Metaphysics (易学)

Aligning the 5 Energy

天,Heaven Energy is Mind and mental state, a collective intelligence that stands alone. Inspiration, idea, thru dreams we see solution and future, acumen. Knowing what to do at the right time. That connection with Akashi records. And we seek to take notice of it, so that we are conscious of these thoughts.

灵,Spirit Energy is the divine intelligence (or that life force) that give life to everything around us. That natural program code or order that governs a programmed path, just like a seed will grew into a tree. This also seen as the 7 chakra within the body – Crown, Brows, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base Chakra.

地,Earth Energy is emotions of the person. And just as the environment around us which affects our mood and state of mental health. Happiness level would be low if the emotional state is counter-intuitive. The external is the catalyst and most of the time these are trigger that generate (internally) those feelings.

人,Human energy relates to the physical body, our general state of health – internally (organs) and externally (limps). We cannot achieve our dreams and goal if we lose the full co-operation of our body. To be able to do the things we would like to to; to achieve the success that we want, we need the full alignment in this aspect.

神,Deity would be the spiritual being above us, recording our events throughout the course of life, who we meet, what we do etc. It is usually passive but sometimes this deity will put up the necessary hurdles and throw us choice to be made. This is seen as the 5 other chakra that is outside (but around) the physical body – Consciousness, Spirit, Soul Light, Elemental and Universal Chakra.