The 4 Peach Blossoms

紅鸞 or Red Phoenix is an auspicious star on the Earthly Branches. It governs weddings and celebrations. The star of Hongluan in one chart is smart, gentle and beautiful, and marriages start early. Clashes or not make a great difference, where there isn’t this means that this person tends to be rational and down-to-earth in terms of feelings. With this star for a lady means to be endow with a gentle personality, paying attention to appearance, giving people a feeling of being upright and upright. They are also gentle and respectful, and an indescribable charm in every gesture.

Rat → Rabbit
Ox → Tiger
Tiger → Ox
Rabbit → Rat
Dragon → Pig
Snake → Dog
Horse → Rooster
Goat → Monkey
Monkey → Goat
Rooster → Horse
Dog → Snake
Pig → Dragon

桃花 or Peach Blossom, good or bad, must be compatible with life to judge with reference to the five elements and the good and bad Shensha.

If they appear at the year and month, will be categorized as inside Peach Blossom!

If they appear at the day and hour, will be categorized as outside Peach Blossom!

If there are more than 3 Beach Blossom appears at the Branch of either Rat, Horse, Rabbit or Rooster, it would mean Peach Blossom everywhere!

Life with Peach Blossom who looks Charming man and most were beautiful women, great popularity, and is passionate, sometimes can trigger more greed.

Rat → Rooster
Ox → Horse
Tiger → Rabbit
Rabbit → Rat
Dragon → Rooster
Snake → Horse
Horse → Rabbit
Goat → Rat
Monkey → Rooster
Rooster → Horse
Dog → Rabbit
Pig → Rat

沐浴 or Bath are People who are ‘blessed’ with another promiscuous version of peach blossoms, they are good in handling the opposite sex, smart and talented. They can entered into several relationship but nothing serious happens in their life. When the chart is flooded by bath, husband and wife can live in harmony and still have ‘spare’.

Often than not, they do things by intuition, and after they have done it, they regret that they shouldn’t have done so. Because of this, the person could have many talents, but it cannot concentrate on one thing for a long time.

If there are two baths clashes, it is mostly oppressed by the opposite sex or relationship entanglement.

Jia Wood → Rat
Yi Wood → Snake
Bing Fire → Rabbit
Ding Fire → Monkey
Wu Earth → Rabbit
Ji Earth → Monkey
Geng Metal → Horse
Xin Metal → Pig
Ren Water → Rooster
Gui Water → Tiger

紅豔 or Red Romance chart are Passionate and desire, romantic and sentimental, usually charming looks for man and voluptuous for women, married persons tend to have an energy that attract or entered into an affair.

Being sentiment means, they are very close to the opposite sex, touches the heart and feeling, often regarded as soulmates. They will have many opportunities to make friends with the opposite sex. This is a normal phenomenon in today’s society. And, modern society provides an seedbed for young men and women with red envy to party and lead a flamboyant lives.

Jia Wood → Horse
Yi Wood → Monkey
Bing Fire → Tiger
Ding Fire → Goat
Wu Earth → Dragon
Ji Earth → Dragon
Geng Metal → Dog
Xin Metal → Rooster
Ren Water → Rat
Gui Water → Monkey