Flying Stars Combination of 10 in 2023

In 2023, there are 2 beautiful chart in period 8, that is the Geng Jia facing and sitting (甲山庚向 & 庚山甲向). These 2 charts in particular produce a combination of 10 with the annual stars. Either combo of 10 on the mountain stars or water stars.

Combo of 10 in mountain stars denote vitality, health, recovery from ailments, harmonious relationship, wedding, fertility and family bliss.

Combo of 10 in water stars trends toward achieving goals, learning new skills, gaining reputation, popularity, wealth, career, business growth and entrepreneurship

These combinations bring about auspicious energy in the house and some of the ills of 2, 5 and 7 stars could be mitigated naturally. Big problem will come with necessary nobleman’s help and solution, invoking good improvement to the residents of the property, so long as the residents are open to these challenges and improvements.

For the combination of 10 to be invoked, the apartment or property must not have any missing corner. For Geng (庚) facing apartment, receiving Qi is a must and there must not see any water, lake or river. While for Jia (甲) facing apartment, there must be presence of external water, river and lake.

Also, internally NW and South sectors must be kept clean and neat. There shouldn’t be cluttered, the usage of these 2 sectors can be as per normal. Externally, no major construction or digging and broken mountain.

Nonetheless, there are sceptics and naysayers to flying stars; could say that these chart are oppressed or do not conform with what was taught in the classic text. My response would be to smile and give gratitude to Yin-Yang.