KuiGang (魁罡)

KuiGang (魁罡) is considered as nobleman star in 4 Pillars / Bazi; consisting of 壬辰,庚辰,庚戌,戊戌. KuiGang (魁罡) can exist anywhere in year, month, day or hour pillar; with day pillar being the most impactful. Most importantly, KuiGang (魁罡) only need 1 of such pillar should there be 2 of such pillar existing in the chart, it could proof burdensome than favourable.

KuiGang (魁罡) are 2 constellation in the Chinese 28 constellation and referring to greath wealth.

KuiGang (魁罡) person is hard-working yet quick-tempered. When there is a combo with the KuiGang (魁罡) pillar the person often display 嘴硬心软 persona, clear minded and is a decisive decision maker to work with.

Lastly. KuiGang (魁罡) is more suitable to be presence in a male chart than a female chart.

Tricky Kallang BTO

Surrounded by water makes selecting a unit in this Kallang plot tricky. If you select a north plot / stack having water is excellent in the current 20 years but detrimental in the later 20 years. And if the plot / stack faces south, it would be detrimental for the current 20 years but excellent in the later 20 years. Moreover, in terms of early heaven vs later heaven theory of water flow, this set up is also detrimental as it deters health and reduces wealth.

Given the size and the depth of the water, an easy solution (if you are facing the river / canal) would be to select a unit that is above 5th floor. Make sure no sight and no sound of the water can be observe inside the unit.