How do I choose my BTO flat or Condominium?

Many people have asked how do I select my build to order (BTO) flat or my condominium which has not been build yet. All I have is a floor plan and a site map. With this the reading of the floor plan along with the site map become important.

But before we come to the floor plan and site map, we need to first see what is our destiny number. This destiny number is a number that is derived from the year of birth of each individual. Using this we then be able to see the 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious sector of the house, on floor plan (of course). There also another way to look at this information – Humanistic Feng Shui.

In the next step we then need to know the period of the flying Star that we are moving in. This. Of the flying Star is equivalent to a contract that the owner sign with the spirit of the house, and it doesn’t change no matter the flying stars period has moved on. For example the owner move into house in 2023 (period 8) and now the year is 2024 (period 9), how the period 8 stars are plotted doesn’t change when the owner is now in period 9. But, the strength of the stars could decline, technically. Refer to this article if you has doubt which is the cut-off year to use for period star.

Putting all this information together, for example if the person’s destiny number is 4; north sector is favourable (wealth) + the period star 4 (academic) stacks at the north. This means that the north sector of the house is a must use area for this person with Destiny number 4.

Next we need to zoom into the floor plan and the site map, particularly where the door is being located, at which sector relative to the center of the house. If the door opens at the East sector of the house, the north sector of the house would then be the heavenly doctor sector for this person with her destiny number 4. Which is good for healing, recovery and good health.

Other possible permutation are:

DoorLiving RoomMaster BedroomKitchen

Nevertheless, the external landform such as pools, waterscape, hills and other poison arrows are vastly more important than the formula I just shared. In a nutshell, it can be simply called as 6-Consideration of Feng Shui. Although in modern living in the capital city, we often don’t have much choice or control over it.