KuiGang (魁罡)

KuiGang (魁罡) is considered as nobleman star in 4 Pillars / Bazi; consisting of 壬辰,庚辰,庚戌,戊戌. KuiGang (魁罡) can exist anywhere in year, month, day or hour pillar; with day pillar being the most impactful. Most importantly, KuiGang (魁罡) only need 1 of such pillar should there be 2 of such pillar existing in the chart, it could proof burdensome than favourable.

KuiGang (魁罡) are 2 constellation in the Chinese 28 constellation and referring to greath wealth.

KuiGang (魁罡) person is hard-working yet quick-tempered. When there is a combo with the KuiGang (魁罡) pillar the person often display 嘴硬心软 persona, clear minded and is a decisive decision maker to work with.

Lastly. KuiGang (魁罡) is more suitable to be presence in a male chart than a female chart.