Wealth Sector in May

In month of May, the wealth sector is within… 227.6 degree to 292.5 degree on the compass; and these are some of the activation methods.

✓ Tea Light Diffuser (Aromatherapy)
✓ Incense Burner (Agar wood is preferred)
✓ Candles
✓ Chants & Prayers
✓ Crystals
✓ Aroma Diffusers (Aromatherapy)
✓ Air Revitalizer
✓ Fish Tank (Open Cover)
✓ Plant (Large Leaves)
✓ Sound, Bells, Wind Chimes
✓ Singing Bowl (Preferred higher chakra sound)
✓ Tuning Fork (OM 136.1 Hz, more of once off activation)
✓ Music (preferred: 432 Hz, Rhythmic Music, Classical, New Age)
✓ Clock (Swinging Second Hand, effect is minimal)
✓ Lighting & Lamps (Warm Light)
✓ Window/ Ventilation/ Air Flow (through the space/ place)
✓ Movement (Passing by the space/ place)
✓ Application (Actual using of the space/ place)
✓ Electrical Fan
✓ Solar Power Moving Toy