArts);topicseen#new

Wow I’m actually surprised because what you said was actually true.

“One life, Live it” was really resonating with me. And yes, it is a calculated risk because losses are part of the business I want to go in. And yes it is fast paced, like a few hours or few minutes only. I wanted to live my life in my own terms so that was my mentality. I guess it was shown in the palace that whatever anyone said, I was really going to pursue this. I guess I got my answer.

QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

24 节气 (Pinyin)

立春 lì chūn
雨水 yǔ shuǐ
惊蛰 jīng zhé
春分 chūn fēn
清明 qīng míng
谷雨 gǔ yǔ
立夏 lì xià
小满 xiǎo mǎn
芒种 máng zhǒng
夏至 xià zhì
小暑 xiǎo shǔ
大暑 dà shǔ
立秋 lì qiū
处暑 chù shǔ
白露 bái lù
秋分 qiū fēn
寒露 hán lù
霜降 shuāng jiàng
立冬 lì dōng
小雪 xiǎo xuě
大雪 dà xuě
冬至 dōng zhì
小寒 xiǎo hán
大寒 dà hán

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

4 Factor of Feng Shui

Feng Shui in general is a 4-Factor method to harnesses environmental energy, to enhance life.

The external environment, i.e. the natural contour of the land, the flow of water. And how these water is being captured by the property. Human has a natural reception to these energy flow. The use of FengShui is enable us to connect with the environment. When environment act against us, we may feel misaligned, unhappy, gloomy and pessimistic.

After the external environment would be the alignment of the building, apartment and unit. When the unit is aligned, it is poise to receive natural vibration/ energy. And this enable us to get the most of of the external energy to support out goal and purpose.

Internally within the unit, people need to be aligned in specific sector in the unit so as to best receive the natural vibration and achieve our goals and purposes.

Time is aim at capturing the high and low of the vibration strength and flow of energy, Capturing the best timing to harmonize these energy to achieve our long and short term goals.

QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

奇门用神 (八卦)









QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

奇门用神 (十神)











QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

奇门用神 (九星)










QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

奇门用神 (八门)