Metaphysics (易学)


Elementals, alluring yet difficult to work with. There is always more than meets the eye and this definitely applies to elementals. If you have ever watched a fire burning, clouds formation, thunderstorms, river flowing or even the night sky and been transfixed by it, you have probably fallen under the power of elementals.

Elementals are natural energy; also called Devas or Djinn and are said to live in the Deva kingdom or fairy realm. Elementals are found around fireplaces, in fields, windy places, during storms, earthquakes, forest, flowing river or even seashore.

Some people have a natural affinity to make contacts with elementals which may be related to your astrological sign rather easily.

Used For: Money spells, Rock magic, Fertility
Planet: Earth, Saturn, and Venus
Time: Midnight
Season: Winter
Quality: Emotional, Melancholic, Feminine
Direction: West
Jewel: Salt, Rock Crystal, Agate, Bloodstone, Smoky Quartz, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Emerald
Tool: Pentacle, Talisman
Zodiac: Taurus (Fixed Earth), Virgo (Mutable Earth), Capricorn (Cardinal Earth)
Colour: Black, brown, green and white
Incense: Benzoin Resins, Fumitory (earth smoke), Storax
Symbol: Grain, Globe, Orb, Stones, Soil, Pottery, Sand

Used For: Psychic work
Planet: Jupiter
Time: Dawn
Season: Spring
Quality: Contemplative, Sanguine, Masculine
Direction: East
Jewel: Topaz
Tool: Athame, Sword, Censer
Zodiac: Gemini (Mutable Air), Libra (Cardinal Air), Aquarius (Fixed Air)
Colour: Pastels, white, clear, pale blue, yellow
Incense: Frankincense, Fumitory, Myrrh
Symbol: Incense, Feathers, Windmills

Used For: Purification, Sex Magic, Healing (to Destroy Disease), Candle Magic, Hearth Magic.
Planet: Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Time: Noon
Season: Summer
Quality: Destructive, choleric, masculine, phallic
Direction: South
Jewel: Fire, Opal, Amethyst, Red Garnet
Tool: Censer, Wand, Crosier, Staff
Zodiac: Aries (Cardinal Fire), Leo (Fixed Fire), Sagittarius (Mutable Fire)
Colour: Red, Crimson, Orange
Incense: Copal Resins, Frankincense, Olibanum Oils
Symbol: Swastika, Candle, Crucible, Matches

Used For: Healing, Love spells, Purification, Psychic work, Fertility
Planet: Moon, Neptune, Saturn, Venus.
Time: Twilight/ Dusk
Season:: Autumn
Quality: Emotional, phlegmatic, feminine
Direction: North
Jewel: Crystal, Coral, Jade, Pearl
Tool: Chalice, Cauldron
Zodiac: Cancer (Cardinal Water), Scorpio (Fixed Water), Pisces (Mutable Water)
Colour: Blue, Black
Incense: Lotus, Myrrh
Symbol: Pitcher, Wave, Raindrop

Metaphysics (易学)

8 Scared Days

Northern Hemisphere:
Yule, Dec 21
Candlemas (Imbolc), Feb 2
Ostara, March 21
Beltane, May 1
Midsummer (Litha), Jun 21
Lammas (Lughnasadh
), Aug 1
Mabon, Sep 21
Samhain, Oct 31

Southern Hemisphere:
Yule, Jun 21
Candlemas (Imbolc), Aug 1
Ostara, Sep 21
Beltane, Oct 31
Midsummer (Litha), Dec 21
Lammas (Lughnasadh), Feb 2
Mabon, Mar 21
Samhain, May 1

Wicca Practitioners celebrate these 8 Sabbats or Scared Days every year. Incidentally these 8 phrase falls close proximity to the 24 solar calendar (24 节气) as well as the BaGua (八卦) in Chinese Metaphysics.

Metaphysics (易学)

About Manifestation

To Know – Corresponds to Air, refers to knowledge and understanding of the work at hand. This means understanding all the aspects of the work with rituals, spells, candles, crystal, divination and spirit connection for purpose of manifestation.

To Will – Corresponds to Fire, refers to the way one conduct one’s life. The belief and commitment to various aspects of Wicca. With will, it allows one to raise, manipulate, manage and maintain focus. Thus, being able to summon and direct energy, will and focus that leads to manifestation.

To Dare – Corresponds to Water, a practitioner must dare to do manifestation without fear, going beyond physical limitations and flow with universal energies. Visualization practices helps in this aspect.

To Keep Silent – Corresponds with Earth, understanding that silence within, maintaining clear intentions, grounding and centering oneself is a key part of all manifestation. Mediation practices helps in this aspect.

Metaphysics (易学)

Similarities of Tarot vs Playing Cards

Tarot Deck has 78 cards and it is often use in western divination while the Playing Cards or Poker Cards deck has 52 regular cards, use for playing (but, probably has hidden agenda for divination, as the mainstream religion in the past used to clamp down Tarot for divination practices).

In a tradditional Tarot Deck there are 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana Cards.

Tarot appeared in Europe around 1400s. Some metaphysicians insist it is invented, while I believe discovered is a more appropriate term.

It might have been a tool given to humanity by “Enki”, and this deviated from “Enlil”; who could have doctrinated one of the mainstream religion to farm humanity’s consciousness energy. As such, this mainstream religion oppose the use of Tarot Cards and other forms of Metaphysics practices.

With this as the background, the users of Tarot (probably) improvise and took away the Major Arcana from the deck. Thus, keeping only the Minor Arcana. The Playing Cards deck + 4 Joker Cards (elusively hidden as 4 permutations of Sword, Wand, Cups and Pentacles: 1 to 10, + King, Queen, Knight and Page). Which still pretty much as efficient as a Tarot Deck for divination and destiny reading.

The Playing Cards Deck and Tarot, Minor Arcana Deck shares these similarities: Knight (Jack), Queen, and King. But, Tarot Deck has a Page (which is represented by Joker in Playing Cards Deck).

The challenge is using Playing Cards Deck for Tarot Divination and Destiny Reading is the lacking of pictorial assistance or cues. Pictures in a Tarot Deck helps Practitioner and Querent to connect better.

Which means, a lot of passion, hardwork and commitment during those times when Practitioner using Playing Cards; as they need to memorize all 56 representation of the Minor Arcana Deck to apply the interpretation onto a Playing Card Deck.

With that, I end by sharing the 4 suites’ relevant representation in the Playing Card Deck.

   • Wands = Clubs
   • Pentacles = Diamonds
   • Cups = Hearts
   • Swords = Spades

Metaphysics (易学)

FuXi (伏羲) and the Sumerians

Sumerians or Sumer is the earliest known civilization in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia (now southern Iraq), emerging during the Chalcolithic and early Bronze Ages between the sixth and fifth millennium BC.

The 2 iconic god representative are Enki and Enlil, has reptilians features and “estimated” that thy arrive on earth approx 300K years ago.

Enki represent the intelligence, wisdom, trickster entity. He acts like an administrator, cares and intervene at the human level. Giving humanity intelligence, alternative and choices. The one who presents itself to humanity. Hence, Humanity identifies it as the serpentine.

Enlil represent overarching, domineering entity. High and mighty, hidden away from humanity. And, doesn’t care about humanity. This entity represent the part that make use of humanity, perhaps farming humanities’ consciousness energy when humanity asks, wishes and prays.

If we go search about FuXi and NuWa avatar and pictures on the internet, you would probably find the 伏羲女娲图, that look like serpent images or half human half serpentine. According to folklore and legends, they are the saviours of humanity.

This serpent or reptilian images shares common link with Enki in the Sumerians Civilization, who made contact with humanity. Perhaps, that is why the practice of Feng Shui (风水) is negatively represented in certain mainstream religion.

Interestingly in TaiYi, the year calculation base figure (太乙计年数 : 10,155,901). For example, year 2021 is represented as 10,155,937 is much larger than the current Georgian Calendar or even the Chinese 甲子 which Practitioner are using for Feng Shui (风水). This instinctively or perhaps potentially could have some form of undiscovered linkages that was deliberately passed down by Enki or Sumerians Civilization.

Or perhaps, FuXi (伏羲) who act like an administrator deliberately given us the knowledge and tools of trigrams (八卦), HeTu (河图) and LuoShu (洛书); has the intention to give humanity these keys to improve and move away from being “farm animals” – avoiding our consciousness being farmed. And, being able to experience the next plane of consciousness.

Metaphysics (易学)

The Genetic Code Function and iChing Hexagram

The Code Function, I was reading an article on human genetic research. And, was drawn to the canonical genetic code. This code comprised of 64 codons, triplets of the nucleic acid bases. Namely: Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine or Uracil, abbreviated as A, C, G, and U.

In the language of mathematical coding theory the codons correspond with code words; the codons are all 64 three-letter code words that can be made up by the four letter alphabet {A, C, G, U}.

Adenine (A) is a nucleobase (a purine derivative). Molar mass: 135.13 g/mol (9).

Uracil (U) is one of the four nucleobases in the nucleic acid RNA that are represented by the letters A, G, C and U. The others are adenine, cytosine, and guanine. In RNA, uracil binds to adenine via two hydrogen bonds. Molar mass: 112.0868 g/mol (4).

Guanine (G) is one of the four main nucleobases found in the nucleic acids DNA and RNA, the others being adenine, cytosine, and thymine (uracil in RNA). Molar mass: 151.13 g/mol (7).

Cytosine (C) is one of the four main bases found in DNA and RNA, along with adenine, guanine, and thymine. It is a pyrimidine derivative, with a heterocyclic aromatic ring and two substituents attached. Molar mass: 111.1 g/mol (3).

What draws me in is the resemblance of this mathematical table with iChing 64 hexagram – “The Book of Change”. Let’s boldly assign Yin Yang onto these 4 symbol.
   •  U / A = 阳爻
   •  C / G = 阴爻

In the first cell, based on trigram lines UUU and UUA doesn’t this look like Qian Gua (乾卦) and UUC and UUG look like Xun Gua (巽卦). And, if we look at it from a hexagram angle, GGUGGC doesn’t this look like Hexagram 16: Enthusiasm / Delight. 豫卦 (丁亥),震上坤下.

Enthusiasm / Delight that unleashes creativity. Like powerful music that inspires great numbers of people, loosening constraints, breaks walls and sprouting new opportunities. It is guided by the heart than the mind. Represent, an enthusiastic leader who inspires with strong character and positive energy toward a common goal.

Although, it’s just a personal observation, I believe many more theories could be uncover by scholars and researchers to link iChing (易经) with Human Genetics. Perhaps, there is a hint of iChing (易经) – “The Book of Change” is in everyone of us.

I’ll end 2020 with this reflection. And I wish everyone a blessed 2021.

Metaphysics (易学)

When Luck is Down

Luck is a form of energy and it goes through a cycle. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. When it bad cycle, we can feel the headwind and challenges. Sometimes, we can feel that it is coming back. During those downs, we can try the following ways to revitalize the luck energy.

Going to or helping out in a Wedding or Celebration Activity. Of course, we need to engage the activity with a blissful heart and feeling happy for the couple or the host.

Get active with movement, exercise and traveling. In motion, blood circulation is improve. As such, Qi circulate around you.

Bed Placement, adjusting where you sleep and how you sleep. Improve rest means better energy for the day ahead.

Fish Tank is often use in Feng Shui to activate Qi in good sector of the living space.

Activate Nobleman by using the Nobleman sector frequently.

Self Improvement, learning and knowledge. Usually when luck is down in BaZi aspect. It has the tendency of too much resource or too much authority star during the month or the year. When this happens, this 2 stars are useful for learning and knowledge. Thus, make good use of this 2 stars during this down cycle.

Give alms, act of kindness and Smile often. Give out a positive energy to the universe and the universe will respond back 3 fold, positively  –  “The 3 Fold Law”.

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Metaphysics (易学)


Forgiveness transformation anger and hurt to healing and peace. Set yourself free, improves health and raise vibrational energy, attract good luck.
1. Embrace the situation and release ourselves, don’t keep revisiting what has happen.
2. Switch from blaming others to understand ourselves.
3. Don’t go to sleep angry.
4. Stop acting fragile and keep looking for reasons to be offended.
5. Reduce conflicts by avoiding telling people what to do.
6. Happiness is our own responsibility.
7. Be kind instead of being right.
8. Practice giving.

Metaphysics (易学)


1. Optics to see Opportunity, to understand the flow.
2. Diligence, putting time and energy into a subject matter or an objective. Focusing on a goal.
3. Organisation encompass various aspects.
Organisation of thoughts,
Organisation of emotions,
Organisation of body,
Organisation of spiritual energy,
4. Perfectionism, healthy perfectionism is the believe that it’s possible to achieve perfection. The perfection of the above 4 items (above).
5. Prudence, check the path, check the relationship and make right decision. Here are 4 type of people:
Spectators, Energy Vampires
Optimistic and Motivated

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Date Selection (擇日), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水), Metaphysics (易学), Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数), QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

10 Universal Law ( 10 大天规 )