4 Pillars (四柱命理), Date Selection (擇日), QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

12 Deity of Tai Sui


Grand Duke – 太岁:Is a neutral deity (but is) the strongest in strength. Energy puts you in the spotlight, everyone is paying attention to you, hence you have to make decisions, step out of your comfort zone, face challenges and changes. This energy needs one to take a leadership role. Key word is to Lead and Serve. 

The Sun – 太阳(青龙):The Sun is alike a Nobleman Star (but) this deity is also about compassion and genuinely cares for people around them. As the name implies, this is being the Sun and that Ray of lights for other peopleś life. Happiness comes from other people’s success, helping others to be successful (i.e being a nobleman to others). And in doing so, fortune, prosperity and blessing comes in; this is because of the network, connection and opportunities open up when you help others. The key word for Green Dragon is being a Guiding Light for others.

Funeral Door – 丧门:Denotes funeral matters, filial piety matters in the households, heartaches, sadness, health issues and downward spiral. 

The Moon 太阴(六合):The Six Harmony or known as The Moon in the 12-General. This is an entrepreneur star – The Mastermind of Money; and the ability to create solutions to problems (seeing the gap in the market) which means having the vibration to start an alternative stream of income and in doing this help comes along the way. Traditionally, also because it is Yin Energy, denotes help and cooperations comes from females or from a more feminine nature. The key idea behind Six Harmony is being Creative and thinking out of the Box.

Five Ghost – 五鬼(官符):Backstabbing, gossips, nay-sayers, fines and legal implications. A lot of energy will be consumed and wasted to resolve these issues. As energy is wasted, this leads to misplaced cash, loss of items or prone to theft. 

Small Consume – 小耗(死符):Tradditionally, this star relates to spending money, issues coming up causing one to be feeling vexed. But, on the positive side, one can be spending money to acquire assets, spending money to fix up health issues, spending money to acquire skills and education. This deity / star become malicious when its energy is stack with Funeral Door (丧门).

Clashing Grand Duke / Major Consume – 岁破(大耗):This star / deity is all about changing us. This energy and vibration is about invoking major changes in oneś life. This star/ deity affects personal life, personal growth, career, wealth, health, relocation, and relationship. Difficulty, pain and gossip arises when one goes against these changes. So, we need to facilitate and accept changes. Be facilitator of change rather than the subject of change. All major changes cost tremendous amounts of energy and money, that is why this star is deemed as Major Consume.

Dragon Virtues – 龙德(朱雀):This deity / stars represent the ability to solve problems, overcome obstacles and rise above all. And, the opportunity to work with high ranking officials in the organization. As well as the ability to access resources to pursue goals and get things done. The good stars are only as good as the goals in life. Becoming a mentor or coach for others (i.e. becoming a noble man himself) is key to open up opportunities with this deity / stars. Hence, don’t shy away from other people’s problems. Rising up to Challenges is the key word. 

White Tiger – 白虎:Endows one with excessive energy, thus easily to get bad temperament and physical injury. Also, risk taking, abusive languages, gossip and surgery. The key to using this star is to rechannel these excess energy to new skills, workout and vacation (experiencing life).

Fortune Virtue – 福德:This deity / stars focus on longevity, respects, relationship, health, kindness and officialdom (rise in ranks – 官贵). When endowed by these stars, one should not start gossip (backstabbing) towards others. Without negative talks and attacks; one will start attracting positive people to come in. Starting legal proceedings is also a last resort as it leads to a win-lose situation. Delayed reaction (emotions) and seeking win win are key ingredients.

Funeral Guest / Heavenly Dog – 天狗(吊客):This deity / stars centers focus on mourning, sadness and self pity. Energy is a downward spiral in nature. It triggers scaring, injuries and negative self-talk. When this deity / star appears one will start talking about past scars, trauma and using it as a trophy; as one keeps doing that, it keeps one mentally locked and unable to move away from this downward spiral. Funeral Guest also denotes, the funeral or mourning is other peopleś problem. These are other people that you empathize with but remember to draw boundaries to protect yourself. Key word is in moving forward.

Sickness Charm – 病符:This energy is about Sickness / illness; needs one to recuperate and rejuvenate. These illnesses would likely be internal to the body or in the mind. Depending on where this star appears in the 4-Pillars, it could denote illnesses in parents (year), family (month), self (day) or children (hour).  The negative effects of Sickness Charm is amplified when coupled with Small Consume (小耗) or Funeral Door (丧门).

Date Selection (擇日)

From Forgiveness to Happiness

1. Embrace the darker times. Stop revisiting the event in the mind.
2. Switch from blaming others to understand ourselves.
3. Don’t go to sleep angry.
4. Stop looking for reasons to be offended.
5. Avoid the need to tell people what to do.
6. Be responsible for own happiness.
7. Be kind, instead of the need to be right.
8. Practice giving, instead of taking.

Beside seeking Forgiveness, we can use the Heavenly Pardon Day to grant forgiveness to those who hurt us. Below is list of Heaven Pardon Day (天赦日) for 2023.



1 月 6 日 ~ 甲子
3 月 21 日 ~ 戊寅
6 月 5 日 ~ 甲午
8 月 18 日 ~ 戊申
10 月 17 日 ~ 戊申
1 月 1 日 ~ 甲子 (2024)

Date Selection (擇日)

Western Astrology to Huang Dao Belt

摩羯宫约12月22日 13:30~
01月21日 00:10
宝瓶宫约01月21日 00:10~
02月19日 14:18
双鱼宫约02月19日 14:18~
03月20日 13:14
白羊宫约03月21日 07:21~
04月20日 18:17
金牛宫约04月20日 18:17~
05月21日 17:21
双子宫约05月21日 17:21~
06月22日 01:16
巨蟹宫约06月22日 01:16~
07月23日 12:12
狮子宫约07月23日 12:12~
08月23日 19:21
室女宫约08月23日 19:21~
09月23日 17:05
天秤宫约09月23日 17:05~
10月23日 02:30
天蝎宫约10月23日 02:30~
11月23日 00:08
人马宫约11月23日 00:08~
12月22日 13:30
Date Selection (擇日), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Secret is in Moon Formula (And not in Sun Formula)

Timing is a critical aspect in Feng Shui, as it brings the necessary Qi flow to overcome certain ills predominantly present in the residence or alignment of positive energy to bring about goals and outcomes in our lives.

When the earth rotates around the sun every year, 12 months and 24 seasons are marked out; and when the moon rotates around the earth, similarily 24 position are marked out. The ancients based on the concept that earth is static, they derive a system of 24 possible location for the sun and moon. Hence, giving rise to ” The Great Sun and Moon Formula”.

In later development, comes the 3 combination (三合) and 6 combination (六合) based on Earth Branches are add in to ‘enhance’ the usage of this formula. And it is believe that when the Sun or Moon arrives at the sitting location of the property, renovation could be done at afflicted sector. Affliction such as Grand Duke, 5 Yellow Stars, 3 Killing, Wu Ji Earth Sha (戊己都天煞) can be harmonised. And in the 3 combination (三合) approach, it is believe the other 4 sectors that are associate to the facing and sitting (2 each) could also be use (https://www.fengshuied.com/sun-arrives-at-the-mountain).

As we move into the season of Minor Cold (6 Jan till 20 Jan, and if the property is sitting or facing N3 (癸), we can use this season to enhance the house energy (3 & 6 Combination are disregarded). Activities such as smudging, space cleansing and activation of monthly stars to bring goals / intention into fruition can be considered.

In the case of renovation, earth breaking or wall hacking and it is in an afflicted sector, receiving the sun energy on sitting or facing does not automatically harmonize or cancel out the affliction; other Date Selection methodology are still necessary.

Up to this point, you will realize Practitioners and Masters brag about The Great Sun Formula and downplay the Moon Formula, and if you are using Sun Formula and has some awareness of Western Astrology you would realize a conflicting issue in terms of the Sun actual position is in the Ecliptic Map. As well as questioning the Great Sun results.

In Western Astrology, the twelve constellations of the zodiac lie along the plane of the Ecliptic Map. The Ecliptic Map is defined by the circular path of the Sun across the sky as seen from Earth. (And the Sun Formula seemingly is moving anticlockwise).

It is because of this predictable cycle that the journey of the Sun through the zodiac was used by ancient cultures to determine the time of year. In this way, the so-called cardinal constellations of the zodiac (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) mark the beginning of the four seasons. The Sun enters these constellations on the first days of spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively.

The Moon Formula holds the secret in application (Not the Sun). It is innately aligned with the 24 Season and Western Astrology. As the sun passed through each Constellation that particular period is designated for that Constellation (i.e. Gemini in May/ Jun). Hence, it might be the Real Sun-Position is within the Moon Formula.

In layman terms, we can make use of Western Astrology Constellation or the Moon Formula to do Feng Shui activation or harmonize afflictions. For example, now is the period of Minor Cold (小寒), the property with N3/NE1 (癸/丑) Sitting or S3/SW1 (丁/未) Facing can make use of this season to do Activation or Harmonisation.

The Moon Formula is widely available on the internet. Go search it up, apply and feel the results.

For those who gravitate towards research or academically gifted, it would be beneficial to point out to you that (whether) it is The Great Sun or Gentle Moon; this ring is intentionally aligned with the San He (三合) compass’s Man and Heaven Plate/ Ring.

P.S: Only Sitting and Facing of the property are considered, the 3 Combo (三合) and 6 Combo (六合) add-ons are disregarded.

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Date Selection (擇日)

The 10 Spiritual Days

The 10 Spiritual Days, as the name suggest these days’ energy are more atune with Nature, Wicca, Metaphysics, Intuition, Spiritual and Prayers.

From a BaZi (八字) perspective, people who are born on these day or hour then to be intelligent, portray good temperaments, poetic, fashionable, good looks and empathy.

Masters in the past, when recruiting apprentices to learn the FiveArts seek apprentices born on one of these 10 Spiritual Day. As people who are born on this day are smart, intuitive, good in observation and comprehension. And importantly they have empathy for others and the world.

日干: 甲 乙 丙 丁 戊 庚 庚 辛 壬 癸
日支: 辰 亥 辰 酉 午 寅 戌 亥 寅 未

• Wood Dragon
• Wood Pig
• Fire Dragon
• Fire Rooster
• Earth Horse
• Metal Tiger
• Metal Dog
• Metal Pig
• Water Tiger
• Water Goat


Date Selection (擇日), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Key Ideas for Annual Feng Shui – 2022

Annual Flying Stars for 2022 is a FuYin (伏吟) set-up, need to watch sectors such as SW and West, risk of legal / gossips matters, theft / missing items, female ailments, sickness – respiratiory and intestinal due to Monkey – and Goat – . This sector should remain still instead of activating it.

Monkey – is standing in the opposite direction of Tiger – , which means going against the flow of Grand Duke (太岁); when this sector is activated the household or workplace could expect challenges, obstacles to overcome and changes to happen/ adjust.

At the same time, the 5-Tiger Killing lands at SW and West ( and ), this adds woes to the already mentioned SW sector. 力士 and 蚕室 which are 2 disturbing stars of Grand Duke sits at SE and NW. Avoid starting ground breaking on these sectors for 2022.

Tiger + Horse + Dog annual combination (寅午戌会火局,三煞在北) means the 3-Killing energy is directed towards North. Hence, Star 1 in Flying Star Chart at North Sector is a little handicapped and cannot deliver at full capacity. This is (also) the common analysis most Practitioners and Masters will give to clients. But, if you understand the nature of 3-Killing, you could still use facing to ‘receive’ Star 1’s energy.

From a “Robbery Mountain” perspective, if the property / apartment is sitting at or sector + an adjacent building or mountain at sector it could represent detrimental signs of fail investment and wealth lost.

East Sector (卯), Southeast (巳), South (丙), Northwest (亥) is favourable to make use and activate in 2022. In 12 Deities of Tai Sui (流年⼗⼆神煞), these are the Green Dragon, 6-Harmony, Fortune Virtue areas.

Coincidentally, the East Sector (卯), Southeast (巳), are Nobleman Stars (贵人歌: 壬癸蛇兔藏) for 2022, for people with academic pursuit or learning a new skills (文昌歌: 壬逢虎) sitting at Northwest (寅) would get good support from the Grand Duke, and the annual wealth sectors (岁君壬禄在亥) sits at Northwest (亥).

Date Selection (擇日)

Heavenly Pardon Day – 2022


Heavenly Pardon Day is about 4 special Yang (陽) days in each season. It is believe that in these dates has prosperous energy (氣) giving birth to all things and forgiving sins. It is an auspicious day for the Emperor of Heaven to forgive the sins of sentient beings.

• Spring Season uses Earth Tiger, Spring (Wood Energy) prosperous at Tiger Branch.
• Summer Season uses Wood Horse, Summer (Fire Energy) prosperous at Horse Branch.
• Autumn Season uses Earth Monkey, Autumn (Metal Energy) prosperous at Monkey Branch.
• Winter Season uses Wood Rat, Winter (Water Energy) prosperous at Rat Branch.

Heavenly Pardon Day is unique because of its seasonal prosperous energy properties. Yang Wood – Jia (甲) is deem as the leader of the 5 Yang (陽) stems while Yang Earth – Wu (戊) is the mid point. Thus, this 2 Yang heavenly pillars are used.

Heavenly Pardon Days in 2022 (天赦日):
✓ January 25
✓ March 26
✓ June 10
✓ August 23
✓ October 22
✓ November 7

Date Selection (擇日)

Date Breakers

Energies vibrate at different frequencies, not only does a day contain its own energy signature, months and years have their unique vibrations. When these energies are opposing each another, there is stress and tension. Everyone would feel uneasy and deep down we felt that something is wrong. We call these days as “Breakers”.

Depending on the magnitude and duration of the vibration, the impact of the Breaker would differs. There’s the Year Breaker, Month Breaker, Day Breaker and Hour Breaker. Year Breaker (岁破) being the most impactful while hour (时克) is the least. The idea is to avoid breakers in Date Selection.

We need to be mindful in Date Selection is that the energy affecting the activity lasts for its duration. That means for short-term events such as a one-day renovation would only last for one day and would (likely be shorten) as the effects end the moment the event finishes.

Hence, it is not advisable to commence long-term activities such as getting married or starting a new job on Breaker days. And remember that ONLY the date we commence the activity matters, there might be negative 12 officers days or “Breakers” in between ~ those doesn’t count.

Date Selection (擇日)

Brief points on Date Selection

In Gregorian Calendar, a day could be a Monday, Thursday, Saturday … In the Chinese Calendar perspective, each day could be one of the 12 Day Officers: Establish, Remove, Full, Balance, Stable, Initiate, Destruction, Danger, Success, Receive, Open and Close days.

Suitable activities would relate to what each day is named after. For example, Establish and Initiate Days are great for beginnings and starting something new. While, Remove days are good to remove negativity out of our life.

At times, Receive Days are ideal for activities that involves asking for something (such as a promotion or a pay raise).

Danger days are not at all dangerous. It about turning situation into opportunity. This is one of the better days thanks to its effect.

Likewise, Balance Day is when we can get bridge the gap and achieve a equal footing when we are in a disadvantageous position.

Success Days has a multiplier effect and are the most auspicious and favourable day of them all. The energy present during these days are suitable for most activities that require a positive start and a positive end.

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Date Selection (擇日)

月德 (还有) 月德合

最近有许多人为我如何排出月德还有月德, 因此就决定把思路写下来, 择日或八字都可以用:


Date Selection (擇日)

The 28 Constellation (Date Selection)

Horn 角 (Jiǎo): Benevolent Star to increase wealth and assets.

Neck 亢 (Kàng): Not suitable for marriage, construction, burial, investments and commercial dealings.

Foundation 氏 (Di): Only specific use for presentation, public speaking, property investments or broadcasting.

House 房 (Fáng): Suitable for marriage, traveling, migration, renovation (installing) prayers and blessings.

Heart 心 (Xīn): Only for traveling and harvesting. Not suitable for lawsuit, ground breaking.

Tail 尾 (Wěi): Best suitable for burial, Feng Shui placement activities, marriage, renovation and construction.

Basket 箕 (Jī): Good Star to use for Feng Shui activities, as well as for debt collection and receipt of monies.

Dipper 斗 (Dòu): Star for Literature and Military success.

Ox 牛 (Niú): Not for marriage, contract signing and business activities.

Weaving Maiden 女 (Nǚ): Star of Pursuits for Literature and Academics.

Void 虛 (Xū): Star of Sickness and illness.

Danger 危 (Wēi): Avoid activities that involve high risk or aquatic nature.

Room 室 (Shì): Positive Star for marriage, new business. It represent multiplication of assets, legacy and offspring.

Wall 壁 (Bì): Brings in prosperity and wealth, for business opening and contract signing.

Astride 奎 (Kuí): Star of Plague in areas of legal, obstacles and challenges.

Mound 婁 (Lóu): Favourable Star for personal activities, personal intentions, marriage and business deals.

Stomach 胃 (Wèi): Signifies nobility, wealth and happy events. Suitable for marriage and external matters.

Pleiades 昂 (Mǎo): This is a Fighting Star, not use for importain personal activities, debt collection, legal matters, marriage and house-warming.

Net 畢 (Bì ): Harmony Qi in this Star, is good for construction, land and property acquistion.

Beak 觜 (Zuǐ): Very Negative Star. Avoid using for personal activities and business dealings.

Orion 參 (Cān ): Good to use for pursuit of Fame, Feng Shui, travelling, renovation, construction. But, not for marriage.

Well 井 (Jǐng): For Feng Shui water placement as well as other activation related activities.

Ghost 鬼 (Guǐ): Only for Burial and Deceased related activities.

Willow 柳 (Liǔ): Not usable for important activities, energy on this day is mostly negative.

Star 星 (Xīng): Good for Marriage and Negotiation, commencement of projects and offical opening.

Bow 張 (Zhāng): Day of Positive Vibes for marriage, asset acquisition, new business, personal activities and endeavours.

Wing 翼 (Yì): Not suitable for Feng Shui activities, deceased / burial matters, starting new job and marriage.

Carriage 軫 (Zhěn): Energy of this day is suitable for asset acquisition, marriage and investments.

Date Selection (擇日)

Date Selection: Close Day

The idea behind the 12 Day Officers Method of Date Selection lies in the use of Qi that best matches the activity.

•   Establish 建 (Jiàn)
•   Remove 除 (Chú)
•   Full 滿 (Mǎn)
•   Balance 平 (Pīng)
•   Stable 定 (Dìng)
•   Initiate 執 (Zhǐ)
•   Destruction 破 (Pò)
•   Danger 危 (Wēi)
•   Success 成 (Chéng)
•   Receive 收 (Shōu)
•   Open 開 (Kāi)
•   Close 閉 (Bì)

Close Day (閉) is a phrase where energy is at halt (i.e Qi is unmoving); or at the lowest point. This is similar to the decay phrase in 12 cycle of energy. This phrase is rarely use when it comes to activities (especially, when its a Close Day + FuYin Chart + Clash User’s Year / Day Pillar).

Close Day (閉) (generally) is never use on business establishment, business opening, house warming, baby showers, marriage or undertaking of projects.

Close Day (閉) (however), can be use to end a chapter of life events, such as ending of marriage and relationship, closure of business or resigning from a role/ job.

Date Selection (擇日)

Date Selection: Open Day

The idea behind the 12 Day Officers Method of Date Selection lies in the use of Qi that best matches the activity.

•   Establish 建 (Jiàn)
•   Remove 除 (Chú)
•   Full 滿 (Mǎn)
•   Balance 平 (Pīng)
•   Stable 定 (Dìng)
•   Initiate 執 (Zhǐ)
•   Destruction 破 (Pò)
•   Danger 危 (Wēi)
•   Success 成 (Chéng)
•   Receive 收 (Shōu)
•   Open 開 (Kāi)
•   Close 閉 (Bì)

Open Day (開) is excellent for any activity (i.e. open house, commencement of office, business opening or commencement of work). Typically and traditionally, townsfolks uses Open Day to start work after Chinese New Year.

Open Day (開) is also use for starting a new job, starting a new course, assume a new role, signing of business agreement, marriage proposal, engagement and ceremony.

Open Day (開) are never use for burial and groundbreaking.

Date Selection (擇日)

Date Selection: Receive Day

The idea behind the 12 Day Officers Method of Date Selection lies in the use of Qi that best matches the activity.

•   Establish 建 (Jiàn)
•   Remove 除 (Chú)
•   Full 滿 (Mǎn)
•   Balance 平 (Pīng)
•   Stable 定 (Dìng)
•   Initiate 執 (Zhǐ)
•   Destruction 破 (Pò)
•   Danger 危 (Wēi)
•   Success 成 (Chéng)
•   Receive 收 (Shōu)
•   Open 開 (Kāi)
•   Close 閉 (Bì)

Receive Day (收) is often use to receive or attain something, usually rewards but sometimes – Debt. It is the day to use if we have to ask for something (i.e. Debt) and get expect to get the reward in return.

Receive Day (收) can be use to start school, start job, commence a course, close a deal, ask for a raise, marriage proposal and betrothal gifts (过大礼).

Receive Day (收) must avoid attending funerals, burial or seek medical treatment because when we use this day for these activity, we are asking heaven to give us more of it in return.

Date Selection (擇日)

Date Selection: Success Day

The idea behind the 12 Day Officers Method of Date Selection lies in the use of Qi that best matches the activity.

•   Establish 建 (Jiàn)
•   Remove 除 (Chú)
•   Full 滿 (Mǎn)
•   Balance 平 (Pīng)
•   Stable 定 (Dìng)
•   Initiate 執 (Zhǐ)
•   Destruction 破 (Pò)
•   Danger 危 (Wēi)
•   Success 成 (Chéng)
•   Receive 收 (Shōu)
•   Open 開 (Kāi)
•   Close 閉 (Bì)

Success Day (成) is the most auspicious and positive day of this system. On Success Days, the energies are positive (of course, the practitioner need to take note other date selection aspects such as year clash and month breaker etc).

Success Day (成) are suitable for all activities that require positive starts and positive outcomes. Accordingly, it is good to use a Success Day to get married (as well as marriage proposal), submit a business proposal, seek medical treatment, begin construction of a property, move into a new house and for burial (i.e. to activate the positive Feng Shui aspects for the descendants). FYI, in Burial there are 2 aspects: 凶藏 vs 吉藏).

Success Day (成) however, are not suitable for commencing legal matters (i.e. law suit), payment of fines, money lending or being a creditor or guarantor. Basically, the key is positive energy use for positive activity.

Date Selection (擇日)

Date Selection: Danger Day

The idea behind the 12 Day Officers Method of Date Selection lies in the use of Qi that best matches the activity.

•   Establish 建 (Jiàn)
•   Remove 除 (Chú)
•   Full 滿 (Mǎn)
•   Balance 平 (Pīng)
•   Stable 定 (Dìng)
•   Initiate 執 (Zhǐ)
•   Destruction 破 (Pò)
•   Danger 危 (Wēi)
•   Success 成 (Chéng)
•   Receive 收 (Shōu)
•   Open 開 (Kāi)
•   Close 閉 (Bì)

Danger Day (危) comes from the word crisis. In Mandarin translation would be 危机 (wēi jī). What it actually denotes is the opportunity that comes with crisis. This would primarily explain why Danger Day in Chinese Almanac – Tong Shu (通书) flag this as a red color dates.

Danger Day (危) are typically use for religious worship, activity commencement, program launches, groundbreaking, bed positioning and dismantling objects. But are not being used for high risk sports activities. It is also necessary to avoid being in very high places or at sea during Danger Days. As well as, it is also best to avoid commencing a long-distance journey on a Danger Day. Thus, avoid for marriage or burial.

Date Selection (擇日)

Date Selection: Destruction Day

The idea behind the 12 Day Officers Method of Date Selection lies in the use of Qi that best matches the activity.

•   Establish 建 (Jiàn)
•   Remove 除 (Chú)
•   Full 滿 (Mǎn)
•   Balance 平 (Pīng)
•   Stable 定 (Dìng)
•   Initiate 執 (Zhǐ)
•   Destruction 破 (Pò)
•   Danger 危 (Wēi)
•   Success 成 (Chéng)
•   Receive 收 (Shōu)
•   Open 開 (Kāi)
•   Close 閉 (Bì)

Destruction Day (破) is meant for activities that involve tearing down or destroying something. This is a good day to use for renovation, to demolish a building or physical structures. But, also must take note not to offend Grand Duke, 3-Killing, Wu-Ji Sha (戊己都天煞) as well as White Tiger Sha (白虎入中煞).

Destruction Day (破) could be used for removing something medically (i.e. medical procedure); although Remove Day (除) is much more suited for this activity. And , it is not a good idea to use a Destruction Day for important activities like marriage, engagements and business opening.