4 Pillars (四柱命理)

BaZi Companions

甲不离庚 / Jia Wood need the company of Geng Metal, because wood needs to be trimmed, chopped and fine tune in order for it to be use furniture, artefacts or dried effectively to be use a firewoods.

乙不离丙癸 / Yi Wood need to be accompanied by Bing Fire and Gui Water. Bing Fire represent natural light or Sun, Yi Wood as a flowering plant needs both water and Sun to nurtrient it.

丙不离壬 / Bing Fire which is high and mightly needs to by humbled by water in the ocean. As water evaporates and condensed into clouds it covers the sun bleaming rays. Otherwise, the overwhelming heat will make life on planet impossible to grow.

丁不离甲 / Ding Fire is alike candle or flames in a fireplace, the heat is controlled by the amount of resource it has. Even if want to shines brightly for people in darkness, this line need Jia Wood as resource to burn.

戊不离甲 / Wu Earth is a mountain. In Feng Shui if a mountain is bared, earth and rocks can been seen. This is regarded as a inauspicious mountain landform. So, for mountain (ideally) it needs to have good amount of greens. Not only does it look beautiful and manificent, it also help in forming of midst , dews, rain and good habitat for living creatures. Good amount of trees also help reduce erosion. Nonetheless, wood doesn’t change the shape of the mountain.

己不离丙癸 / Ji Earth is soft soil where crops grown on, with heat from the sun (Bing Fire) and moisture from rain (Gui Water), the nutrients, acidity and humidity of the soil faciliate agriculture and growth.

庚不离丁 / Geng Metal is strong piece of rod, in order for it be shape into something useful, often it has to go into furnace and mould.

辛不离壬 / Xin Metal is a piece of jewelery wore on a lady and it needs output for its shine to be seen. Ren Water can represent the chemical need to clean this jewelery.

壬不离戊 / Ren Water is alike the ocean and the sea. It need to be control in order to take shape and form. It need to be controlled and regulated in a case of a dam otherwise the vast water bring more harm than benefit to human population.

癸不离庚 / Gui Water is seen as river or rainfall. In both cased it need a source to come from. Geng Metal here has the image of seasonal wind, dews, mist and cloud formation. Geng Metal can also be image as a tap for the water in commercial setting.

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

A mild Solution to Mitigating BaZi problem

Keeping the post to the point – a frequent question receive recently (so decided to pen it down the solution for those who have affinity with this article).

Taking an example of Yang Fire (丙) Day-Master and 7-Killing as Yang Water (壬) and in a year where Tai Sui (太岁) induces Yang Water to cause legal, gossips (口舌官非) and challenges to the chart owner.

Solution: Using a 24 mountain feng shui compass, determine the position of Yang Water in the house / apartment. Examine that area and remove those item that directly / indirectly produce Yang Water (i.e. Yin Metal – Jewelry, key chain and coin etc or Water related such as water dispenser, diffusers). And, do this before the Tai Sui (太岁) changes – before Start of Spring (立春).

There is another method that uses personal life Gua number + 3×3 Grid and 6-Kins, slightly more complex than the above discussed.

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

A Simple 2022 Water Tiger Zodiac Analysis

Water Tiger or Ren Yin (壬寅) Tai Sui (太岁)was born in (鄂县) County in the Yuan Dynasty, named He Ben (贺贲), also known as He Yi (贺谔).  He Ben is a talented strategist,  thrive in offensive battle.  He was (later) was in charge of Army of Jingzhao.  When he died, he was posthumously named Duke Yong (雍国公)and given the title of Zhenxian (贞献); and later worship by common folks of that region.

The Chinese 12 Zodiacs animals are just symbolic representation of the seasonal / cyclical changes reference between the Sun and the Earth. As the Sun moves around the Galaxy in the Universe, it is represented by one of the sixty Tai Sui.

In 2022, the Sun position is at Ren Yin (壬寅)it has a direct influence on Monkey or Shen (申), Snake or Si (巳), Pig or Hai (亥).

To the Monkey, it represent a direct clash, a change in environment, moving house, changing job opportunities. It also represent a difference in viewpoint with your superior or seniors.

To the Snake, it represent a harm or affliction, direct towards health, mental wellbeing and interpersonal relationships. As well as doing things or eating (drinking) in excess.

To the Pig, it a broken sign, usually in areas of the mind, self talk and goals. This aspect also can be link to self sabotaging behavior (i.e. thing are running smoothly, suddenly you decide to change course of actions for no good reasons, end up hurting relationship and deviation from the expected outcome).

Which area the clash, harm, affliction and broken depends on the pillars.

The 4 aspect based on the 4 Pillars (BAZI):
年 Year embodies externalities, government, authority, social relationship, superiors, bosses, grandparents, uncle’s, aunties, in-laws and parents.
月 Month encapsulate work environment, colleagues, peers, friends, siblings relationship and a bit of family / household matters (i.e. Living Room / Space)
日 Day focus on primarily family environment, spouse relationship (i.e. behind closed doors). It also includes self as well as personal values.
时 Hours deals with personal aspirations, dreams hopes and fear. Skills & Talents. It also encompasses offsprings and children relationship or matters.

注意 (Alert): The cutover point for TaiSui is always at the Start of Spring (立春), and not Chinese New Year.

Activating the South (Palace 9, Wu position) and Northeast (Palace 8, Chou position) sector would be a good help to induce the lucky stars as well as the Zodiac elemental combination so as to reduces these clash, harm and afflictions. Picking a good date would +points in term of higher energy activation level.

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

5 Element, Love Languages and Spirituality

The 5 Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) not only represent organs and physical body in BaZi. It also represent other intriguing aspects such as emotions, spiritual and love languages.

Wood Element in conventional BaZi relates with liver and sour taste. It also represent aspects of the spirit, repress anger as well as a need for time. In a work environment Wood indicates a need for both intrinsic and extrinsic growth; as well as passive and active growth. Passive is a need (i.e. mentor, coach and teachers inducing the growth on an individual) while Active is becoming a driver for others’ growth (i.e. becoming the mentor, coach and teacher).

Fire centers around heart, blood and bitter taste. It represent aspects of the mind, clarity and gravitate towards religious study. It is also associated with happy feeling and a need for movement or taking actions. In work environment, it trigger the need to establish relationship. In a social setting, fire people are more feeling oriented and passionate.

Earth are related to will power, and much about stomach ailment as well as the need for touch as a form of love language. In an active sense, earth related with determination while on passive sense it usually translate into negativity thinking and calling up of pass emotions (as earth also translate into planning and thinking far ahead). In work environment or as a social setting, need for earth also means a need for security and stability. And, change is a challenge for earth.

Metal walks with the soul and it seen as yearning for gifts as a form of love language. Metal is produce by earth and therefore it triggers worries. In work setting, it is often regarded as a sense of importance or recognition as well as the ability to execute a task, goal or strategy.

Water deals with determination, the human kidney as well as salty taste. In love language it often refer to as word of appreciate. Water can also relates with fear. In a positive sense, fearless and love taking on challenges and risk, while in a passive sense would be fearful. Therefore, in a work environment one with active water enjoy challenges and change while the other is stagnant and resist changes.

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水), QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

Demystify Academic Stars

During the era of the past, BaZi practitioner learn BaZi by way of memorize verse and poems. In the modern time, there is a rely on techonlgy such as Apps and Online Calculator.

In the poem (below), let’s take a closer look and understand the corresponding stems/ branch. And we would realize that the 4 Earth Branch often regarded as tomb or storage (i.e Dragon, Dog, Ox. Goat) are left out.


Yang Wood Corresponding with Snake
Yin Wood Corresponding with Horse
Yang Fire Corresponding with Monkey
Yin Fire Corresponding with Rooster
Yang Earth Corresponding with Monkey
Yin Earth Corresponding with Rooster
Yang Metal Corresponding with Pig
Yin Metal Corresponding with Rat
Yang Water Corresponding with Tiger
Yin Water Corresponding with Rabbit

The Academic Stars are basically the Day Stem’s output branch (i.e. Wood produce Fire) only exception is Earth which goes on to the next element as Metal; there is a FengShui reason and application for it. The Academic Stars comes in both polarity – Yin / Yang branch that is associated with Day Stem.

In the classics, ONLY the day stem is taken as the point of reference. Whereas in modern days there is a NEW-AGE view and the BaZi year, month and hour (or even minutes) stems are regard as reference points. And, it has also been programmed and build into Apps and Online Calculator. There is no right or wrong, it’s therefore up to each practitioner application and analysis.

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Date Selection (擇日)

The 10 Spiritual Days

The 10 Spiritual Days, as the name suggest these days’ energy are more atune with Nature, Wicca, Metaphysics, Intuition, Spiritual and Prayers.

From a BaZi (八字) perspective, people who are born on these day or hour then to be intelligent, portray good temperaments, poetic, fashionable, good looks and empathy.

Masters in the past, when recruiting apprentices to learn the FiveArts seek apprentices born on one of these 10 Spiritual Day. As people who are born on this day are smart, intuitive, good in observation and comprehension. And importantly they have empathy for others and the world.

日干: 甲 乙 丙 丁 戊 庚 庚 辛 壬 癸
日支: 辰 亥 辰 酉 午 寅 戌 亥 寅 未

• Wood Dragon
• Wood Pig
• Fire Dragon
• Fire Rooster
• Earth Horse
• Metal Tiger
• Metal Dog
• Metal Pig
• Water Tiger
• Water Goat


4 Pillars (四柱命理), Metaphysics (易学)


虎戏:木 - 怒、肝、魂,肝在五行属木,其华在爪,在体合筋,与胆相表里,虎戏通过手型(撑掌、虎爪、握拳)的变化和两目的怒视,对肝的功能进行有效的调节,能疏肝理气、舒筋活络。

鹿戏:水 - 恐,肾、志,肾在五行属水,其华在发,在体合骨,与膀胱相表里,鹿戏通过腰部的侧屈拧转和背部后拱等动作使整条脊椎充分旋转,腰肾、命门、督脉能得到充分锻炼,具有益气补肾、壮腰健骨的作用。

熊戏:土 - 思、脾、意,脾在五行属土,其华在唇,在体合肉,与胃相表里,熊戏运用腰腹运转、左右晃动对脾胃进行挤压按摩,能调理脾胃、充实两肢。

猿戏:火 - 喜、心、神,心在五行属火,其华在面,在体合脉,与小肠相表里,猿戏对胸廓挤压、放松,动作变化多样,能养心补脑、疏通血脉。

鸟戏:金 - 忧、肺、魄,肺在五行属金,其华在毛,在体合皮,与大肠相表里,鸟戏两臂的上下运动改变了胸腔容积,增强了血氧交换能力,能补肺宽胸,调畅气机。

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Date Selection (擇日)

月德 (还有) 月德合

最近有许多人为我如何排出月德还有月德, 因此就决定把思路写下来, 择日或八字都可以用:


4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Five Element Reference Table

OrganLiver, GallbladderHeart, Small IntestineKidney Urinary BladderLungs, Large IntestineStomach, Spleen
SeasonSpringSummerWinterAutumnFour Season
FoodSpinach, celeryRed date, Carrot, TomatoPrune, Black SesameRadish, Almond, LilyPumpkin, Soybean
PulseConsistent Strong Deep Floating Slow
NotesSo La Mi ReDo
FluidTearSweatSalivaNasal mucusSaliva
FormsSpirit (魂)Soul (神)Will (志)Psyche (魄)Intent (意)
DiseasesLower Abdomen, ArthrithisHeart, Mental, ThyroidKidney, GynecologicalAsthma, Dysentery, ConstipationGastralgia, Fatigue, Palpitation
TreatmentTCM, HerbalEnergy Healing, AromatherapyDetox, HydrotherapyAcupuncture, ChiropracticMassage, Physiotherapy, Acupressure
4 Pillars (四柱命理)

BaZi Perspective on Human Resources Development

BaZi or any other destiny forecast tool per se, beside analysing the personality and luck cycle of the Querent energy. It can also be use as a guiding tool on the skills set to develop when in comes to human resource.

Before using the 10 Gods or Deities concept in BaZi to dive in the various aspects of skills, Querent need to have a brief understanding on how the ‘Scoring Method’ is derived.

In this exercise, look at the scoring aspect, then apply Yin-Yang to pinpoint Direct or Indirect aspect.
if the scoring is 15% (+/- 5%) look up Friend/ Companion and Rob Wealth
if the scoring of the Day Element is around 20% (+/- 5%) – look up the skills relating to Resource Element (Direct Resource / Indirect Resource)
If the scoring of the Day Element is around 30% (+/- 5%) – look up wealth element (Direct / Indirect Wealth)
If the scoring of the Day Element is around 40% (+/- 5%) – look up the skills relating to Authority Element (Direct Officer / 7 Killing)
If the scoring of the Day Element is above 45% – look up the output (Hurting Officer / Eating God)

Direct Wealth
Management Skills
IT / System / Software Skills
Compensation & Benefits Management
Labour Relationship Skills
Operations and Scheduling Skills
Accountancy / Financial Skills

Indirect Wealth
Project Management Skills
Trading and Capital Markets Skills
Brainstorming and Creativity Techniques

Eating God
Subject Matter Expert Knowledge
Designer Skills
Artistic Skills
Content Creator Skills

Hurting Officer
Public Speaking
Marketing Skills
Reputation and Personal Brand Building Skills
Corporate Brand Management

Direct Officer
Administration Skills
Platform Management
ISO Accreditation

7 Killing
Scrum Champion
New Markets Channeling
Early Movers Trend Spotting Skills

Direct Resource
Research Skills
Specialized / Technical Skills
Mentoring Skills

Indirect Resource
Fund Management
Markets Analytics
Data Mining
Discovery Skills
Artificial Intelligence and Programming

Friend / Companion
Networking and Social Skills
Deal making

Rob Wealth
Public speaking
Motivational Skills
Coaching Skills
Personal Trainer Skills

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Key Indicators of Stable Marriage (For Ladies)

List is a common questions by Querent in a BaZi consult; everyone can self analyze + self help.

1. Day Master must be neutrally strong (elemental strength approx 20% of the entire chart) + has the Direct Officer (DO) or Direct Wealth (DW) or Direct Resource (DR).
2. Direct Officer or 7 Killing star ideally should be the Influence Element (i.e. Noble People or Peach Blossom).
3. Absence of Hurting Officer (HO) star that clashes and counters husband star (DO) in the same pillar. If presence, hopefully this star is weak or subdued.
4. Direct Wealth (DW) star that produces Direct Officer (DO) should have a link-flow or in the same pillar. Traditionally view as ‘wife prospers husband’ signs.
5. If the elementals or stars are presence but weak, Querent can self help by ‘Putology Method’.
6. If the elementals or stars are totally absence,  nothing much could be done. Querent would need to make use of other key aspect as a substitute. For example, Direct Officer absence = to make use of Indirect Wealth element, or if Blossom is absence = to make use of bath phrase Qi.

4 Pillars (四柱命理), Date Selection (擇日), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

The Metaphysician view regarding Abortion and Miscarriage

In the course of learning and reading BaZi, most of the practitioner would come across this topic of pregnancy, abortion and miscarriage. The Querent would also be keen to know what Bazi combinations will indicate a higher tendency for abortion or miscarriage during a consultation.

In a positive light, the Querent want to know what is the probability of them having a miscarriage so that they can be better prepared and avoid such a situation / outcome.

This is a valid concern for them as miscarriage can be a very painful and traumatic experience. Depending on which side of the coin you flip, some would fall back on studies like ‘The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) estimates it is the most common form of pregnancy loss. It is estimated that as many as 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and up to 10% of clinically recognized pregnancies ~ 29 Jan 2021’ to aid the patient move into acceptance and recovery.

From a BaZi perspective, it is rather rare to have a combination which give a 70% sure that abortion or miscarriage would happen. At best, it would be highlighted as a risk point. At this juncture, we need to separate it into Intentional or Accidental.

Regardless, intentional or accidental so long as life is loss, one needs to make an effort as do Deliverance Ritual for the Unborn Child. Needlessly to spell it out, for those who have gone thru’ this traumatic chapter would understand the spiritual entanglement and the negative luck it brings (and the impact to the overall well-being of household members).

Below are some key BaZi/ Feng Shui points based in past experiences.

1. Accidental miscarriage, the chart would likely indicate a risk of accident. Likely caused by Grand Duke, Month General or Day Officer.
2. Intentional abortion, the chart would have a natal punishment frame already in place, and it frequently being activated by the house Feng Shui.
3. A chart that is extremely heated or chilled has the risk of miscarriages.
4. A chart which hour pillar, Eating God or Hurting Officer (伤官食神) is in emptiness void has the risk of miscarriages or low affinity with children (i.e inability to conceive).
5. A chart which has the natal formation of ‘Condor Grabbing Food’ or ‘Hurting Officer Meets Authority’ is also a indicator of the risk of miscarriages or low affinity with children.
6. Hurting Officer or Eating God is in Sick/ Tomb/ Decay phrase.
7. Day Master is exceptionally weak. In rating method of BaZi, represent approx 10% of the entire chart. This usually indicate poorer health and constitution or less constructive lifestyle or nutritional habits.
8. Construction and Renovation (creates noise and irregular vibration) in the house during the various stages of Prenatal Development.
9. Life Gua of the baby and mummy are hit by externalities (i.e. Flying Stars, Poison Arrows, Changes to the Landform).

Lastly for ‘those’ Master involved in Date Selection for C-Section, beside choosing a good date for the baby; also be mindful to check that it doesn’t clashes, harm or pierce the BaZi chart of the Mummy. Because as a Metaphysician, I believe that by virtue of giving a date to the family, the practitioner is giving away his/ her blessing away to help the family and baby. The Karmic entanglement might be worth more than the monies earned from this activity.

Since, the Universe blessed us (The Practitioner / Master / Gurus / Enthusiast) with this piece of Metaphysics Knowledge and Skills, it is only right to return Universe the favour and also our duty to ‘Live in Service’ for those who need help in this aspect (keeping in mind and heart, the 3 Precepts.

“3 Precepts”
When there is no Affinity, I’ll pass.
When it’s against Conscience, I’ll pass.
When it affects others’ Feng Shui, I’ll pass.

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Risk of Separation and Divorce – 4 Pillars Perspective

A typical question received from Querent both Male and Female is regarding the high tendency for disruptive marriage or divorce. Traditionally, the angle of influence in BaZi chart tends to be bias against the lady. This is probably because of the Male-Chauvinist society in China.

1. For female chart, seeing 7 Killing on the Day Pillar. This sign mean that the lady enjoys excitement and the attention of her boyfriend rather than her husband. There is a need to quantify 7 Killing, it traditionally represent promiscuity or 3rd party male figure. However, depending on the strength of this element, when it has a reduced energy, it could represent Direct Officer (i.e. Hubby Element).

2. For female chart, seeing a cocktail of 7 Killing and Direct Officers, this give an image of lady enjoying the attention of multiple male counterparts. Which could lead to promiscuity in a relationship.

3. For female chart, having Hurting Officer (HO) sees (kills) Direct Officer (DO), this is an outright clash and usually develops into litigation.

4. For both male and female chart, having a clash in the spouse palace, this typically denotes departure / death of spouse.

5. For both male and female chart, to see punishment sign or frame in the chart, would brings about suspicious, sickness or poor mental health that could strained the marriage, inevitability.

6. For female chart, when there is excessive Hurting Officer (HO) and Eating God (EG), this 2 element brings about the characteristic of being argumentative, talking down and being right; resulting in higher frequency of argument.

7. For both male and female chart, having excessive Companion/ Friend or Rob Wealth (RW) elements, these denotes excessive friendships and network. They would not acknowledge the intimate relationship and likely to pass it off as ‘Friend Only’ remarks. This is often harder to detect and goes under the radar.

8. For male chart when there is a excessive Wealth element (Direct and Indirect) gives the feel that the man naturally is surrounded by ladies. This is especially true when the wealth element is tagged as blossom or bath phrase.

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

5 key areas in BaZi on blissful marriages

1. Day Pillar ideally should have Direct Officer (DO) or Direct Wealth for Female Chart. The flow between element must be connected or have combination.

2. Rob Wealth (RW) is a ‘no no‘ on Day Pillar. This gives an image of 3rd party entering the relationship.

3. Noble People + Blossom will be good to have as it helps connecting with the right partner.

4. Ideally, an absence of Hurting Officer (HO), because the characteristics of Hurting Officer (HO) clashes the hubby element or Direct Officer (DO).

5. There need to have sufficient Direct Wealth (DW) to produce Direct Officer (DO). The ratio between Direct Officer (DO) and Day Pillar should be approximately similar or slightly weaker (i.e. 0.8: 1)

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Functional roles according to the 12 Zodiac

Tiger Zodiac – Main Qi or Energy is Yang Wood, this denotes an image of a big tree. A tree that is healthy, branches out. So, Diversification is key to this Animal Sign. Querent need to develop various skills sets, have a multitasking altitude and be creative driven. Therefore, they make excellent managers.

Rabbit Zodiac – Focuses on Yin Wood, talks about the ability to network. Inherently, this zodiac has a natural talent to socialize, work with all levels of people and yield from public relations. This are the Networking Experts.

Snake Zodiac – Talks about Persistency, Determination and Never-Give-Up Altitude, this is a Yang Fire traits. As the Snake Zodiac has many possibilities/ combinations, it also represent an akin sense of flexibility and willingness to change with environment. As such, they are change agents and motivators.

Horse Zodiac – Influence, Nurturing, Marketing, Guidance and Coaching are the attributes of this Yin Fire Zodiac. As this overly Yin Attributes can sometimes flip and be Yang, the Horse Zodiac can be quite stubborn in mindset and in actions. As Yin Fire is the elements that can create, make and mould other elements, they can market and influence new market externally as well as be a great teacher, coach and mentors roles, internally in an organization.

Dragon and Dog Zodiac – Earth are predominantly mixture of Qi. But, for the Dragon and Dog, the primarily Qi is Yang Earth. This give them the ability to reflect, digest and grow. They are normally calm while they filter and work on information in their mind. They make great consultant or counselor as they listen to both side of the story.

Goat and Ox Zodiac – This 2 are classified as Yin Earth Zodiac due to the larger portion of the Qi / Energy. Yin Earth are one with Mother Earth, land and agriculture, they represent the soft and nurturing soil that trees and plant grow on. These people sees strength and understand Value and Self-Worth. As such, they make great teacher and are usually key man or anchor of a team in an organization.

Monkey Zodiac – Relate to Yang Metal that triggers Decisiveness and Execution. For this reason, Monkey Zodiac make excellent executive and are often seen in Civil Service, Uniform Roles, Project Management and Administrator/ Executives.

Rooster Zodiac – Primarily Yin Metal, in Feng Shui image after ‘Dui’ Trigrams and symbolizes the Speech, Negotiation and Argumentative. This are the group of people whom Bosses bring with to meeting and negotiation table. To argue and squeeze the best deal out of the proposing parties.

Pig Zodiac – Main Qi / Energy is Yang Water, Individuals with Yang Water has the uncanny ability to articulate a Vision. And, in the Pig Zodiac it is paired with Yang Wood with give a key component of Managers. Add this 2 together, this brings about visionary leadership (i.e. C-Suites Roles)

Rat Zodiac – This are the Intellectual and Intuition category of people, because Yin Water is Strongest. These are the tactician in the organization who uses a carefully planned strategy and allocate resources to achieve a specific outcome (i.e. Scrum Masters).

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

The Four Pillars: Challenging Status Quo

This information would be useful for hiring managers or Querent who are sourcing for domestic helpers. These are a summary of key points to look out for to spot challengers of status quo (a.k.s. troublemakers or shit stirrers).

1. When Hurting Officers are over power the BaZi Day Master. This category of chart tends to doll up as Hurting Officer stimulate Diva-Like altitude and worldview. Tendencies to argue with superior is deem as rather high.

2. Another extension of the above category is there is absolutely NIL Hurting Officer + Friends and Competition element is totally in control. It would also trigger the similar persona. They tend to gather with friends and are usually egoistical.

3. When 7 Killing is overly strong or when Direct Officer changes in nature and becomes 7 Killing. This category tends to gravitate towards vice and promiscuity (if female chart). They will look (as though they are) easy going, friendly and likeable but inside the mind is a lot of complains and comparing mindset.

4. Wealth element clashes the Resource element in the chart. These are the natural challengers of status quo. Chart control the wealth, wealth control the resources and the Day Master balances out. To bring out the value of this chart, the Querent should embraces authority or be deployed in civil service / uniform officer roles.

4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Tea and Five Elements

1) Wood relates to Liver. Suggestion is Green Tea, regular drinking improve eyesight. Clear blood and reduce the suffering of blood clog. Aims to improve Qi, clear vision and for anti- aging beauty. Example: Bi Luo Chun (碧螺春), Long Jin Tea (龙井茶).

2) Fire relates to Heart. Fire corresponds to the heart, blood vessel. Suggestion is Red Tea. Can help reduce risk of heart disease. Target for calming the heart , palpitation treatment and effective for insomnia. Example: Herbal Rooibos Tea, Qi Men Hong Cha (祁门红茶)

3) Earth relates to Spleen. Earth correspond to Spleen. Modern city dwellers then to risk over-eating and hurts the spleen. Suggestion is Yellow Tea. To helps in digestion and aid gastrointestinal issues. Example: Huo Shan Huang Ya (霍山黃芽), Meng Ding Huang Ya (蒙頂黃芽).

4) Metal relates to Lungs. Metal relates to lung and respiratory. Suggestion is White Tea. Aims to nourish lung, reduce cough and phlegm. Example: Bai Mu Dan (白牡丹), Bai Hao Yin Zhen (白毫银针).

5) Water relates to Kidneys. Water associates with kidneys, bladder and urinary tracts. Suggestion is Black Tea. To promote longevity and aids in reducing fats and weight. Example: Sun Moon Lake Black Tea (日月潭紅茶), Pu Er Tea (普洱茶), Tibetan Tea (藏茶).







4 Pillars (四柱命理)

胃病/ 心脑血管病/ 肺病/ 神经/ 糖尿/ 肝眼病