Elements & Jobs Roles

Wood Elements : Teacher, Doctors, Nurse, Carpenter, Botanist, Author, Trainer, Project Manager, Caterer, Florist, Printer, Legal advisers, Politicians.

Trade or Industry connected with Wood : Hospital, Transportation, Publishing, Education, Timber industry, Furniture & wood manufacturing, Paper Industry, Religion merchandise, Literary, Clothing & Textile Industry, Bookstores, Stationery business, Schools & Universities, Seminars & Events, Construction

Fire Elements : Artists, Actors, Barber & Hair stylist, Beauticians, Photographers, Law Enforcers (policeman), Law prosecutor, Military, Welders, Chefs, Electrician, Sales Marketing, Dancer, Baker, Accountant, Public Relations Executive, Electricians

Trade or Industry connected with Fire : Internet Technology, BitCoin, Electrical Appliances & Lightings, Electronic Industry, Stock Markets, Restaurants, Food Industry, Fast food Chains, Handicraft, Furnaces, Oil & Gas Industry, Computer Technology, Hot Spring, Advertising industry, Wine & alcohol industry, Fashion, Glassware, Music & Dancing Academy

Earth Elements : Farmer, Secretary, Financial Planner, Miner, Estate agent, House Developer, Accountant, Civil engineer, Sportsman, Gardener, Undertakers, Consultant, Interior Designer

Trade or Industry connected with Earth : Recruitment Agencies or Human Resources, Agriculture & Farming, Pottery & China Industry, Buildings & Constructions, Household Products, Pets shop, Cosmetic, Insurance, Food Industry, Clothing, Sports industry

Metal Elements : Banker, Mechanical Engineer, Lawyer, Entertainer, Miner, Insurance agents, Watch Maker

Trade or Industry connected with Metal : Gold & Jewellery, Banking & Finance Company, Security firms, Hardware, Shipbuilding & Steel Works, Machinery & Equipments, Transport, Metal Furniture Industry, Electronic, Glass Furniture, Cutlery, Watches & Clocks

Water Elements : Tourist Guide, Money Lender, Fisherman, Reporter, Cleaner, Importer & Exporter, Salesman, Musician, Wine Merchant

Trade or Industry connected with Water : Shipping Firms, Marine Industry, Media & Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Airlines & Transport, Information Technology (internet), Laundry, Tourism, Hotels, Cruise Industry, Courier, Computers, Music Industry, Distilling & Brewery, Drinks & Cold beverages.