Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

November 2022 (BTO) using the Gift of Landform Water

The November 2022 Build to Order (BTO) is an opportunity for owners to make use of actual landform waters to enhance the Feng Shui naturally. Moreover, this plot the landform water is as big as if not larger that the housing site. Incorrect application could bring the residents from hero to zero (and vice versa).

Yishun BTO ~To use the landform water, simply choose a unit that is facing lower Seletar reservoir. It should well be in the East or Southeast sector. Nonetheless, make sure the floor is at least 5th floor and above so that in future the nature trees around the area doesn’t block the line of sight from the unit to reservoir.

The other key note or the tricky part is that the Northeast must not have a line of sight to reservoir and it shouldn’t be block by another building (2 criteria).

Shan’t elaborate the details in this post; between East sector having water and Southeast sector having water. My advise is first cut to look for units with line of sight water at Southeast, 2nd the settle for water at East. Beyond this 2 category, might as well give it a missed.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

玄空大卦 is all about 龙, 山, 向, 水.

坐山卦气 生 来龙卦气为生入,为进气吉格,
来龙卦气 生 坐山卦气为生出,为退气凶格。
坐山卦气 克 来龙卦气为克入,为进气吉格,
来龙卦气 克 坐山卦气为克出,为退气凶格。
水口卦气 克 向的卦气为克入,为进气吉格,
向的卦气 克 水口卦气为克出,为退气凶格。
水口卦气 生 向的卦气为生入,为进气吉格,
向的卦气 王 水口卦气为生出,为退气凶格。

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Invalidating some hypothesis surrounding Flying Stars

Putting in this post to Invalidate some of my previous hypothesis regarding Flying Stars (Yes, I’ve finish testing).

Flying Stars commonly uses 三元九运 (i.e. 2024 as period 9) and uses 立春 (4 Feb) as cut off point. In 2020, the 20 year cycle, actually ties in with the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (approx 19.85 years). The ancient astrologer may lack science in measurement.

To correct this deviation, the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (Year 2020) + 冬至 (22 Dec) as cut off point.

This method is in relations to the Great Conjunction (五星连珠) in 2040 where Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury align with Earth in a straight line.

Period 9 Starts in 2020 (instead of 2024)
Period 1 Starts in 2040 (instead of 2044)
Period 2 Starts in 2060 (instead of 2064)

And, also Invalidating, that Stars are not stagnant, just as Annual Flying Stars changes from year to year, the house chart is not fixated when the resident moves in. Instead, it changes from period to period (i.e. period 8 changes over to period 9), as the period changes, the house chart changes.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

The (Unexplained) Flying Stars

The theory of 生入克入 applies to the interpalace relationship between Facing Stars. (i.e. Main Door Facing Star is 9 and Bedroom Door Facing Star is 8 and the Bed Sitting is 7 or Study Desk is 6 → Fire produce Earth, Earth produce Metal = Auspicious) or, if there is a HeTu (河图) combination (4, 9) even better. Therefore, connecting the Qi from External into the House, this aspect alone can negate the Inauspicious 81 Combination.

In using placements in Flying Stars, must take note on Sitting Stars (静态, 阴) and Facing Stars (动态, 阳). For placement sectors, look only at the Facing Stars.

And only use sectors with 山星 生 向星 = 生入 (财禄, 福) → 吉, Or 山星 比助 向星 = 比助 (财丁旺) → 吉.

For actual placements of objects, use Odd numbers as Yang and Even numbers as Yin. Example, 9, 6 in North sector, 6 is Yin so can use physical objects and water activation. 3, 9 in West, 9 is Yang so can only keep it clutter free and take in Qi flows or simply doing things in the area.

QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

The link between QMDJ and TYSS

1925 – 1984: 10155901
1985 – 2044: 10155961
2045 – 2104: 10156021

10155901 divide by 24 = 423162.5416667 (in year 1925, 太乙 starts at 9 巽)
10155961 divide by 24 = 423165.0416667 (in year 1985, 太乙 starts at 1 乾)
10156021 divide by 24 = 423162.5416667 (in year 2045, 太乙 starts at 9 巽)

Mathematically, 1 divide 24 = 0.041667 (this means 1 count in 1 palace, 太乙 movement is 3 count per palace. So, at the 4th count, it moves to the next palace, example 0.58668).

Example: 2010 less 1985 = 25, rotate anti-clockwise, 3 count to 1 palace.

乾 palace 1 is where 太乙 sits in 1985, that is the 1st count. 5th count end @6 兑, 8th count end @7 坤, 20th count end @3 艮, 50th count end @1 乾, the 60th count end @9 巽.

Then count 25 in anti-clockwise. Every 3 year count in 1 palace (天, 地, 人)So. 2010 year is in 乾, palace 1 governs 地

Example: 2020 less 1985 = 35, 离 palace 9, govern 人 (In palace 2, also can reference to 坤, 天芮, 死门) So, in 奇门 focus on 人, 门.

Where 太乙 governs for the year, (天, 地, 人)the analysis on 奇门遁甲, the focus or weighs heavier on the respective realm and the 2 related sectors (i.e. 离 palace 9, 天英, 景门 or palace 2 which reference to 坤, 天芮, 死门).

天 – Focus on Stars (九星).
地 – Focus on Earth & Deity (地盘, 八神)
人 – Focus on Door (八门)

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

九星安床 (最适合用于动宅)


贪狼、阳 +
巨门、阴 –
禄存、阳 +
文曲、阴 –
武曲、阳 +
破军、阴 –
左辅、阳 +
右弼、阴 –

床头为坐,床脚为向, 用坐之九星如中宫飞八方的盘。若床头为阳论夫因当配阴门, 若床头为阴必须配阳门。

例如, 床头坐坎(贪狼)阳星如中飞八方, 艮宫令到 文曲 4 星, 为阴; 论吉; 夫生妻,水生木,夫顺着妻。

例如, 床头坐坎(贪狼)阳星如中飞八方, 坤宫令到 破军 7 星, 为阴; 论吉; 妻生夫,金生水,妻顺着夫。

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Jurong West May HDB BTO 2022

Jurong West May HDB BTO 2022 flats, bounded by Yuan Ching Road and Kang Ching Road.

First thing, notice that the water site / lake is larger than the developmental plot. And water / lake is located at East and Northeast of the developmental. The better choice within this site is the stack towards the North. Reason being the stack in a better position to receive energy of the Eastern Waters. Potential owners also need to be mindful to select a floor that has actual visual on the waters / lake (i.e. overlooking the trees by the pavement and roadside)

The water theory of this site complies to water we call as 催水, which is good for career advancement, officialdom, civil service and politics. Yet in 2 decade from now, after receiving the blooms one should seek to readjust and fine tuned as the quality of the water changes. Tipping point: Year 2044.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Robbery Mountain / Robbery Stars (劫曜煞)

If one were to grind into each ring of the Chinese Compass (罗盘), one would have developed an understanding that the closer the ring it is to the Heavenly Pool (天池), the more important that ring is during a Feng Shui assessment. In this case, the Robbery Mountain (劫曜煞).

In each sitting, cannot see mountain in the designated Gua (卦). For example, Yi Sitting (乙山) cannot have hill, mountain or physical building at Shen (申).

For those who chanced onto this post, it is your affinity and my blessings to give. In the instant if you are a Flying Stars Enthusiast and is using 7 Star Robbery, water is needed in this sector instead. For example, Qian Sitting (乾山) water is needed at Mao (卯).


Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Special Charts (Seven Star Robbery) in Flying Stars

7 Star Robbery – Special Chart that requires facing in the South (离). There is a link between (离, 震, 乾) early / later heaven 卦 position. There must be a Parent String, double facing star + next period star as the Sitting Star. Facing & Sitting Stars are linked by HeTu (i.e. 4, 9 and 3, 8). And, must have water at Robbery Gua (劫曜星). This Robbery Gua is the missing key in 90% of the Commercial Feng Shui Master’s assessment (As such, for those who chanced on this, it is your affinity and my blessings to give).

On hindsight, this (might) explains why Xuan Kong Flying Stars is going into a decline after 2017 as we approaches period 9. Because, in period 9 there is no special chart to ‘Market’ this Art of Flying Stars.

Parting Shot: if you know how to use the stars, any period can be a still be good chart. So, do you ‘really’ need 7 Star Robbery? My reply is ‘No’, you just need to use the Stars. Locally, many property and apartments are build with North-South Facing in mind and majority are 7 Star Robbery, yet many of these property and apartment either plague with career turbulence, health disorder or family dispute.