Full Spectrum 8 Mansion (Including, 24 Mountain Scoring Method)

8 Mansion Feng Shui is both a granular as well as a broad based approach in planning the Feng shui of the house or apartment.

Giving this up and putting the entire sequence on this post so that the lay person can evaluate the Feng Shui Master’s capacity or simply apply this method to achieve mid term results.

Like all other Feng Shui methods and assessment the first cut is landform that is external to the house / apartment. Whether it is benign or hostile. Does it or doesn’t create flows and embrace. Thereafter, we deep dive into 8 mansion formula from broad approach to granular basis.

First, let’s look at the broad-based approach and we gradually zoom in. In this approach the door is the most important factor as the rest of the formula rests on it. Door is where Qi interact between the house and human person, so this method of my uses the door as the first cut. The Stability sector (伏位) starts at door, and using this to map of the other seven sectors of the compass around the house.

As the point of reference behind this method is main door. So, Querent do not need to bother about facing and sitting of the apartment. This is an effective method in urban city living, apartment and condominium selection.

DoorLiving RoomMaster BedroomKitchen

Also, taking reference from the Main Door, these other 4 sectors (ideally) should not have externalities (i.e. dumps, boulders, construction works, dumps and sewages). Having these externalities in these sectors could trigger negative impact to health, relationship and wealth when activated by actions and/ or timing.

DoorPlace of WorshipRoad, Junction,
Rubbish Chute,
Dirty Drainage,

After this is done, we will look into the more detail aspect using the Destiny number. Ideally this number should also coincide with the suitable sector of the house to accommodate the resident in each room. There are 8 sectors (Wandering Stars Reference Table) for each destiny number.

Destiny Number (命卦)Destiny Number (命卦)Destiny Number (命卦)

We then move into another level of analysis, knowing what is of the sector means and the representation or challenges got the residence of the room is likely to face all the skill sets that he or she will develop after using that room for a period of time.

Traditionally, there are 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious in 8 mansion, and usually we ignore or avoid the bad sector. Tweaking the perspective, maybe the bad one are just challenges to improve ourselves. So, not all inauspicious are bad and that the 8 Mansion could also be seen as 8 aspects (palaces) of our lives.

1. Creation & Wealth Palace (生气 – Life Generating), this is made up of growing Qi or energy. It induces your abilities to generate wealth or create wealth (or wealth ideas), some people with wealth come with authorities. This sector also relate about work, the qualities and capacity of your works.

2. Health & well-being Palace (天医 – Heavenly Doctor), this is regarded as the healing sector as well as assistance or support sector. Notwithstanding healing, resources help, teacher, mentor and noblemen are part of this sector. It indicate how well you get support and validation. This is also a wealth sector of salaried employees and business owner as it dictate how fast you turnaround and regenerate.

3. Social Charisma Palace (延年 – Longevity), this sector deals with networking, and the quality of long term relationship. It governs communication matters, connection, affinity, and good relationship helps people live longer, therefore it’s a.k.a the longevity palace.

4. Identity Palace (伏位 – Stability), this sector relates to one’s believe, perception, confidence, mindset and action. This sector is also where we can activate and meet our noblemen (Annual Nobleman and Natal Nobleman).

5. Adventure Palace (祸害 – Mishaps), traditionally this sector is seen as disharmony and disunity, stagnation, hatred and argument. In a contemporary light, this sector is seen as challenges and adventuring. We leave a team because goals changed, dreams differs and we argument because opinions challenges our morals, this is a palace of change.

6. Likeability palace (六煞 – Six Killing), this is related to water stars and it indicates attractiveness, charming, seduction, romance, promiscuity and of course over-indulgence. Which in negative light lead to sins, argument and breaking of relationship. Use this positively, one can become passionate in a relationship and charming to the opposite gender.

7. Spiritual Palace (五鬼 – 5 Ghost), closely related to fire element, fire relates to religious and spiritual connection, as well as dreams, thoughts and inner world guidance. This sector will be good for spiritual pursue and enlighment. Wisdom come from overcoming our inner demons. Because, this sector relates to spiritual beings, that is why traditionally, this sector is call Five-Ghost and deem that things will be stolen or missing or if one is unlucky, one will be seeing energy of another dimension.

8. Trial & Tribulation Palace, (绝命 – Life Threatening), traditionally this sector is not to be used (And, I still maintain this view). The meaning of this sector is that it often triggers important life’s lesson or lives changing lesson. When one is not physically and mentally prepared, it could take a turn for the worst.

We have plan from the entire unit to the sectors and have move on into compatibility of the room to the residence. Next we dive into the scoring method, this is where 8 Mansion becomes granular. The scoring method is meant for tight spaces, small room or work desk/ study table. Depending on how tight the space is, we can either use it to do some work, take some calls, rest, exercise and/ or meditate.

337.6 – 352.5
352.6 – 7.5
7.6 – 22.5
22.6 – 37.5
37.6 – 52.5
52.6 – 67.5
67.6 – 82.5
82.6 – 97.5
97.6 – 112.5
112.6 – 127.5
127.6 – 142.5
142.6 – 157.5
157.6 – 172.5
172.6 – 187.5
187.6 – 202.5
202.6 – 217.5
217.6 – 232.5
232.6 – 247.5
247.6 – 262.5
262.6 – 277.5
277.6 – 292.5
292.6 – 307.5
307.6 – 322.5
322.6 – 337.5

After we have identify the 8 Mansion element (i.e. Wandering Stars), we can look up the following reference table for a reference scoring. The short coming of this method is that is is lesser known and hence the 24 mountains wandering stars labels are not being craved in the LuoPan Compass. With this table, I´ve given away the application aspect of 8 Mansion Feng Shui. May the readers use it wisely and benefit the society.

Score8 Wandering Stars Elements
80生氣,Life Generating
40天醫,Heavenly Doctor
-20六煞,Six Killings
-60五鬼,Five Ghost
-80絕命,Life Threatening

How do I choose my BTO flat or Condominium?

Many people have asked how do I select my build to order (BTO) flat or my condominium which has not been build yet. All I have is a floor plan and a site map. With this the reading of the floor plan along with the site map become important.

But before we come to the floor plan and site map, we need to first see what is our destiny number. This destiny number is a number that is derived from the year of birth of each individual. Using this we then be able to see the 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious sector of the house, on floor plan (of course). There also another way to look at this information – Humanistic Feng Shui.

In the next step we then need to know the period of the flying Star that we are moving in. This. Of the flying Star is equivalent to a contract that the owner sign with the spirit of the house, and it doesn’t change no matter the flying stars period has moved on. For example the owner move into house in 2023 (period 8) and now the year is 2024 (period 9), how the period 8 stars are plotted doesn’t change when the owner is now in period 9. But, the strength of the stars could decline, technically. Refer to this article if you has doubt which is the cut-off year to use for period star.

Putting all this information together, for example if the person’s destiny number is 4; north sector is favourable (wealth) + the period star 4 (academic) stacks at the north. This means that the north sector of the house is a must use area for this person with Destiny number 4.

Next we need to zoom into the floor plan and the site map, particularly where the door is being located, at which sector relative to the center of the house. If the door opens at the East sector of the house, the north sector of the house would then be the heavenly doctor sector for this person with her destiny number 4. Which is good for healing, recovery and good health.

Other possible permutation are:

DoorLiving RoomMaster BedroomKitchen

Nevertheless, the external landform such as pools, waterscape, hills and other poison arrows are vastly more important than the formula I just shared. In a nutshell, it can be simply called as 6-Consideration of Feng Shui. Although in modern living in the capital city, we often don’t have much choice or control over it.

Wealth Sector in May

In month of May, the wealth sector is within… 227.6 degree to 292.5 degree on the compass; and these are some of the activation methods.

✓ Tea Light Diffuser (Aromatherapy)
✓ Incense Burner (Agar wood is preferred)
✓ Candles
✓ Chants & Prayers
✓ Crystals
✓ Aroma Diffusers (Aromatherapy)
✓ Air Revitalizer
✓ Fish Tank (Open Cover)
✓ Plant (Large Leaves)
✓ Sound, Bells, Wind Chimes
✓ Singing Bowl (Preferred higher chakra sound)
✓ Tuning Fork (OM 136.1 Hz, more of once off activation)
✓ Music (preferred: 432 Hz, Rhythmic Music, Classical, New Age)
✓ Clock (Swinging Second Hand, effect is minimal)
✓ Lighting & Lamps (Warm Light)
✓ Window/ Ventilation/ Air Flow (through the space/ place)
✓ Movement (Passing by the space/ place)
✓ Application (Actual using of the space/ place)
✓ Electrical Fan
✓ Solar Power Moving Toy

Tricky Kallang BTO

Surrounded by water makes selecting a unit in this Kallang plot tricky. If you select a north plot / stack having water is excellent in the current 20 years but detrimental in the later 20 years. And if the plot / stack faces south, it would be detrimental for the current 20 years but excellent in the later 20 years. Moreover, in terms of early heaven vs later heaven theory of water flow, this set up is also detrimental as it deters health and reduces wealth.

Given the size and the depth of the water, an easy solution (if you are facing the river / canal) would be to select a unit that is above 5th floor. Make sure no sight and no sound of the water can be observe inside the unit.

Bright Hall, Kitchen, Bed, Study Desk

Bright Hall is the internal place after the main door. This is the first check point of home Feng Shui as this is the first place in the home for energy to be collected. A brighter and cluttered free bright hall can take in more benevolent energy as oppose to a malicious energy. If natural light is unavailable, then the use of artificial lighting to brighten this area. If this place is in the dark, not ventilated and a musty smell, then energy flow is impeded and it is not good for the home.

Kitchen is the sector that affect health. Kitchen FengShui is important only and if only one eats at home. If the family eats out most of the time, the Kitchen Feng Shui is not of major concern. Stove need to be place against the wall as a form of support. The stress is when the stove and washing basin is directly opposite each other, this signify a fire and water clash that leads to anger and argument. In long run develop as blood pressure people. Water and fire clash is mitigation by wood, a small pot plant will mitigation this issue.

Bedroom is about Yin activity, so the bed headboard need a Yin feature like a wall. So that he rest is supported. If place against a yang feature will affect a peaceful sleep.

Study desk supportes with a wall is key to getting the edge when it comes to academic and career performance and success. Also the study room door should not be directly against the desk to avoid energy clashes onto the desk.

Flying Stars Combination of 10 in 2023

In 2023, there are 2 beautiful chart in period 8, that is the Geng Jia facing and sitting (甲山庚向 & 庚山甲向). These 2 charts in particular produce a combination of 10 with the annual stars. Either combo of 10 on the mountain stars or water stars.

Combo of 10 in mountain stars denote vitality, health, recovery from ailments, harmonious relationship, wedding, fertility and family bliss.

Combo of 10 in water stars trends toward achieving goals, learning new skills, gaining reputation, popularity, wealth, career, business growth and entrepreneurship

These combinations bring about auspicious energy in the house and some of the ills of 2, 5 and 7 stars could be mitigated naturally. Big problem will come with necessary nobleman’s help and solution, invoking good improvement to the residents of the property, so long as the residents are open to these challenges and improvements.

For the combination of 10 to be invoked, the apartment or property must not have any missing corner. For Geng (庚) facing apartment, receiving Qi is a must and there must not see any water, lake or river. While for Jia (甲) facing apartment, there must be presence of external water, river and lake.

Also, internally NW and South sectors must be kept clean and neat. There shouldn’t be cluttered, the usage of these 2 sectors can be as per normal. Externally, no major construction or digging and broken mountain.

Nonetheless, there are sceptics and naysayers to flying stars; could say that these chart are oppressed or do not conform with what was taught in the classic text. My response would be to smile and give gratitude to Yin-Yang.

XKFS, 4 Flying Stars Charts with FuYin Activation

As we approach 2023, although the heat is about the Chinese zodiac signs auspicious and inauspicious, we often forget the one important aspect – that is the flying stars for 2023. With Star 4 in middle, Star 5 at NW, Star 6 at W, Star 7 at NE, Star 8 at S, Star 9 at N, Star 1 at SW, Star 2 at E and Star 3 at SE.


For the flying stars in 2023, the annual 5 yellow recites in the Northwest sector of the house, in traditional astrology dissected represent the man of the house, the bread winner of the house and more importantly the father of the house. 5 Yellow energy vibration is often related to big ticket items, such as loss of wealth, challenges in health and relationship.

The annual start 2 Black, represents the sickness star recites in the East sector of the house. This sector represents the mobility within the household, the eldest son and people born in the year of the rabbit. So if we were to add the two levels of analysis, that is the two black annual annual Stars along with the Grand duke of 2023, this represents a significant risk of those born under the zodiac of rabbit having plague with illnesses and sickness.

The 3 Jade annual Stars goes into Southeast sector of the house, distance to represents arguments and disagreement in the household, especially if the master bedroom resides in southeast sector of the house. Has this actor also represents the eldest daughter of the family, Jason significance in terms of disagreement and argument with the elders doctor of the house, there is a likelihood of rebelliousness. Especially with the father.

The 7 red annual Stars, that represents theft, robbery and injury is located the Northeast sector of the house. This represents the youngest son of the family it’s likely to have his thing stolen or met with injury especially if he is residing in this sector of the house.

The academic star 4 is being confined in the center sector of the annual flying star chart. This represents that the person in the household with Gua 4 would have head winds when it comes to academy pursuits. (You can simply Google for gua 4 information and calculators).

Moving on we are going to the auspicious sector of the house, something with star one that resides in Southwest sector. You Southwest a third represents the mummy of the house, mommy or the house would likely to have challenges that eventually leads to career advancement. As well as self-improvement and personal growth.

The 6 white annual stars recites in the west sector of the house, although this leads you to greater career impacts, it also leads to more arguments and fighting in the household. This is especially so if the residence of the household has the zodiac after rooster, at the rooster also clashes with the Grand Duke.

The 8 white annual Stars recess in the south sector of the house, this is great for financials, investment and wealth growth. however please note that for the South sector to be auspicious, it shouldn’t have water placement oh hi guys building blocking the frontal view of the unit or the house.

In the north sector of the house, will be the 9 purple annual star of the year. This is great for profit taking income growth and entrepreneurship. In order to capitalize the benefit, the property should have water placement all high-rise building acting as the mountain to support the house how to reflect the Qi from the southern sector into the house.

Given the ‘pattern’ the annual stars for 2023, there would be 4 Xuan Kong Flying Stars charts during period 8 that will suffer the FuYin (伏吟) effect, namely:


What this means is that the 4 inauspicious annual stars will invoke the mountain or water stars in these 4 period 8 chart. When couple with external landform triggers, there is a likelihood to activate issues such as accident, harms, argument, weaken health and loss of wealth.

Given the magnitude of the FuYin (伏吟) effects, FengShui placement and cure won’t help as much. What is important is keeping the Qi (氣) flow smooth, internal room well ventilated, where there is broken furniture or fittings, get a good date and have it fixed. And most importantly be mindful of external landform triggers (road works, demolition, construction).

4 Factor of Feng Shui

Feng Shui in general is a 4-Factor method to harnesses environmental energy, to enhance life.

The external environment, i.e. the natural contour of the land, the flow of water. And how these water is being captured by the property. Human has a natural reception to these energy flow. The use of FengShui is enable us to connect with the environment. When environment act against us, we may feel misaligned, unhappy, gloomy and pessimistic.

After the external environment would be the alignment of the building, apartment and unit. When the unit is aligned, it is poise to receive natural vibration/ energy. And this enable us to get the most of of the external energy to support out goal and purpose.

Internally within the unit, people need to be aligned in specific sector in the unit so as to best receive the natural vibration and achieve our goals and purposes.

Time is aim at capturing the high and low of the vibration strength and flow of energy, Capturing the best timing to harmonize these energy to achieve our long and short term goals.

8 Path of Destruction & 8 Killing Sector

八路黄泉 (The 8 Path of Destruction)
–> 以门口为准 (Use Door as reference point)
忌 (来/ 去路,来/ 去水)


八煞 (The 8 Killing Sector)
–> 以坐山为准 (Use Sitting as reference point)
忌 (門,路,水,井,孤木,屋角,石塊)






Needle, Needle here and there.

Swivelling Needle (搪針) – Is when Needle is vibrate or sways to one side, and could not stop moving. This indicates strong magnetic influences. Usually related to Calamity and Vices. However, one should not jump into conclusion, instead check if the area is affected by electromagnetic rods or lightning arrestors.

Floating Needle (兌針) – When Needle tip floats upwards. It is said that benevolent Yin spirit is present, possibly of one’s ancestors, it could mean a holy spirit or good deity is residing in the house. Make sure the leveling bubble is checked before coming to conclusions.

Sinking Needle (沉針) – This occurs when Needle tip sinks downwards. Signifies that an Angry, Upset or Malevolent spirit is residing or present, possibly a dead soul died of injustice or unnatural death. Make sure the leveling bubble is checked before coming to conclusions. The Eastern Practitioner are more sensitive to this aspect and more often than not, a divination would have been cast before surveying to avoid such a location.

Rotating Needle (轉針) – Needle is rotating nonstop. Malevolent spirit with anger and hatred hovering above, non-stop. Residents risked injury or harm. Practitioners could chant a sutra or prayer in the heart/ mind for personal protection. This is also the reason why Eastern Practitioner sought alignment with their Deity for personal protection as well as casting a divination before an audit.

Pitching Needle (投針) – The Needle usually will nod up and down then come to a halt. But if Needle is pitching up and down nonstop (in a see-saw motion), in the past this indicates the ground below have buried graves and residents may face a series of mishaps.

Opposite Needle (逆針) – Needle cannot come to the centreline or slanted. Usually dragged down by wealth issues.

Side Needle (側針) – Needle has rested but could not stay long. Direct Qi is too strong and possibly suitable for temple sites, not peaceful for residents or graves.

Steady Needle (正針) – Needle is steady and set correctly. Means, the ground is normal.






(三)截龙原则 ——以路为向,气乘风即散,界水则止。而城市中,大路为水,目前我国的农村也在城市化建设。所以气遇到大路便产生界水则止的趋向。但大路只能阻气、隔气,截气,而不能界住龙气。尚若无龙脉,也无水的条件下,就要以路为向了。


(四)虚龙原则——以明堂为向,虚者,原指无遮挡的开阔地,如花园广场、停车场、明堂等。所以如无龙脉、界水及横路立向、定向时,则以明堂为向。 虚龙的口诀是:“以虚空为向”,相对的另一方为坐。如果宅外有两个花园,则以较大者为向;如果两个花园大小相同,则以近者为向。花园之大小,是以在室内能看得见为衡量标准。


排龙诀 (中州派玄空)


顺行: 子、丑、寅、卯、辰、巳、午、未、申、酉、戌、亥
逆行: 甲、乙、丙、丁、庚、辛、壬、癸、乾、坤、艮、巽

1 破军、2 右弼、3 廉贞、4 破军、5 武曲、6 贪狼、
7 破军、8 左辅、9 文曲、10 破军、11 巨门、12 禄存

坐山定阴阳, 从向首 (顺逆) 排列:
破右廉 (795),破武贪 (761),破左文 (784),破巨禄 (723)

例如, 子山 (龙) 向午, 就在午向顺排 “破右廉,破武贪,破左文,破巨禄”