Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Humanistic Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Practitioner and Masters often use the middle of the house / apartment as TaiJi (太极); while there are Big TaiJi, there are also Small TaiJi and in some Micro TaiJi that uses the study table or work desk that use XKDG Yao (爻) application.

Feng Shui exist for people and is use by people. Therefore around you and me has Feng Shui, our left side and our right angle (or maybe our front and back) could be very much the difference between a good Qi and bad Qi. And, in it lies beneficial decision vs hurtful outcomes.

Therefore, we can humanise the Feng Shui by using man as the TaiJi (instead of using the house/ apartment). As such, there is no missing sector and we could easily increases the beneficial sector depending on where we are in a room.

Traditionally, there are 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious in 8 mansion, and usually we ignore or avoid the bad sector. Tweaking the perspective, maybe the bad one are just challenges to improve ourselves. So, not all inauspicious are bad and that the 8 Mansion could also be seen as 8 aspects (palaces) of our lives.

1. Creation & Wealth Palace (生气 – Life Generating), this is made up of growing Qi or energy. It induces your abilities to generate wealth or create wealth (or wealth ideas), some people with wealth come with authorities. This sector also relate about work, the qualities and capacity of your works.

2. Health & well-being Palace (天医 – Heavenly Doctor), this is regarded as the healing sector as well as assistance or support sector. Notwithstanding healing, resources help, teacher, mentor and noblemen are part of this sector. It indicate how well you get support and validation. This is also a wealth sector of salaried employees and business owner as it dictate how fast you turnaround and regenerate.

3. Social Charisma Palace (延年 – Longevity), this sector deals with networking, and the quality of long term relationship. It governs communication matters, connection, affinity, and good relationship helps people live longer, therefore it’s a.k.a the longevity palace.

4. Identity Palace (伏位 – Stability), this sector relates to one’s believe, perception, confidence, mindset and action. This sector is also where we can activate and meet our noblemen (Annual Nobleman and Natal Nobleman).

5. Adventure Palace (祸害 – Mishaps), traditionally this sector is seen as disharmony and disunity, stagnation, hatred and argument. In a contemporary light, this sector is seen as challenges and adventuring. We leave a team because goals changed, dreams differs and we argument because opinions challenges our morals, this is a palace of change.

6. Likeability palace (六煞 – Six Killing), this is related to water stars and it indicates attractiveness, charming, seduction, romance, promiscuity and of course over-indulgence. Which in negative light lead to sins, argument and breaking of relationship. Use this positively, one can become passionate in a relationship and charming to the opposite gender.

7. Spiritual Palace (五鬼 – 5 Ghost), closely related to fire element, fire relates to religious and spiritual connection, as well as dreams, thoughts and inner world guidance. This sector will be good for spiritual pursue and enlighment. Wisdom come from overcoming our inner demons. Because, this sector relates to spiritual beings, that is why traditionally, this sector is call Five-Ghost and deem that things will be stolen or missing or if one is unlucky, one will be seeing energy of another dimension.

8. Trial & Tribulation Palace, (绝命 – Life Threatening), traditionally this sector is not to be used (And, I still maintain this view). The meaning of this sector is that it often triggers important life’s lesson or lives changing lesson. When one is not physically and mentally prepared, it could take a turn for the worst.

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

5 Elements and the Feng Shui of the House

Looking at the person and to co-relate to the person’s house Feng Shui or looking at the Feng Shui and pinpointing one’s problematic areas, this aspect is also relate to the 5 elements and what it represents. Especially fluid when the one doing the assessment is an advanced or BaZi pro. Nothing to “Wow” once we understand how it is derived.

土 - 意 (Will)
金 - 魄 (Body)
水 - 志 (Mind)
木 - 魂 (Soul)
火 - 神 (Spirit)

1. Mind (志,relates to Water), this is related to a negative star or inauspicious landform in a water sector. The residents tend to have unclarity of thoughts, fear or trauma to take action and the inability to plan ahead. This often leads to unsound financial planning. It also stop the residents to start connecting with people as well as stop taking a changes that was really use to push forward, causing the residents to refuse learning new skills and acknowledging their shortcomings.

2. Spirit (神,relates to Fire), triggers when there is negative stars or landform in the fire sector. It often starts with depressed emotions and negative feeling towards money or to attach to certain emotional issue on certain thing (so much so that it begins to breed repetition). There also a feeling of scarcity blocking the residents to achieve better version of themselves, often leads to stagnant relationship. How do you know the residents has a Spirit issue? They way they talk – often rude and disrespectful.

3. Body (魄,relates to Metal), another way to understand this is the Chakra in our human body or when one feels he/she has no energy in doing things, too lethargic, energy level is often low. Normally, when the metal element in is afflicted, not only does the body is energetically drained, the household tends to have respiratory ailments. Residents of the property then to have a loyalty issue and inability to execute instructions.

4. Soul (魂,relates to Wood), a clear sign that affliction has affected this sector the residents needed anger management or the household lacks purpose, kindness and compassion. There might be also signs of alcoholism or drug misuse issues. Often leads to liver ailments.

5. Will (意,relates to Earth), is often seen when NE or SW of the apartment has affliction or when personal stability sector (Fu Wei) is visited by negative stars. If often leads to the lack of self esteem, overzealous ego and lack of stamina. When we are dealing with residents of such affliction, we can know when we are feeling lack of trust or the challenges to build trust with the person. The residents are also prone to sugary food and stagnation routine that leads to diabetes.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

24 Mountain to 24 Seasonal Reference

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

A Feng Shui Perspective on Selling a Property / Apartment

Property (all the while) has been a hot topic in my locality; often view as an aspect of wealth accmulation, asset growth and retirement planning. Having said that, property is a fixed asset and should be subjected to depreciation. Most of the time when owner purchasing a property, they (often) have in mind the expected growth and return; and when it comes down to the ground on selling off the fixed assets (property), owner will then need to face the stress, headwind, obstacles and compromises they have to accept in order to proceed with the sale of property / apartment.

From a metaphysic perspective, there are a few things propety owner can do to help with the flow and liquidation of this fixed asset.

  1. Using flying stars – all property / apartment has a flying star chart, within the flying star chart there is a mountain star. To use this, choose a month (higher / mid-term) or day (lower / short term) star that clashes or fuyin with the mountain star of the property / apartment.

  2. Using a day that clashes the owner’s direct resource element (bazi). or a day that produce the buyer’s direct resource element (bazi).

  3. Using an hour in QiMen that hour has Life Door clashes Chief + position is opposite between inner and outer plate + 甲子 produces the owner year of birth.

And if selling the property / apartment for reasons related to deceased, divorce, job loss or any “negative” events, be very sure to do space cleansing (i.e. smudging) to dispel lingering negative energy before your first appointment with buyer / agents.

Date Selection (擇日), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Secret is in Moon Formula (And not in Sun Formula)

Timing is a critical aspect in Feng Shui, as it brings the necessary Qi flow to overcome certain ills predominantly present in the residence or alignment of positive energy to bring about goals and outcomes in our lives.

When the earth rotates around the sun every year, 12 months and 24 seasons are marked out; and when the moon rotates around the earth, similarily 24 position are marked out. The ancients based on the concept that earth is static, they derive a system of 24 possible location for the sun and moon. Hence, giving rise to ” The Great Sun and Moon Formula”.

In later development, comes the 3 combination (三合) and 6 combination (六合) based on Earth Branches are add in to ‘enhance’ the usage of this formula. And it is believe that when the Sun or Moon arrives at the sitting location of the property, renovation could be done at afflicted sector. Affliction such as Grand Duke, 5 Yellow Stars, 3 Killing, Wu Ji Earth Sha (戊己都天煞) can be harmonised. And in the 3 combination (三合) approach, it is believe the other 4 sectors that are associate to the facing and sitting (2 each) could also be use (

As we move into the season of Minor Cold (6 Jan till 20 Jan, and if the property is sitting or facing N3 (癸), we can use this season to enhance the house energy (3 & 6 Combination are disregarded). Activities such as smudging, space cleansing and activation of monthly stars to bring goals / intention into fruition can be considered.

In the case of renovation, earth breaking or wall hacking and it is in an afflicted sector, receiving the sun energy on sitting or facing does not automatically harmonize or cancel out the affliction; other Date Selection methodology are still necessary.

Up to this point, you will realize Practitioners and Masters brag about The Great Sun Formula and downplay the Moon Formula, and if you are using Sun Formula and has some awareness of Western Astrology you would realize a conflicting issue in terms of the Sun actual position is in the Ecliptic Map. As well as questioning the Great Sun results.

In Western Astrology, the twelve constellations of the zodiac lie along the plane of the Ecliptic Map. The Ecliptic Map is defined by the circular path of the Sun across the sky as seen from Earth. (And the Sun Formula seemingly is moving anticlockwise).

It is because of this predictable cycle that the journey of the Sun through the zodiac was used by ancient cultures to determine the time of year. In this way, the so-called cardinal constellations of the zodiac (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) mark the beginning of the four seasons. The Sun enters these constellations on the first days of spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively.

The Moon Formula holds the secret in application (Not the Sun). It is innately aligned with the 24 Season and Western Astrology. As the sun passed through each Constellation that particular period is designated for that Constellation (i.e. Gemini in May/ Jun). Hence, it might be the Real Sun-Position is within the Moon Formula.

In layman terms, we can make use of Western Astrology Constellation or the Moon Formula to do Feng Shui activation or harmonize afflictions. For example, now is the period of Minor Cold (小寒), the property with N3/NE1 (癸/丑) Sitting or S3/SW1 (丁/未) Facing can make use of this season to do Activation or Harmonisation.

The Moon Formula is widely available on the internet. Go search it up, apply and feel the results.

For those who gravitate towards research or academically gifted, it would be beneficial to point out to you that (whether) it is The Great Sun or Gentle Moon; this ring is intentionally aligned with the San He (三合) compass’s Man and Heaven Plate/ Ring.

P.S: Only Sitting and Facing of the property are considered, the 3 Combo (三合) and 6 Combo (六合) add-ons are disregarded.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Annual Wealth Sector in 2022

• Jia (甲) 禄在寅
• Yi (乙) 禄在卯
• Bing (丙戊) 在巳
• Ding (丁己) 在午
• Geng (庚) 禄在申
• Xin (辛) 禄在酉
• Ren (壬) 禄在亥
• Gui (癸) 禄在子

Annual Wealth Sector (禄财位) sometimes refer to as 流年財神方. This tradditional way of calculation primarily focus on the Heavenly Stem (天干) of TaiSui (太岁) and plot the 12 Cycle or 12 Growth Phrases (十二長生).

For 2022 (壬寅), the wealth sector would be at position of Pig (亥) and has an annual star 6 in that palace. This is the area of the property/ apartment that should be more frequently use. We can use this area for financial planning and execution, goal setting or placement of enhancers (i.e Water, Crystal, Chimes, Music, Fan, Lighting, Diffuser).

Noteworthy would be 2022 the 3 Killing zone is at the North sector (approx. 313 – 45 degree), this kind of reduces the efficacy of the Wealth Sector. However, If we understand 3 Killing zone sufficiently, we would still be able to capitalised the potential of this sector to activate the Wealth Sector.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Day Flying Star Table

After Winter Solistice + 甲子 = Clockwise
After Summer Solistice + 甲子 = Anti-Clockwise

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水), Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数)

8 Mansion Numerology


This magical methodology of numerology is derive from flying the 8 Mansion Wandering Stars in a 3×3 grid.

For example, 艮卦 use the 8 Mansion Wandering Stars path for 艮. Henceforth, 艮 start 伏位 and fly the path within 艮 palace. Do this for all 8 palaces and corelate all the numbers together to arrive at the matrix above.

This numerology is useful for day to day divination, where heaven or our higher self tries to reach us (lower self) or to communicate to us through the use using signs and numbers (and numbers being the more frequently / higher occurrences).

As such, this simple method of numerology can be use on phone number, price tag, serial numbers, random book / page flipping to get a number for divination or simply adopt onto poker cards and tarot divination (i.e. 28048 = 生气 becomes hidden 绝命, hidden danger / risk in the long term). In another words, when we choose a set of phone number or car plate number, we ought to look at something along the upper quadrant for the auspicious meaning in the numbers.

Just a suggestion worth innovating and exploring; by the same logic, we could also replace the 8 Mansion Wandering Stars with QiMen Deity, Stars and Doors to add more layers to each set of numbers. To achieve a more robust approach as well as a differentiated angle of approach to deep dive into each set of numerology divination.

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水), QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

Demystify Academic Stars

During the era of the past, BaZi practitioner learn BaZi by way of memorize verse and poems. In the modern time, there is a rely on techonlgy such as Apps and Online Calculator.

In the poem (below), let’s take a closer look and understand the corresponding stems/ branch. And we would realize that the 4 Earth Branch often regarded as tomb or storage (i.e Dragon, Dog, Ox. Goat) are left out.


Yang Wood Corresponding with Snake
Yin Wood Corresponding with Horse
Yang Fire Corresponding with Monkey
Yin Fire Corresponding with Rooster
Yang Earth Corresponding with Monkey
Yin Earth Corresponding with Rooster
Yang Metal Corresponding with Pig
Yin Metal Corresponding with Rat
Yang Water Corresponding with Tiger
Yin Water Corresponding with Rabbit

The Academic Stars are basically the Day Stem’s output branch (i.e. Wood produce Fire) only exception is Earth which goes on to the next element as Metal; there is a FengShui reason and application for it. The Academic Stars comes in both polarity – Yin / Yang branch that is associated with Day Stem.

In the classics, ONLY the day stem is taken as the point of reference. Whereas in modern days there is a NEW-AGE view and the BaZi year, month and hour (or even minutes) stems are regard as reference points. And, it has also been programmed and build into Apps and Online Calculator. There is no right or wrong, it’s therefore up to each practitioner application and analysis.

Date Selection (擇日), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Key Ideas for Annual Feng Shui – 2022

Annual Flying Stars for 2022 is a FuYin (伏吟) set-up, need to watch sectors such as SW and West, risk of legal / gossips matters, theft / missing items, female ailments, sickness – respiratiory and intestinal due to Monkey – and Goat – . This sector should remain still instead of activating it.

Monkey – is standing in the opposite direction of Tiger – , which means going against the flow of Grand Duke (太岁); when this sector is activated the household or workplace could expect challenges, obstacles to overcome and changes to happen/ adjust.

At the same time, the 5-Tiger Killing lands at SW and West ( and ), this adds woes to the already mentioned SW sector. 力士 and 蚕室 which are 2 disturbing stars of Grand Duke sits at SE and NW. Avoid starting ground breaking on these sectors for 2022.

Tiger + Horse + Dog annual combination (寅午戌会火局,三煞在北) means the 3-Killing energy is directed towards North. Hence, Star 1 in Flying Star Chart at North Sector is a little handicapped and cannot deliver at full capacity. This is (also) the common analysis most Practitioners and Masters will give to clients. But, if you understand the nature of 3-Killing, you could still use facing to ‘receive’ Star 1’s energy.

From a “Robbery Mountain” perspective, if the property / apartment is sitting at or sector + an adjacent building or mountain at sector it could represent detrimental signs of fail investment and wealth lost.

East Sector (卯), Southeast (巳), South (丙), Northwest (亥) is favourable to make use and activate in 2022. In 12 Deities of Tai Sui (流年⼗⼆神煞), these are the Green Dragon, 6-Harmony, Fortune Virtue areas.

Coincidentally, the East Sector (卯), Southeast (巳), are Nobleman Stars (贵人歌: 壬癸蛇兔藏) for 2022, for people with academic pursuit or learning a new skills (文昌歌: 壬逢虎) sitting at Northwest (寅) would get good support from the Grand Duke, and the annual wealth sectors (岁君壬禄在亥) sits at Northwest (亥).

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

How do I know if my floor or level is suitable for me?

This is another common question that querent frequently asked with all the build to order (BTO) coming up in the local property market. I’ll try to address it via a short note / essay. Hopefully, the idea can give a certain concept and everyone can twist and play around with it – DIY.

There are 2 ways of looking or doing an assessment for this. The “BaZi Element Method”, the “Floor vs Door Method” or if the case permits, a hybrid of both. The selection of internal layout has previously been discussed (Selecting HDB Apartment from a Feng Shui Perspective).

To use the “BaZi Element Method”, the querent first need to plot out his/her BaZi chart from one of the widely available online BaZi Calculator. Thereafter, focus on the day pillar’s heavenly stem (天干); numerically determines which element in the BaZi chart is the useful element; mathematically speaking, the weak element is often the useful element. The apartment unit selection, therefore focuses to have the main door at sector where the BaZi useful element is (i.e. Querent’s BaZi theme centers around weak fire, therefore beneficial for him/her to have a main door at the South sector). Where the chart is balance, the choice would be to select a main door’s sector similar or produce the day pillar (i.e. Day Pillar is Wood + Main door sector is North, East or Southeast).

The “Floor vs Door Method” looks at the luck cycle relative to the floor and door. Starting in year 2020 to year 2031 (12 years cycle) the luck energy is Metal. So, it would be a tailwind scenerio to select floor or levels such as 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26; but this is only useful if the door opens in North, East or Southeast. The reason being Metal (Luck) produces Water (Floor / Level) and Water produces Wood (Door). The door should (ideally) be same as or produces the Living Room sector or matches the Querent’s life-gua.

And, in some situation the Querent’s BaZi useful element is Wood. Thus, this assessment goes hand in hand adding one layer over another.

Note: This method(s) are specifically for HDB apartments and High-Rise apartments only.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水), Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数), QMDJ (奇門遁甲)



Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)