4 Pillars (四柱命理), Date Selection (擇日), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

The Metaphysician view regarding Abortion and Miscarriage

In the course of learning and reading BaZi, most of the practitioner would come across this topic of pregnancy, abortion and miscarriage. The Querent would also be keen to know what Bazi combinations will indicate a higher tendency for abortion or miscarriage during a consultation.

In a positive light, the Querent want to know what is the probability of them having a miscarriage so that they can be better prepared and avoid such a situation / outcome.

This is a valid concern for them as miscarriage can be a very painful and traumatic experience. Depending on which side of the coin you flip, some would fall back on studies like ‘The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) estimates it is the most common form of pregnancy loss. It is estimated that as many as 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and up to 10% of clinically recognized pregnancies ~ 29 Jan 2021’ to aid the patient move into acceptance and recovery.

From a BaZi perspective, it is rather rare to have a combination which give a 70% sure that abortion or miscarriage would happen. At best, it would be highlighted as a risk point. At this juncture, we need to separate it into Intentional or Accidental.

Regardless, intentional or accidental so long as life is loss, one needs to make an effort as do Deliverance Ritual for the Unborn Child. Needlessly to spell it out, for those who have gone thru’ this traumatic chapter would understand the spiritual entanglement and the negative luck it brings (and the impact to the overall well-being of household members).

Below are some key BaZi/ Feng Shui points based in past experiences.

1. Accidental miscarriage, the chart would likely indicate a risk of accident. Likely caused by Grand Duke, Month General or Day Officer.
2. Intentional abortion, the chart would have a natal punishment frame already in place, and it frequently being activated by the house Feng Shui.
3. A chart that is extremely heated or chilled has the risk of miscarriages.
4. A chart which hour pillar, Eating God or Hurting Officer (伤官食神) is in emptiness void has the risk of miscarriages or low affinity with children (i.e inability to conceive).
5. A chart which has the natal formation of ‘Condor Grabbing Food’ or ‘Hurting Officer Meets Authority’ is also a indicator of the risk of miscarriages or low affinity with children.
6. Hurting Officer or Eating God is in Sick/ Tomb/ Decay phrase.
7. Day Master is exceptionally weak. In rating method of BaZi, represent approx 10% of the entire chart. This usually indicate poorer health and constitution or less constructive lifestyle or nutritional habits.
8. Construction and Renovation (creates noise and irregular vibration) in the house during the various stages of Prenatal Development.
9. Life Gua of the baby and mummy are hit by externalities (i.e. Flying Stars, Poison Arrows, Changes to the Landform).

Lastly for ‘those’ Master involved in Date Selection for C-Section, beside choosing a good date for the baby; also be mindful to check that it doesn’t clashes, harm or pierce the BaZi chart of the Mummy. Because as a Metaphysician, I believe that by virtue of giving a date to the family, the practitioner is giving away his/ her blessing away to help the family and baby. The Karmic entanglement might be worth more than the monies earned from this activity.

Since, the Universe blessed us (The Practitioner / Master / Gurus / Enthusiast) with this piece of Metaphysics Knowledge and Skills, it is only right to return Universe the favour and also our duty to ‘Live in Service’ for those who need help in this aspect (keeping in mind and heart, the 3 Precepts.

“3 Precepts”
When there is no Affinity, I’ll pass.
When it’s against Conscience, I’ll pass.
When it affects others’ Feng Shui, I’ll pass.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Feng Shui Perspective on Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) vs Depression

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons or environment. SAD symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months. It naturally disappear or recover when in spring and summer. That is why fire and wood are important element in a BaZi chart to identify if a Querent has likelihood of occurrence. Because it deal with lack, this is usually easier to ‘cure’ from a Feng Shui or BaZi perspective, by using certain sector or elemental activation.

Depression on the other hand is classified as a mood disorder. It may be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interfere with a person’s everyday activities. It tends to develop into a downward spiral and interfere with person’s daily work, lower productivity or influence relationships and some chronic health conditions. In BaZi perspective, usually the Fire or Wood in the chart is subdued and the ratio of Earth to Metal is 4:1. This usually goes unnoticed until it surface. Because this deal with natal Qi or external killing arrows, this is almost impossible to cure. Ideally, should avoid such a property or apartments during initial assessment to risk unintentional activation later on.

If the household or property SE or SW sector is plague with bad forms / sickness stars / flying star combination of 2,7 in NW palace / W facing in Period 8. Over prolonged period of time, such challenges could gradually develop.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

24 Heavenly Stars of San Yuan Reference Table









Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Shifting Stars Replacing Palace Method (移星换斗)

In the course of practice, especially with Flying Stars Chart (XKFS) or QiMen Feng Shui (QMDJ), at some point we would come across a widely known method call: Shifting Stars Replacing Palace Method (移星换斗); in layman terms call a ‘PutologyMethod of Feng Shui. The concept is no different from Shifting Lines Changing Gua (抽爻换象) in Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦) ; summarized as follows, for convenience.

(1) The Method of Shifting Palaces: It is the use of imagery represented by the symbols of Heaven, Earth, People and Gods in the Flying Star Chart to set-up the Feng Shui objects in the corresponding palaces. Resulting in the change in the pattern of the original palaces in order to improve the vibrant energy.

(2) Extraction Method: It is the removal of some items (i.e. removing garbage) of the corresponding Feng Shui elements without changing the house position or the Flying Star Chart, so as to reduce or eliminate the unfavorable factors in the Flying Star Chart.

(3) Addition and Refilling method: It is the adding of Feng Shui Items that corresponding to the elements, without changing the position of the house or the Flying Star Chart; aim to increase the energy level and achieve the effect of enhancing the vibrant energy.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Mountain Punishments

  • Ren, Yi punishes Monkey
  • Ding Rooster punishes Tiger
  • Ox punishes Dragon
  • Geng punishes Horse
  • Rat punishes Snake
  • Kun Pig punishes Yi Wood
  • Snake, Horse punishes Rooster
  • Jia punishes Bing Fire
  • Dog punishes Ox
  • Gen Rabbit punishes Ding
  • Qian punishes Rabbit
  • Bing punishes Xin Metal
  • Tiger and Dragon punishes Goat
  • Monkey, Goat punishes Gui Water

When the mountains punishes, that particular sector or gua invoke a negative connotation on the people residing in that property.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Compass School of Feng Shui

Compass School of Feng Shui is concerned with how the building or apartment is engaging with the environment from the perspective of Gua Qi (卦氣). With this, there are some Master advocating the 3 realms (三才): Heaven Qi is to face (向), Earth Qi is to ride (乘) and Human Qi is to take in (納); creating confusion to the learners.

By removing the this 3 realms (三才) analysis, essentially there is only sitting and facing. Therefore, when dealing with sitting the practitioner aims for riding the Qi flow. And, when it comes to facing the practitioner is concern with taking in the Qi.

• To “ride” (坐/乘氣)
• To “face” (向/納氣)

The 8 Mansion Method (八宅明鏡) typically uses sitting to determine Fu Wei, and to calculate the locations of the eight wandering Qi through Yao line changes.

The Flying Stars (玄空飛星) tends to use the facing direction to calculate the location of the flying stars.

While in the theory of Yang House 3 Needs (陽宅三要) would use the front door as its Fu Wei (付位), to calculate the locations of the eight wandering Qi. This method is extremely useful for those property which need to install front and back doors.

Lastly in Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦), it embraces both facing and sitting (which aims at both riding and facing); in the aspect of Sitting, Mountain, Facing and Water (龍山向水) and aims at creating certain combination of formula to match the house with the residents.

“formulas without forms is the equivalent of drinking soup with a fork”

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

A Full Bodied 8 Mansion Feng Shui

In playing with 8 Mansion Feng Shui (八宅風水), a few aspects come into mind of a vivid practitioner or Masters. At some point, the 8 Mansion Feng Shui user ought to ask:

• Facing start Stability Sector (付位)
• Sitting start Stability Sector (付位)
• Door start Stability Sector (付位)
• Life Gua based Stability Sector (付位)

Some practitioners would praise the 24 mountain method of 8 Mansion (二十四山八宅), some keep to the 8 sectors, while some uses the simplier form, of purely 2 sectors: good sector vs bad sectors (吉凶好壞).

Then, at some point in the adventure, the 8 Mansion Feng Shui (八宅風水) user should also ask whether the 8 sectors are constant throughout the entire column of apartment. Because in cities, high rise are common. And, this becomes an issue for 8 Mansion Feng Shui (八宅風水) users to ponder, as the original textbook isn’t catered for high rise building and apartments. If it changes from floor to floor / level to level, how should the 8 Mansion be plotted to give a better accuracy in assessment and a more reflective application.

The 8 Mansion (八宅風水) that is typically talk about in text book and course are static. There is also a dynamic dimension to incorporate into to give the crisp in application. The dynamic dimension is basically the annual (年運) angle of 8 Mansion Feng Shui (八宅風水).

With that, it brings to another question. The derivation of Gua Number or Life Gua (命卦), we are taught to use Start of Spring as the cut off point. What if this system is inherently wrong from the start, actually winter solstice is a better relevant cut off point. Do we use 冬至一阳生 or 三阳开泰 ?

Lastly, most of the 8 Mansion Feng Shui (八宅風水). user would be missing this leg. That is the dimension of angle’in the application against the 12 phrase of growth cycle (十二長生圖) and NaYin (納音). 12 phrase of growth cycle (十二長生圖) is primary importance while NaYin (納音) is of secondary importance.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Sound Killing Energies (サウンドキリングエネルギー) : 声煞

Everyone wants a peaceful and comfortable home living. But if all kinds of noises become prolong, it will easily make people restless and uncomfortable. Thus, affect the physical well being and mental health state. From the perspective of Feng Shui (风水), these noises are deem as Sound Killing Energies (声煞).

There are namely 7 Forms of Killings Energies.: Form / Appearance Killing (形煞)、Qi Killing (气煞)、Sound Killing (声煞)、Light Killing (光煞)、Wind Killing (风煞)、Timeliness Killing (理煞)、Magnetic Killing (磁煞).

The killing energies can be category as Internal vs External (内煞,外煞).

The external killing energies (外煞) are noise from the external environment which the resident cannot do much about it. Such as the sound of a shopping mall, community centers, busy streets, cross junction, eateries, or strong outdoor music and excessive noise, school broadcasts, factory machine operation roars, blasting noises, ground impact noises, decoration vibrations, elevator movements, handling and unloading noises, striking and percussive noises, roadworks and construction sites/ buildings.

These are ground level type of sound killing energies (声煞), another aspect that are more prevalent for people living in high rise apartment (i.e. Singapore) which are situated near airport and air bases. That is the sound emitted by the jet engines during take off and landing; or when the apartment is along the flight path of the aircraft (if the apartment is facing the flight path, that could be deem as a form of poison arrow directed at the household, I’m still in the midst of gathering more observation). These vibration are exceptionally strong and enduring to the extend that windows, door and walls could vibrate; making residents in the household feeling restless and uncomfortable. Especially so when an aircraft make a low altitude sharp turn.

The inner killing energies (内煞) are sound that disturbs life, which are caused by the structure or equipment in the house. For example, wooden wardrobes or floors due to improper board handling and poor construction, dripping sound of leaking water pipes, the ticking sound of clocks when moving, fan or air conditional, chimes ting-a-ling. All these disturb the peace and sleep of the resident in the household. As these are within the household, it could seemingly be easier to manage it more effectively.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

8 Mansion: Start of Spring vs Winter Solstice (8マンション風水:春の始まりvs冬至) – 立春或冬至换年柱

In the Zhuan Xu Era (approx. 4,600 years ago), the Chinese had lived a settled agricultural life. Therefore, after the Beginning of Spring (立春), it is deem that Yang Qi (陽氣) floated on the ground, everything recovered, and people began to plough, sow and work in Spring; and harvest in Autumn. During the Winter Cold, all things withered, people recuperated. This cycle goes on (repeating again) into another Beginning of Spring. The earth shows the Cyclic Law of Resuscitation, all things and activity starts from the “Floating Ground” of LiChun (立春) Yang Qi (陽氣). Therefore, Zhuan Xu based on the comprehensive factors of the universe, the environment and climate of China, the natural law of the growth of all things, and people’s production, practice and living habits. So, it deem very scientific and practical to start the year with the beginning of spring.

The author believes that “HeTu” – 河圖 reflects the universal law of cosmic relationship, while “LuoShu” – 洛書 reflects the special law of cosmic movement (The author has a monograph in “He Luo” Overview). As far as the Universe is concerned, Yang Qi (陽氣) is born in the Winter Solstice (冬至), and Yin Qi (陰氣) is born in the Summer Solstice (夏至).


Since, the above article / discussion make sense in both aspect (Especially, the one that uses Winter Solstice). Then, shouldn’t we (also) reflect or ask ourselves…

Especially for 8 Mansion (八宅) Practitioners, have we been applying the wrong concept of plotting Life Gua (命卦) using Start of Spring (立春); or perhaps Winter Solstice (冬至) is a better representation of one Life Gua (命卦) number change. Since, Life Gua (命卦) is about playing with Gua (卦), shouldn’t this body of Feng Shui (風水) align closely with 12 Phrase Gua (十二消息卦) or iChing (已經).

We can (maybe) reaffirm ourselves by not challenging status quo. Just accepted what the Teachers and Masters taught us. There is a common wisdom or saying “人法地,地法天,天法道,道法自然”; keeping status quo is also a “自然”.

Nonetheless, I recognize that there is many ways to play with 8 Mansion (八宅).

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Wealth Sector in 2021 (2021年の富のセクター) 流年禄财位

• Jia (甲) 禄在寅
• Yi (乙) 禄在卯
• Bing (丙戊) 在巳
• Ding (丁己) 在午
• Geng (庚) 禄在申
• Xin (辛) 禄在酉
• Ren (壬) 禄在亥
• Gui (癸) 禄在子

Annual Wealth Sector (禄财位) sometimes refer to as 流年財神方. This tradditional way of calculation primarily focus on the Heavenly Stem (天干) of TaiSui (太岁) and plot the 12 Cycle or 12 Growth Phrases (十二長生).

After using the the Heavenly Stem (天干) of TaiSui (太岁) to determine the annual wealth sector. Practitioner can compliment it with the Flying Stars (飛星) for 2021. Star 8 resides at West (西,兑宫), further enhances the energy for this Sector/ Palace.

Use this area of the property/ apartment more frequently. Set goals and intention or place enhancers (i.e Water, Crystal, Chimes, Music, Fan, Lighting, Diffuser).

Date Selection (擇日), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

All About Flying Stars (フライングスターのすべて) – 飛星:年,月,日,时)

Year (逆推入中, 顺飞)上元中元下元
Month (逆推入中, 顺飞)FebruaryAprilJuneAugustOctoberDecember
子午卯酉 (年)864297
辰戌丑未 (年)531864
寅申巳亥 (年)297531
阳顺 / 阴逆 (入中宫,顺飞)
阳顺 / 阴逆 (入中宫,顺飞)
Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

The Six Consideration of Feng Shui (風水の6つの考察) – 风水学之: 内外六事

Traditionally, the assessment of Feng Shui (風水) can be divided into internal and external. Classified into 6 major consideration (i.e. Main Door, Living Room, Bed, Stairway, Stove, Roads etc)

Internal (内):
Main Door (大门), as the first item on the list. Hence, the main emphasis of any Feng Shui set up / formation. This is where Qi (氣) Flows enters the house. The focus of assessment centers around whether the Main Door Qi resides at an auspicious sector, whether the Door Qi produces or counters the Living Room or Siting / Mountain. And, whether the storey/ floor Qi as well as Luck Cycle produces the Main Door Qi.

Living Room (厅), the second item on the list. This is the area where Qi Flows slows down and accumulate. Whether the Living Room Qi is being produce by the Door is an important theme. Example of Living Room requirements are, the need to be spacious, higher ceiling, bright, clean and tidy.

Stairway (天阶), may not be applicable to high rise apartments. Nonetheless, this is where Qi moves around the house to the next level (internal to the house). The energy, Qi (氣) or Gua (卦) designated to build a stairway needs to be auspicious. In Flying Stars (飛星) per se, Stars 2, 3, 5, 7 should be avoided for stairway.

Bed (床), rest and rejuvenation is important to start the day afresh. Energy is required in order to pursue life’s goal. Hence, needlessly to mention the bed needs to be in a positive Gua or sector of the house. One common yet useful method of assessment is the use of Auspicious Life Gua (命卦) for Bed.

Stove (灶), in the past and big families still do most of the cooking at home. So, this typically is one factor Practitioner need to assess on. The commonly spoken water and fire clash where stove is too near the basin also ties in with food science and risk management theory.

Stone Mill (磨)→ change to study / work desk. In the past, Stone Mill is use for grinding soy, rice and other food. It act as a resource sector in the house. Now, in modern time, the relevant resource is probably seen as knowledge, skills and work related. Therefore, study / work desk need to be in auspicious sector of the house or at least align with current period.

External (外):
Roads (路), this is the main consideration for killing energy or poison arrows. Whether there is any incoming external energy clashing directly to our Living Room, Main Door or Windows. The moment you have it visual, there’s usually an impact.

Wells (井)→ change to reservoir, lakes, ponds, canals. In the past, the focused is on wells and water points in the village. In today’s world, the assessment now expands to a wider spectrum of item. The assessment of water goes back to direct and indirect spirit (零正催照).

Washroom (厕), in the past washroom are outside the house, so there a consideration whether it needs to be on the dragon side (龍), tiger side (虎) or hind side (玄武). But, washroom nowadays are internal to the house / apartment. Washroom ideally should be at the water exit point of the house or at a neutral/negative stars. Washroom also should not be opposite or behind the bed, stove or altar.

Temples / Churches (庙), this consideration holds 2 aspect. First, the shape of the building is considered a poison arrow. Second, place of worship could represent a storage of energy, wishes, prayers and consciousness, there is a concern of what if these energy are more negative than positive. Some of these places of worship also has an inbuild columbarium. Then, it affect the mental states and mood of the resident staying close by.

Bridge (桥), relates to same theory as roads. As a form of killing energy. Or blockage of Qi Flow around the exterior of the house / apartments. In modern times. The bridge also includes highways, which symbolises a cutlass slicing across the house / apartment.

Barn (牲畜栏) → change to Pet’s House/ Cottage. In the past, people rear farm animals and livestock such as chicken, pigs, cows and goats. All this give off pungent odor or attracting pest and rodents, affecting the quality of the living spaces. In modern days, as there is an increasingly number of pet owners. As people sees pets as members of the household, we need to house them in a auspicious sector so that it promote their good health and well-being. And, their movement in and out of the Pet’s House also activate the position energy flow.

Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)








Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Nuevo, Xuan Kong Ai Xing + Xuan Kong Liu Fa (大玄空挨星 + 玄空六法)

Did you know that if you put DXKAX (大玄空挨星) together with XKLFAX (玄空六法挨星), you would end up with some wonderful formulas.

For example, KRY (坤,壬,乙) not only is the permutations of 8 and 2 being repeated, it fits nicely to upper and lower cycle (上元,下元) as well as it also a heaven, earth and man combination (天卦,地卦,人卦). Like wise for JGS (甲,癸,申) and YGD (寅,庚,丁).

And why KRY (坤,壬,乙) is much sort after in period 8 or lower cycle, is also partly because the Flying Stars (挨星) in this set up, points to Triple-Eight (8, 8, 8) in a XKLF (玄空六法) set up. That is partially why KRY (坤,壬,乙) 巨门从头出 talks about 巨门 – Star 2 but is extremely beneficial in period 8.

While the more forceful set up for either upper cycle or lower cycle (上元,下元) are ZMW (子,卯,未), GBX (艮,丙,辛), WYC (午,酉,丑).

The more elusive set up such as XQS (戌,乾,巳), onset it would look like there is no combination of 10 in the 2 numbers, neither is there any Early and Later Heaven links. A closer look, you will notice a 1, 4, 7 (父母三盘卦) linkage.

Year 2021 belongs to the Lower Cycle (下元). Therefore, when using GBX (艮,丙,辛), WYC (午,酉,丑); these sectors need to see mountain, hills, building or receive Qi (氣). And, when using JGS (甲,癸,申) or ZMW (子,卯,未); these sectors need to have a visual on water.

壬 8,2,地
子 1,3,天
癸 3,1,人
丑 9,9,地
艮 7,7,天
寅 4,8,人
甲 3,1,地
卯 1,3,天
乙 8,2,人
辰 8,6,地
巽 3,6,天
巳 1,4,人
丙 7,7,地
午 9,9,天
丁 4,8,人
未 1,3,地
坤 8,2,天
申 3,1,人
庚 4,8,地
酉 9,9,天
辛 7,7,人
戌 7,4,地
乾 4,4,天
亥 9,6,人

As the area of the the house / apartment getting smaller, this method of flying the stars around is a more efficient way of looking at Flying Stars (挨星).

Hopefully, one day commercial LuoPan (罗盘) – physical or as an Mobile App, can incorporate this 2 ring altogether.

For those who cannot commit this formula to memory, hopefully this quick guide is of help.