4 Pillars (四柱命理)

BaZi Perspective on Human Resources Development

BaZi or any other destiny forecast tool per se, beside analysing the personality and luck cycle of the Querent energy. It can also be use as a guiding tool on the skills set to develop when in comes to human resource.

Before using the 10 Gods or Deities concept in BaZi to dive in the various aspects of skills, Querent need to have a brief understanding on how the ‘Scoring Method’ is derived.

In this exercise, look at the scoring aspect, then apply Yin-Yang to pinpoint Direct or Indirect aspect.
if the scoring is 15% (+/- 5%) look up Friend/ Companion and Rob Wealth
if the scoring of the Day Element is around 20% (+/- 5%) – look up the skills relating to Resource Element (Direct Resource / Indirect Resource)
If the scoring of the Day Element is around 30% (+/- 5%) – look up wealth element (Direct / Indirect Wealth)
If the scoring of the Day Element is around 40% (+/- 5%) – look up the skills relating to Authority Element (Direct Officer / 7 Killing)
If the scoring of the Day Element is above 45% – look up the output (Hurting Officer / Eating God)

Direct Wealth
Management Skills
IT / System / Software Skills
Compensation & Benefits Management
Labour Relationship Skills
Operations and Scheduling Skills
Accountancy / Financial Skills

Indirect Wealth
Project Management Skills
Trading and Capital Markets Skills
Brainstorming and Creativity Techniques

Eating God
Subject Matter Expert Knowledge
Designer Skills
Artistic Skills
Content Creator Skills

Hurting Officer
Public Speaking
Marketing Skills
Reputation and Personal Brand Building Skills
Corporate Brand Management

Direct Officer
Administration Skills
Platform Management
ISO Accreditation

7 Killing
Scrum Champion
New Markets Channeling
Early Movers Trend Spotting Skills

Direct Resource
Research Skills
Specialized / Technical Skills
Mentoring Skills

Indirect Resource
Fund Management
Markets Analytics
Data Mining
Discovery Skills
Artificial Intelligence and Programming

Friend / Companion
Networking and Social Skills
Deal making

Rob Wealth
Public speaking
Motivational Skills
Coaching Skills
Personal Trainer Skills

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Key Indicators of Stable Marriage (For Ladies)

List is a common questions by Querent in a BaZi consult; everyone can self analyze + self help.

1. Day Master must be neutrally strong (elemental strength approx 20% of the entire chart) + has the Direct Officer (DO) or Direct Wealth (DW) or Direct Resource (DR).
2. Direct Officer or 7 Killing star ideally should be the Influence Element (i.e. Noble People or Peach Blossom).
3. Absence of Hurting Officer (HO) star that clashes and counters husband star (DO) in the same pillar. If presence, hopefully this star is weak or subdued.
4. Direct Wealth (DW) star that produces Direct Officer (DO) should have a link-flow or in the same pillar. Traditionally view as ‘wife prospers husband’ signs.
5. If the elementals or stars are presence but weak, Querent can self help by ‘Putology Method’.
6. If the elementals or stars are totally absence,  nothing much could be done. Querent would need to make use of other key aspect as a substitute. For example, Direct Officer absence = to make use of Indirect Wealth element, or if Blossom is absence = to make use of bath phrase Qi.

Metaphysics (易学)

Serotonin is Yang, Melatonin is Yin

Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. This hormone impacts your entire body. It enables brain cells and other nervous system cells to communicate with each other.

1. Food source contains tryptophan, an amino acid that’s converted to serotonin.
2. Exercise.
3. Bright light.
4. Supplements.
5. Massage.
6. Mood induction.


Melatonin is a hormone primarily released by the pineal gland at night, and has long been associated with control of the sleep–wake cycle.

There are many things one can do to naturally increase melatonin levels without supplements.

1. Take A Break From Technology.
2. Start Dimming Lights Early.
3. Reduce Exposure to Blue Lights Before Bed Time.
4. Cut Back on Social Media.
5. Eat A Healthy Diet.
6. Increase Relaxation.


Serotonin is primarily Yang Attribute (陽) while Melatonin is inherently Yin Nature (陰). This could share similarities with Feng Shui (風水). The HeTu (河圖) principle of origins (生數) and wholeness (成數).


• Number of Origins – 生數 – 1,2,3,4. These numbers are perceived as Yin (隂). And, these are the hours when Melatonin are active, recovery take place and we are linked up with the Universe/ Divine.
• Number of Wholeness – 成數 – 6,7,8,9. These numbers are perceived as Yang (陽). Which indicates start of the day, when productivity and creation begins. Where we begin the work of the Universe/ Divine.

Not going into the application or technicals of BaZi/ FengShui in this article. It merely to highlight the importance of this 2 zones… So that, our overall well-being improves.

Incidentally, this is the 2 zone where Manifestation, Prayers and Visualization are done, are communicated to the Universe/Divine and Responded or Realised.

Besides knowing what you are manifesting, to whom you are asking and the expectation/outcome; it is important to identify the source of energy or the chemistry rationale as well as the timing all this take place. In this case, Serotonin (陽) – Yang Hours and Melatonin (陰) – Yin Hours. In short, Taiji (太極); because, where the consciousness is… energy gathers.

P.S ~ For those familiar, Mudra would facilitate this activation as well. Because, our Qi Flow points also passes thru’ our palms and fingers.’

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Date Selection (擇日), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

The Metaphysician view regarding Abortion and Miscarriage

In the course of learning and reading BaZi, most of the practitioner would come across this topic of pregnancy, abortion and miscarriage. The Querent would also be keen to know what Bazi combinations will indicate a higher tendency for abortion or miscarriage during a consultation.

In a positive light, the Querent want to know what is the probability of them having a miscarriage so that they can be better prepared and avoid such a situation / outcome.

This is a valid concern for them as miscarriage can be a very painful and traumatic experience. Depending on which side of the coin you flip, some would fall back on studies like ‘The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) estimates it is the most common form of pregnancy loss. It is estimated that as many as 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and up to 10% of clinically recognized pregnancies ~ 29 Jan 2021’ to aid the patient move into acceptance and recovery.

From a BaZi perspective, it is rather rare to have a combination which give a 70% sure that abortion or miscarriage would happen. At best, it would be highlighted as a risk point. At this juncture, we need to separate it into Intentional or Accidental.

Regardless, intentional or accidental so long as life is loss, one needs to make an effort as do Deliverance Ritual for the Unborn Child. Needlessly to spell it out, for those who have gone thru’ this traumatic chapter would understand the spiritual entanglement and the negative luck it brings (and the impact to the overall well-being of household members).

Below are some key BaZi/ Feng Shui points based in past experiences.

1. Accidental miscarriage, the chart would likely indicate a risk of accident. Likely caused by Grand Duke, Month General or Day Officer.
2. Intentional abortion, the chart would have a natal punishment frame already in place, and it frequently being activated by the house Feng Shui.
3. A chart that is extremely heated or chilled has the risk of miscarriages.
4. A chart which hour pillar, Eating God or Hurting Officer (伤官食神) is in emptiness void has the risk of miscarriages or low affinity with children (i.e inability to conceive).
5. A chart which has the natal formation of ‘Condor Grabbing Food’ or ‘Hurting Officer Meets Authority’ is also a indicator of the risk of miscarriages or low affinity with children.
6. Hurting Officer or Eating God is in Sick/ Tomb/ Decay phrase.
7. Day Master is exceptionally weak. In rating method of BaZi, represent approx 10% of the entire chart. This usually indicate poorer health and constitution or less constructive lifestyle or nutritional habits.
8. Construction and Renovation (creates noise and irregular vibration) in the house during the various stages of Prenatal Development.
9. Life Gua of the baby and mummy are hit by externalities (i.e. Flying Stars, Poison Arrows, Changes to the Landform).

Lastly for ‘those’ Master involved in Date Selection for C-Section, beside choosing a good date for the baby; also be mindful to check that it doesn’t clashes, harm or pierce the BaZi chart of the Mummy. Because as a Metaphysician, I believe that by virtue of giving a date to the family, the practitioner is giving away his/ her blessing away to help the family and baby. The Karmic entanglement might be worth more than the monies earned from this activity.

Since, the Universe blessed us (The Practitioner / Master / Gurus / Enthusiast) with this piece of Metaphysics Knowledge and Skills, it is only right to return Universe the favour and also our duty to ‘Live in Service’ for those who need help in this aspect (keeping in mind and heart, the 3 Precepts.

“3 Precepts”
When there is no Affinity, I’ll pass.
When it’s against Conscience, I’ll pass.
When it affects others’ Feng Shui, I’ll pass.

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Risk of Separation and Divorce – 4 Pillars Perspective

A typical question received from Querent both Male and Female is regarding the high tendency for disruptive marriage or divorce. Traditionally, the angle of influence in BaZi chart tends to be bias against the lady. This is probably because of the Male-Chauvinist society in China.

1. For female chart, seeing 7 Killing on the Day Pillar. This sign mean that the lady enjoys excitement and the attention of her boyfriend rather than her husband. There is a need to quantify 7 Killing, it traditionally represent promiscuity or 3rd party male figure. However, depending on the strength of this element, when it has a reduced energy, it could represent Direct Officer (i.e. Hubby Element).

2. For female chart, seeing a cocktail of 7 Killing and Direct Officers, this give an image of lady enjoying the attention of multiple male counterparts. Which could lead to promiscuity in a relationship.

3. For female chart, having Hurting Officer (HO) sees (kills) Direct Officer (DO), this is an outright clash and usually develops into litigation.

4. For both male and female chart, having a clash in the spouse palace, this typically denotes departure / death of spouse.

5. For both male and female chart, to see punishment sign or frame in the chart, would brings about suspicious, sickness or poor mental health that could strained the marriage, inevitability.

6. For female chart, when there is excessive Hurting Officer (HO) and Eating God (EG), this 2 element brings about the characteristic of being argumentative, talking down and being right; resulting in higher frequency of argument.

7. For both male and female chart, having excessive Companion/ Friend or Rob Wealth (RW) elements, these denotes excessive friendships and network. They would not acknowledge the intimate relationship and likely to pass it off as ‘Friend Only’ remarks. This is often harder to detect and goes under the radar.

8. For male chart when there is a excessive Wealth element (Direct and Indirect) gives the feel that the man naturally is surrounded by ladies. This is especially true when the wealth element is tagged as blossom or bath phrase.

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

5 key areas in BaZi on blissful marriages

1. Day Pillar ideally should have Direct Officer (DO) or Direct Wealth for Female Chart. The flow between element must be connected or have combination.

2. Rob Wealth (RW) is a ‘no no‘ on Day Pillar. This gives an image of 3rd party entering the relationship.

3. Noble People + Blossom will be good to have as it helps connecting with the right partner.

4. Ideally, an absence of Hurting Officer (HO), because the characteristics of Hurting Officer (HO) clashes the hubby element or Direct Officer (DO).

5. There need to have sufficient Direct Wealth (DW) to produce Direct Officer (DO). The ratio between Direct Officer (DO) and Day Pillar should be approximately similar or slightly weaker (i.e. 0.8: 1)

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Feng Shui Perspective on Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) vs Depression

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons or environment. SAD symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months. It naturally disappear or recover when in spring and summer. That is why fire and wood are important element in a BaZi chart to identify if a Querent has likelihood of occurrence. Because it deal with lack, this is usually easier to ‘cure’ from a Feng Shui or BaZi perspective, by using certain sector or elemental activation.

Depression on the other hand is classified as a mood disorder. It may be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interfere with a person’s everyday activities. It tends to develop into a downward spiral and interfere with person’s daily work, lower productivity or influence relationships and some chronic health conditions. In BaZi perspective, usually the Fire or Wood in the chart is subdued and the ratio of Earth to Metal is 4:1. This usually goes unnoticed until it surface. Because this deal with natal Qi or external killing arrows, this is almost impossible to cure. Ideally, should avoid such a property or apartments during initial assessment to risk unintentional activation later on.

If the household or property SE or SW sector is plague with bad forms / sickness stars / flying star combination of 2,7 in NW palace / W facing in Period 8. Over prolonged period of time, such challenges could gradually develop.

Metaphysics (易学)

When Feng Shui Masters and BaZi Gurus says..

In the new age of BaZi analysis and Feng Shui Manifestation. We were often told that by improving ourselves we can attract more opportunities in our life. And ultimately, increasing our luck and wealth. What the Masters and Gurus didn’t talk about is the reason behind it, why they recommend that and what (really) we are going thru during a negative luck cycle.

The Feng Shui Masters and BaZi Gurus says..

1. We are to be be bold, decisive and take action to challenge status quo and move towards the desired outcome. This is because the useful element in our chart is often lacking and this is the source of activity or energy to induce the necessary change in our life. For example, lacking in resource element = the need to put down ego, seek help or acquire knowledge.

2. We should continuously learn and upgrade our skills and knowledge. This is because, usually when we’re going thru a down cycle, it either the authority element overpowered (became 7 killing) or resource element overflow (Querent become lazy and unmotivated). During this time of excessive element, expending these energy thru skill and knowledge upgrade is a tailwind activity.

3. We also need to cultivate wisdom and awareness, which leads to mindfulness practice. This is thru karmic lenses, have a heart of gratitude, being thankful. Change the feeling, change the aura, change the thinking, change the outcome.

4. We must learn to be happy and passionate in whatever you do, passion is learned and not found. Why? Because if you do something well and repeatedly practice it over time, we can develop a specialization, this give good vibes and energy to self and people around us. Earl Nightingale said: “One hour per day of study will put you at the top of your field within three years. Within five years you’ll be a national authority. In seven years, you can be one of the best people in the world at what you do.”

5. We are reminded to to stay calm and do not overreact in lousy situation as it may lean toward a downward spiral outcome. Because during a downward luck cycle, fast and haste speeds up the negative cycle. Nothing wrong, but do we have the mental and physical capacity to handle it? Otherwise, Slow down so that the we have time to use other tools (i.e Date Selection, Feng Shui, QiMen) to assess and revalidate each situation and steer towards a mitigated outcome.

In essence, when we are going thru a negative luck cycle, we are in the process of clearing up our karmic debts. During this time, the we are unlikely to meet with a Master or Nobleman who can truly open up our wisdom and help us.

Flip side, we might think that we could easily spend some money, engage a consultant and expect immediate improvement to manifest in our lives.

The pitfall of this ‘Weltanschauung’ is that, when there is no wound, light cannot enter. if we hadn’t cut clear a piece of our karmic debt, there is no gap for light to enter. And when attempting manifestation at this stage might induce a sense of false ego, fake deity, wannabe guardian or worst devil itself.

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Functional roles according to the 12 Zodiac

Tiger Zodiac – Main Qi or Energy is Yang Wood, this denotes an image of a big tree. A tree that is healthy, branches out. So, Diversification is key to this Animal Sign. Querent need to develop various skills sets, have a multitasking altitude and be creative driven. Therefore, they make excellent managers.

Rabbit Zodiac – Focuses on Yin Wood, talks about the ability to network. Inherently, this zodiac has a natural talent to socialize, work with all levels of people and yield from public relations. This are the Networking Experts.

Snake Zodiac – Talks about Persistency, Determination and Never-Give-Up Altitude, this is a Yang Fire traits. As the Snake Zodiac has many possibilities/ combinations, it also represent an akin sense of flexibility and willingness to change with environment. As such, they are change agents and motivators.

Horse Zodiac – Influence, Nurturing, Marketing, Guidance and Coaching are the attributes of this Yin Fire Zodiac. As this overly Yin Attributes can sometimes flip and be Yang, the Horse Zodiac can be quite stubborn in mindset and in actions. As Yin Fire is the elements that can create, make and mould other elements, they can market and influence new market externally as well as be a great teacher, coach and mentors roles, internally in an organization.

Dragon and Dog Zodiac – Earth are predominantly mixture of Qi. But, for the Dragon and Dog, the primarily Qi is Yang Earth. This give them the ability to reflect, digest and grow. They are normally calm while they filter and work on information in their mind. They make great consultant or counselor as they listen to both side of the story.

Goat and Ox Zodiac – This 2 are classified as Yin Earth Zodiac due to the larger portion of the Qi / Energy. Yin Earth are one with Mother Earth, land and agriculture, they represent the soft and nurturing soil that trees and plant grow on. These people sees strength and understand Value and Self-Worth. As such, they make great teacher and are usually key man or anchor of a team in an organization.

Monkey Zodiac – Relate to Yang Metal that triggers Decisiveness and Execution. For this reason, Monkey Zodiac make excellent executive and are often seen in Civil Service, Uniform Roles, Project Management and Administrator/ Executives.

Rooster Zodiac – Primarily Yin Metal, in Feng Shui image after ‘Dui’ Trigrams and symbolizes the Speech, Negotiation and Argumentative. This are the group of people whom Bosses bring with to meeting and negotiation table. To argue and squeeze the best deal out of the proposing parties.

Pig Zodiac – Main Qi / Energy is Yang Water, Individuals with Yang Water has the uncanny ability to articulate a Vision. And, in the Pig Zodiac it is paired with Yang Wood with give a key component of Managers. Add this 2 together, this brings about visionary leadership (i.e. C-Suites Roles)

Rat Zodiac – This are the Intellectual and Intuition category of people, because Yin Water is Strongest. These are the tactician in the organization who uses a carefully planned strategy and allocate resources to achieve a specific outcome (i.e. Scrum Masters).

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

The Four Pillars: Challenging Status Quo

This information would be useful for hiring managers or Querent who are sourcing for domestic helpers. These are a summary of key points to look out for to spot challengers of status quo (a.k.s. troublemakers or shit stirrers).

1. When Hurting Officers are over power the BaZi Day Master. This category of chart tends to doll up as Hurting Officer stimulate Diva-Like altitude and worldview. Tendencies to argue with superior is deem as rather high.

2. Another extension of the above category is there is absolutely NIL Hurting Officer + Friends and Competition element is totally in control. It would also trigger the similar persona. They tend to gather with friends and are usually egoistical.

3. When 7 Killing is overly strong or when Direct Officer changes in nature and becomes 7 Killing. This category tends to gravitate towards vice and promiscuity (if female chart). They will look (as though they are) easy going, friendly and likeable but inside the mind is a lot of complains and comparing mindset.

4. Wealth element clashes the Resource element in the chart. These are the natural challengers of status quo. Chart control the wealth, wealth control the resources and the Day Master balances out. To bring out the value of this chart, the Querent should embraces authority or be deployed in civil service / uniform officer roles.

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Tea and Five Elements

1) Wood relates to Liver. Suggestion is Green Tea, regular drinking improve eyesight. Clear blood and reduce the suffering of blood clog. Aims to improve Qi, clear vision and for anti- aging beauty. Example: Bi Luo Chun (碧螺春), Long Jin Tea (龙井茶).

2) Fire relates to Heart. Fire corresponds to the heart, blood vessel. Suggestion is Red Tea. Can help reduce risk of heart disease. Target for calming the heart , palpitation treatment and effective for insomnia. Example: Herbal Rooibos Tea, Qi Men Hong Cha (祁门红茶)

3) Earth relates to Spleen. Earth correspond to Spleen. Modern city dwellers then to risk over-eating and hurts the spleen. Suggestion is Yellow Tea. To helps in digestion and aid gastrointestinal issues. Example: Huo Shan Huang Ya (霍山黃芽), Meng Ding Huang Ya (蒙頂黃芽).

4) Metal relates to Lungs. Metal relates to lung and respiratory. Suggestion is White Tea. Aims to nourish lung, reduce cough and phlegm. Example: Bai Mu Dan (白牡丹), Bai Hao Yin Zhen (白毫银针).

5) Water relates to Kidneys. Water associates with kidneys, bladder and urinary tracts. Suggestion is Black Tea. To promote longevity and aids in reducing fats and weight. Example: Sun Moon Lake Black Tea (日月潭紅茶), Pu Er Tea (普洱茶), Tibetan Tea (藏茶).







Date Selection (擇日)

Year Breaker Dates

Grand Duke / Tai Sui (太歲) or some text call it 歲星 (sometimes called Grand Duke Jupiter). This is the main controller for the year or the governing energy force for the year.

Opposite the Tai Sui or Grand Duke of the year is what is known as the Year Breaker 歲破 (Sui Po). For example: Ox Year (丑年), so opposite Goat (未日), this is deem as the Year Breaker Dates. In this example, the energies are not supportive / complimentary but are oppositional. As such, there is a lot of tension in breaker dates; the situation appears difficult and feels uneasy or antagonistic nature.

If this dates have to be use, the user should expect headwinds, challenges, and minor problems surrounding the event or rework regarding a project. Year Breaker Dates are rarely use for commencement of renovation, weddings and Feng Shui Assessment/ Audit.

In market practice, it is not uncommon that Feng Shui Masters and Practitioners adopt the use of Month Breaker Dates (月破) as well. Because of the proximity between the Month to the Day vs Year to the Day, the energy vibration in Month Breaker is much stronger/ higher but shorter in tenure/ duration. Therefore, the negative impact (when use) is strong and sudden but seldom long-lasting.

This give an image of Duke / Governor ( 太歲 ) who rules the city and set the policies while the General / Officials (月将) are the administrators who run the rules and polices the crooks.

Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数)

未濟卦 (Prior Completion Gua) 甲申 (Upper Number 3, Lower Number 9)

未濟卦 (Prior Completion Gua) is form by an an upper Li (離) Trigram on a lower Kan (坎) Trigram. This is the opposite of 既濟卦 (Post Completion Gua). This is the last hexagram of the iChing. It suggests that the ever-spinning wheel of life that never reaches a final conclusion / commencement is pending.

未濟卦 (Prior Completion Gua) imagery give a sense of stability. The Kan (坎) Trigram which represent water is settled below and Li (離) Trigram is burning and emitting light from above.

未濟卦 (Prior Completion Gua) for iChing Practitioners would understand that this stability is merely an illusion as all the Yao (爻) are not at their comfortable position. This represents change is forthcoming. A reminder that people need to seek motivation and inspiration; keep moving forward even in the face of adversity.

未濟卦 (Prior Completion Gua) elements (五行) belongs to Wood (木); if the facing / sitting / door of the house or apartment is this Gua (卦), it is suitable for resident with annual pillar Fire Monkey (丙申), Earth Monkey (戊申), Metal Monkey (庚申), Earth Horse (戊午).

Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数)

既濟卦 (Post Completion Gua) 甲寅 (Upper Number 7, Lower Number 9)

既濟卦 (Post Completion Gua) is form by an an upper Kan (坎) Trigram on a lower Li (離) Trigram. This formation is one which shows a perfect balance between the Yin and Yang Yao. This suggests that everything is in its proper place and functioning perfectly.

既濟卦 (Post Completion Gua) imagery is alike the 12 cycle (used in BaZi – 八字); when situation are in the peak; wealth, fortune, blessing and reputation are attained. But, as we are enjoying this rewarding situation/ phrase, the laws of the nature dictate that what follows success and peak is decline, tomb and decay.

既濟卦 (Post Completion Gua) for iChing Practitioners would understand that this perfect balance between Yin and Yang Yao is predominantly out of place and a lot of work and cultivation needs to be done mentally and physically (behind the scene). As Kan (坎) Trigram which represent water is suppose to flow down (but is on Top) while Li (離) Trigram which represent fire is trying to escalate upwards. Water is boiling + Fire is cooling indicate a need for cultivation (修行).

既濟卦 (Post Completion Gua) elements (五行) belongs to Fire (火); if the facing / sitting / door of the house or apartment is this Gua (卦), it is suitable for resident with annual pillar Fire TIger (丙寅), Earth Tiger (戊寅), Metal Tiger (庚寅), Earth Rat (戊子).


Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数)

小過卦 (Lesser Excess Gua) 辛酉 (Upper Number 8, Lower Number 3)

小過卦 (Lesser Excess Gua) is form by an upper Zhen (震) Trigram on a lower Gen (艮) Trigram. This gives an indication of restraint and acceptance. The roaring echo of Thunder in the Mountains can creates an exceptional loud sound.

小過卦 (Lesser Excess Gua) gives an imagery of our modern days living. With social media, people, experts, practitioners, consultant and professionals then to act like ‘thunder’ – being loud and expressive, with interactive channels and supporters/ fans. The ‘Thunder’ puts on showmanship and it merely stays at a level of showmanship, it is not potent as it seems (i.e. bold talks but lacking in substance).

小過卦 (Lesser Excess Gua) elements (五行) belongs to Wood (木); if the facing / sitting / door of the house or apartment is this Gua (卦), it is suitable for resident with annual pillar Earth Rooster (己酉), Water Rooster (癸酉), Wood Dog (甲戌), Fire Pig (丁亥).

Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数)

孚卦 (Sincerity Gua) 辛卯 (Upper Number 2, Lower Number 3)

孚卦 (Sincerity Gua) or 中孚卦 came from the word 孚 – Fú meaning to trust, to believe in.

孚卦 (Sincerity Gua) is formed by an upper Xun 巽 Trigram on a lower Dui (兌) Trigram. This creates an image of wind over water, in this case a lake or marsh; an image of peace and tranquility, a serenity that is enjoy thru’ sincerity.

孚卦 (Sincerity Gua) elements (五行) belongs to Fire (火); if the facing / sitting / door of the house or apartment is this Gua (卦), it is suitable for resident with annual pillar Earth Rabbit (己卯), Water Rabbit (癸卯), Wood Snake (乙巳), Fire Snake (丁巳).