8 Mansion Multi Storey Method

The 8 Mansion Method can also be used for multi storey apartment using a method of flipping and extrapolation (八宅楼层翻成). Using an example below to illustrate how the storey / floors are auspicious and inauspicious Qi is derived. And from each floor/ door, the sequence is sub-extrapolate to perform the assessment.

Door / 门位 = 坤 (伏位) “Southwest”
Floor / 楼向 = 震 (祸害) “East”

Using the door to start 伏位 “Stability” in this sequence (掌诀: 伏, 生, 五, 延, 六, 祸, 天, 绝).

For Floors/ Storey up to 5:
Floor 1 土 (祸害) 凶 (楼向)
Floor 2 金 (绝命) 凶
Floor 3 水 (六煞) 凶
Floor 4 木 (贪狼) 吉
Floor 5 火 (五鬼) 凶

For Floors/ Storey up to 7:
Floor 1 土 (祸害) 凶 (楼向)
Floor 2 土 (天医) 吉
Floor 3 金 (延年) 吉
Floor 4 金 (绝命) 凶
Floor 5 水 (六煞) 凶
Floor 6 木 (贪狼) 吉
Floor 7 火 (五鬼) 凶

For Floors/ Storey more than 7:
Floor 1 土 (祸害) 凶 (楼向)
Floor 2 土 (天医) 吉
Floor 3 金 (延年) 吉
Floor 4 金 (绝命) 凶
Floor 5 水 (六煞) 凶
Floor 6 木 (贪狼) 吉
Floor 7 火 (五鬼) 凶
Floor 6 木 (贪狼) 吉
Floor 7 木 (伏位) 吉
Floor 8 火 (五鬼) 凶

Clashes and Poison Arrows

Often (especially conventional thinking) about clashes and poison arrows. There are certainly some misconceptions and the experts cope in every under the sun and classify as detrimental.

To change this thinking, there is a conventional wisdom that says (形对形论, 色对色论), meaning Shapes vs Shapes, Colours vs Colours. (i.e. opposite shop has a signboard red (火) colour vs (克) your white (金) colour. Your rectangle (木) or wave-like (水) patterns / shapes will not have an impact on the red signboard (火).

Talking about clashes from streets and roads, we also need to realign if that sector is for the period or against the period.

1. 冲在窗, clashes via windows has less immediate impact. Usually, the greater impact when the person BaZi has an annual affliction.
2. 冲在门, clashes via the door has greater impact and usually longer term as well as accidental in nature. It sometimes span across the household.
3. 冲在卦位, clash at Gua location usually denotes wealth loss and missing nobleman in career. It usually people / roles centric (i.e. NW as father and SW as mother)
4. 冲在地支, clash at Earth Branch comes with health issues. It is Zodiacs centric and activates the most when Grand Duke clashes.
5. 冲在曜煞, clashes at killing zone (Dragon Gate Eight Formations – 乾坤國寶) can be very detrimental to the household. In traditional text, it exaggerated as death in household and lack of offsprings. This is not analyzed in silos but combined with Grand Duke and other externalities to form an opinion.

In other words, if there is a clash in earth branch + killing zone activated + grand duke affliction would combine and be seen as heavy challenges for the year.

Bed Placements

1. For beds, legs/ feets as facing and headboards as sitting.
2. Bed should not have door behind or along the headboards.
3. Bed should avoid having window behind the headboards.
4. Bedrooms with windows must take note of external killings or poison arrows.
5. Bed placement must not not the clash with bedroom door.
6. Bed placement should me as middle as possible and should not overly left or right.
7. No ceiling fans
8. Bed should not face off with toilet within the room.
9. Bed should not face off with kitchen.
10. Below the bed should be empty and not clutter with stuffs.
11. Bed height should be approx knee level. This is the level for Qi Flow.

Regarding Luo Shu (洛书)

HeTu (河图) and LuoShu (洛书) numbers are debatable. The conventional (traditional) numbers are based on the development of Yin Yang (阴阳) + the Movement of Qi (Water Cycle in Nature). HeTu (河图) as Body (体) and LuoShu (洛书) as Application (用):

1, 6 = Water (向下行) → China located Northern Cold (water)
2, 7= Fire (向上行) → Southern Part feels warm (fire)
3, 8 = Wood (向外行) → Receive sunlight, growth (wood)
4, 9 = Metal (向内行) → Rains in west, more minerals (metal)
5, 10 = Earth (平行) → Central Plains (earth)

For discussion’s sake; many new-age practitioners overlay the HeTu (河图) and LuoShu (洛书) to create new model, might be interesting or perhaps even more useful of a model or (flip side) could proof catastrophic in application. In the nutshell, in the new model the Fire and Metal Element switch places in Feng Shui application. But, I’m keeping to conventional practice.

1, 6 = Water
2, 7 = Metal (Deviate from Conventional / Traditional)
3, 8 = Wood
4, 9 – Fire (Deviate from Conventional / Traditional)
5, 10 = Earth

Simply Approach to Qi Assessment for Multi Storey Apartment and Condominiums

This post talks about analysis of energy (氣) in a multi storey flats, apartments and condominiums (動宅).

The luck cycle commences once the owner moves into the apartment or condominiums. Regarding the question of sitting vs facing, for multi storey flats, apartments and condominiums facing as primary and sitting as secondary (向为主, 论納氣).

The assessment is split into 4 aspects call “君, 臣, 佐, 使” loosely translate as The King, The Minister, The General and The Envoy. Essentially, 臣, 佐, 使 must have element that produce 君).

君 or The King refers to the facing or living room of the property, it can also be the inner bright hall (大厅/ 内明堂) and it’s referenced element.

臣 or The Minister refers to the storey of the property and it’s referenced element. Depending on locality, it can be wide ranging ranges 10 to 30 storey / floors.

佐 or The General refers to which year the owner moves in during the 5 Rat Luck Cycle (五子运). For example: 2020 to 2031 is Metal Rat Cycle, referenced as Metal Element.

使 or The Envoy refers to the door of the property and it’s referenced element.

Regarding HeTu (河图)

HeTu (河图) is divided into 3 layers:

1, 2, 3 & 4 are known as producing numbers (生数) and they form the inner arrangement. Inner is Yin therefore it represent a ‘form’ a ‘body’

6, 7, 8 & 9 are known as forming numbers (成数) and they form the outer arrangement. Outer is Yang therefore it represents the ‘formless’ Qi and in layman’s terms it is known as force field, energy or aura.

5 resides in the kernel and is the separation distance between producing and forming → e.g. 1 (producing) + 5 (kernel) = 6 (forming).

As such, this draws the distinction between inner and outer arrangement, which gives rise to an important concept where the inner (阴) and outer (阳) arrangements are used separately (生成分用).

Life Gua + Flying Stars Application

  • Analyse BaZi (八字) to see what element and 10 Gods (十神) balances or missing or useful (i.e wealth)
  • Next check Life Gua (命卦) and determine what stars represent the 10 Gods (十神)
  • For Example: Life Gua = 4 巽 Wood, wealth is 8 左辅星 and  2 巨门星)
  • Take LuoPan reading at Door Facing (Opposite is Sitting)
  • For Example: Door Facing is West (兑 7), Sitting is East (震 3). 
  • Using Sitting Gua (震 – 3) to Fly ‘clockwise’ LuoShu (洛书) 9 Palaces, this set is the Left Number.
  • Using Annual Star (i.e. 2020 is Star 7 enters center to Fly LuoShu (洛书) 9 Palaces, this set is the Right Number.
  • Using Life Gua, find the number 2 and 8, which represent wealth in 10 Gods (十神) to activate it.
  • The 2 Earth Stars are North and SE (based on Sitting is East 震 3) that can be activated using water, heat or movement.
  • This method uses the house natal stars and/ or annual stars that resonate with energy of our BaZi (八字) 10 Gods (十神).

Simply Approach to Qi Assessment for Landed Property

This post talks about analysis of energy (氣) in a low floor, shop houses or landed property (静宅); the rule or definition is that the energy flow is able to move from lower floors to higher floors within the compound (一 氣达天).

The luck cycle commence once the building of the property is completed (建好, 起宅运). Regarding the question of sitting vs facing, for low floor or landed property sitting as primary and facing as secondary (坐为主, 论乘气).

The assessment is split into 4 aspects call “君, 臣, 佐, 使” loosely translate as The King, The Minister, The General and The Envoy. Essentially, 臣, 佐, 使 must have element that produce 君).

君 or The King refers to the sitting of the property and it’s referenced element.

臣 or The Minister refers to the storey of the property and it’s referenced element. Depending on locality, it often ranges between 1 to 3.

佐 or The General refers to which unit the property is horizontally and it’s referenced element. This tend to applies to units that are side by side to each other and sharing same wall.

使 or The Envoy refers to the door of the property and it’s referenced element.

Period 9… 2017 ? 2020 ? … or 2024 ?

Lately in Chinese Metaphysic circle, there are many version of period 9. Some scholars insist that period 9 started in 2020, most Feng Shui Masters and Practitioners hold on to 2017 while the Flying Stars Experts stick to 2024.

The scholars that insist that period 9 started in 2020 is related or backed by the Saturn and Jupiter conjuction. This is an astronomy phenomenon that occurs once every 19.85 years (approx. 20 years). I’ve wrote something on this while researching into the Interplanetary Alignment of Xuan Kong Flying Stars, as far as this reasoning goes, it can be backed by science observation. And the Great Planetary Conjunction will occurs in 2040 which is 4 years faster than 2044 as transcibe in other Feng Shui theory and practice.

My personal observation (since 2020) is that this alignment planetary influences human behaviour more than Feng Shui. A shift in worldview among human beings, towards more period 9 phenomenon such as technology, media, internet, where appearance take precedence over substance, getting more ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ are more vital than substance; and female focus workforce (i.e. female senior management in corporate setting).

The Feng Shui Masters and Practitioners that hold dearly to 2017 is due to Xuan Kong Feng Shui, particularly in the application of Xuan Kong Liu Fa (6 Methods) and Xuan Kong Da Gua. In these 2 method, the idea behind period comes from the various permutation between Yin and Yang Lines in a Gua. Actually, if one has use these methods for a while, will realise not much significant difference when you are using period 8 or 9. Because, both 8 & 9 are in the lower period (下元). But, deep down we (practitioners) know or is wary of the greater challenge when it switch from 9 to 1 (change from 下元 to 上元). I believe by then, during this transistion, not many practitioners and Master will be confident enough to apply XKLF and XKDG as the degree of error is much significant and adverse.

And for the Flying Stars experts that stick to 2024 as period 9. Bluntly put, flying stars is simply a divination method force fitted as Feng Shui method or application. If we trace back to Tai Yi Divination Method, you will see the synchronicity within. Therefore, 2024 as period 9, as far as divination is concern, the accuracy is grounded.

In summary, 2017 deals much with Feng Shui (Earth Luck) while 2020 relates and influences Human Behaviour (Human Luck) and 2024 has deep synchronicity with various method of divination (Heaven Luck). All 3 years (cut off) is correct but depends which aspect we are uisng them for.

Humanistic Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Practitioner and Masters often use the middle of the house / apartment as TaiJi (太极); while there are Big TaiJi, there are also Small TaiJi and in some Micro TaiJi that uses the study table or work desk that use XKDG Yao (爻) application.

Feng Shui exist for people and is use by people. Therefore around you and me has Feng Shui, our left side and our right angle (or maybe our front and back) could be very much the difference between a good Qi and bad Qi. And, in it lies beneficial decision vs hurtful outcomes.

Therefore, we can humanise the Feng Shui by using man as the TaiJi (instead of using the house/ apartment). As such, there is no missing sector and we could easily increases the beneficial sector depending on where we are in a room.

Traditionally, there are 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious in 8 mansion, and usually we ignore or avoid the bad sector. Tweaking the perspective, maybe the bad one are just challenges to improve ourselves. So, not all inauspicious are bad and that the 8 Mansion could also be seen as 8 aspects (palaces) of our lives.

1. Creation & Wealth Palace (生气 – Life Generating), this is made up of growing Qi or energy. It induces your abilities to generate wealth or create wealth (or wealth ideas), some people with wealth come with authorities. This sector also relate about work, the qualities and capacity of your works.

2. Health & well-being Palace (天医 – Heavenly Doctor), this is regarded as the healing sector as well as assistance or support sector. Notwithstanding healing, resources help, teacher, mentor and noblemen are part of this sector. It indicate how well you get support and validation. This is also a wealth sector of salaried employees and business owner as it dictate how fast you turnaround and regenerate.

3. Social Charisma Palace (延年 – Longevity), this sector deals with networking, and the quality of long term relationship. It governs communication matters, connection, affinity, and good relationship helps people live longer, therefore it’s a.k.a the longevity palace.

4. Identity Palace (伏位 – Stability), this sector relates to one’s believe, perception, confidence, mindset and action. This sector is also where we can activate and meet our noblemen (Annual Nobleman and Natal Nobleman).

5. Adventure Palace (祸害 – Mishaps), traditionally this sector is seen as disharmony and disunity, stagnation, hatred and argument. In a contemporary light, this sector is seen as challenges and adventuring. We leave a team because goals changed, dreams differs and we argument because opinions challenges our morals, this is a palace of change.

6. Likeability palace (六煞 – Six Killing), this is related to water stars and it indicates attractiveness, charming, seduction, romance, promiscuity and of course over-indulgence. Which in negative light lead to sins, argument and breaking of relationship. Use this positively, one can become passionate in a relationship and charming to the opposite gender.

7. Spiritual Palace (五鬼 – 5 Ghost), closely related to fire element, fire relates to religious and spiritual connection, as well as dreams, thoughts and inner world guidance. This sector will be good for spiritual pursue and enlighment. Wisdom come from overcoming our inner demons. Because, this sector relates to spiritual beings, that is why traditionally, this sector is call Five-Ghost and deem that things will be stolen or missing or if one is unlucky, one will be seeing energy of another dimension.

8. Trial & Tribulation Palace, (绝命 – Life Threatening), traditionally this sector is not to be used (And, I still maintain this view). The meaning of this sector is that it often triggers important life’s lesson or lives changing lesson. When one is not physically and mentally prepared, it could take a turn for the worst.

5 Elements and the Feng Shui of the House

Looking at the person and to co-relate to the person’s house Feng Shui or looking at the Feng Shui and pinpointing one’s problematic areas, this aspect is also relate to the 5 elements and what it represents. Especially fluid when the one doing the assessment is an advanced or BaZi pro. Nothing to “Wow” once we understand how it is derived.

土 - 意 (Will)
金 - 魄 (Body)
水 - 志 (Mind)
木 - 魂 (Soul)
火 - 神 (Spirit)

1. Mind (志,relates to Water), this is related to a negative star or inauspicious landform in a water sector. The residents tend to have unclarity of thoughts, fear or trauma to take action and the inability to plan ahead. This often leads to unsound financial planning. It also stop the residents to start connecting with people as well as stop taking a changes that was really use to push forward, causing the residents to refuse learning new skills and acknowledging their shortcomings.

2. Spirit (神,relates to Fire), triggers when there is negative stars or landform in the fire sector. It often starts with depressed emotions and negative feeling towards money or to attach to certain emotional issue on certain thing (so much so that it begins to breed repetition). There also a feeling of scarcity blocking the residents to achieve better version of themselves, often leads to stagnant relationship. How do you know the residents has a Spirit issue? They way they talk – often rude and disrespectful.

3. Body (魄,relates to Metal), another way to understand this is the Chakra in our human body or when one feels he/she has no energy in doing things, too lethargic, energy level is often low. Normally, when the metal element in is afflicted, not only does the body is energetically drained, the household tends to have respiratory ailments. Residents of the property then to have a loyalty issue and inability to execute instructions.

4. Soul (魂,relates to Wood), a clear sign that affliction has affected this sector the residents needed anger management or the household lacks purpose, kindness and compassion. There might be also signs of alcoholism or drug misuse issues. Often leads to liver ailments.

5. Will (意,relates to Earth), is often seen when NE or SW of the apartment has affliction or when personal stability sector (Fu Wei) is visited by negative stars. If often leads to the lack of self esteem, overzealous ego and lack of stamina. When we are dealing with residents of such affliction, we can know when we are feeling lack of trust or the challenges to build trust with the person. The residents are also prone to sugary food and stagnation routine that leads to diabetes.