12 Deity of Tai Sui


Grand Duke – 太岁:Is a neutral deity (but is) the strongest in strength. Energy puts you in the spotlight, everyone is paying attention to you, hence you have to make decisions, step out of your comfort zone, face challenges and changes. This energy needs one to take a leadership role. Key word is to Lead and Serve. 

The Sun – 太阳(青龙):The Sun is alike a Nobleman Star (but) this deity is also about compassion and genuinely cares for people around them. As the name implies, this is being the Sun and that Ray of lights for other peopleś life. Happiness comes from other people’s success, helping others to be successful (i.e being a nobleman to others). And in doing so, fortune, prosperity and blessing comes in; this is because of the network, connection and opportunities open up when you help others. The key word for Green Dragon is being a Guiding Light for others.

Funeral Door – 丧门:Denotes funeral matters, filial piety matters in the households, heartaches, sadness, health issues and downward spiral. 

The Moon 太阴(六合):The Six Harmony or known as The Moon in the 12-General. This is an entrepreneur star – The Mastermind of Money; and the ability to create solutions to problems (seeing the gap in the market) which means having the vibration to start an alternative stream of income and in doing this help comes along the way. Traditionally, also because it is Yin Energy, denotes help and cooperations comes from females or from a more feminine nature. The key idea behind Six Harmony is being Creative and thinking out of the Box.

Five Ghost – 五鬼(官符):Backstabbing, gossips, nay-sayers, fines and legal implications. A lot of energy will be consumed and wasted to resolve these issues. As energy is wasted, this leads to misplaced cash, loss of items or prone to theft. 

Small Consume – 小耗(死符):Tradditionally, this star relates to spending money, issues coming up causing one to be feeling vexed. But, on the positive side, one can be spending money to acquire assets, spending money to fix up health issues, spending money to acquire skills and education. This deity / star become malicious when its energy is stack with Funeral Door (丧门).

Clashing Grand Duke / Major Consume – 岁破(大耗):This star / deity is all about changing us. This energy and vibration is about invoking major changes in oneś life. This star/ deity affects personal life, personal growth, career, wealth, health, relocation, and relationship. Difficulty, pain and gossip arises when one goes against these changes. So, we need to facilitate and accept changes. Be facilitator of change rather than the subject of change. All major changes cost tremendous amounts of energy and money, that is why this star is deemed as Major Consume.

Dragon Virtues – 龙德(朱雀):This deity / stars represent the ability to solve problems, overcome obstacles and rise above all. And, the opportunity to work with high ranking officials in the organization. As well as the ability to access resources to pursue goals and get things done. The good stars are only as good as the goals in life. Becoming a mentor or coach for others (i.e. becoming a noble man himself) is key to open up opportunities with this deity / stars. Hence, don’t shy away from other people’s problems. Rising up to Challenges is the key word. 

White Tiger – 白虎:Endows one with excessive energy, thus easily to get bad temperament and physical injury. Also, risk taking, abusive languages, gossip and surgery. The key to using this star is to rechannel these excess energy to new skills, workout and vacation (experiencing life).

Fortune Virtue – 福德:This deity / stars focus on longevity, respects, relationship, health, kindness and officialdom (rise in ranks – 官贵). When endowed by these stars, one should not start gossip (backstabbing) towards others. Without negative talks and attacks; one will start attracting positive people to come in. Starting legal proceedings is also a last resort as it leads to a win-lose situation. Delayed reaction (emotions) and seeking win win are key ingredients.

Funeral Guest / Heavenly Dog – 天狗(吊客):This deity / stars centers focus on mourning, sadness and self pity. Energy is a downward spiral in nature. It triggers scaring, injuries and negative self-talk. When this deity / star appears one will start talking about past scars, trauma and using it as a trophy; as one keeps doing that, it keeps one mentally locked and unable to move away from this downward spiral. Funeral Guest also denotes, the funeral or mourning is other peopleś problem. These are other people that you empathize with but remember to draw boundaries to protect yourself. Key word is in moving forward.

Sickness Charm – 病符:This energy is about Sickness / illness; needs one to recuperate and rejuvenate. These illnesses would likely be internal to the body or in the mind. Depending on where this star appears in the 4-Pillars, it could denote illnesses in parents (year), family (month), self (day) or children (hour).  The negative effects of Sickness Charm is amplified when coupled with Small Consume (小耗) or Funeral Door (丧门).