XKFS, 4 Flying Stars Charts with FuYin Activation

As we approach 2023, although the heat is about the Chinese zodiac signs auspicious and inauspicious, we often forget the one important aspect – that is the flying stars for 2023. With Star 4 in middle, Star 5 at NW, Star 6 at W, Star 7 at NE, Star 8 at S, Star 9 at N, Star 1 at SW, Star 2 at E and Star 3 at SE.


For the flying stars in 2023, the annual 5 yellow recites in the Northwest sector of the house, in traditional astrology dissected represent the man of the house, the bread winner of the house and more importantly the father of the house. 5 Yellow energy vibration is often related to big ticket items, such as loss of wealth, challenges in health and relationship.

The annual start 2 Black, represents the sickness star recites in the East sector of the house. This sector represents the mobility within the household, the eldest son and people born in the year of the rabbit. So if we were to add the two levels of analysis, that is the two black annual annual Stars along with the Grand duke of 2023, this represents a significant risk of those born under the zodiac of rabbit having plague with illnesses and sickness.

The 3 Jade annual Stars goes into Southeast sector of the house, distance to represents arguments and disagreement in the household, especially if the master bedroom resides in southeast sector of the house. Has this actor also represents the eldest daughter of the family, Jason significance in terms of disagreement and argument with the elders doctor of the house, there is a likelihood of rebelliousness. Especially with the father.

The 7 red annual Stars, that represents theft, robbery and injury is located the Northeast sector of the house. This represents the youngest son of the family it’s likely to have his thing stolen or met with injury especially if he is residing in this sector of the house.

The academic star 4 is being confined in the center sector of the annual flying star chart. This represents that the person in the household with Gua 4 would have head winds when it comes to academy pursuits. (You can simply Google for gua 4 information and calculators).

Moving on we are going to the auspicious sector of the house, something with star one that resides in Southwest sector. You Southwest a third represents the mummy of the house, mommy or the house would likely to have challenges that eventually leads to career advancement. As well as self-improvement and personal growth.

The 6 white annual stars recites in the west sector of the house, although this leads you to greater career impacts, it also leads to more arguments and fighting in the household. This is especially so if the residence of the household has the zodiac after rooster, at the rooster also clashes with the Grand Duke.

The 8 white annual Stars recess in the south sector of the house, this is great for financials, investment and wealth growth. however please note that for the South sector to be auspicious, it shouldn’t have water placement oh hi guys building blocking the frontal view of the unit or the house.

In the north sector of the house, will be the 9 purple annual star of the year. This is great for profit taking income growth and entrepreneurship. In order to capitalize the benefit, the property should have water placement all high-rise building acting as the mountain to support the house how to reflect the Qi from the southern sector into the house.

Given the ‘pattern’ the annual stars for 2023, there would be 4 Xuan Kong Flying Stars charts during period 8 that will suffer the FuYin (伏吟) effect, namely:


What this means is that the 4 inauspicious annual stars will invoke the mountain or water stars in these 4 period 8 chart. When couple with external landform triggers, there is a likelihood to activate issues such as accident, harms, argument, weaken health and loss of wealth.

Given the magnitude of the FuYin (伏吟) effects, FengShui placement and cure won’t help as much. What is important is keeping the Qi (氣) flow smooth, internal room well ventilated, where there is broken furniture or fittings, get a good date and have it fixed. And most importantly be mindful of external landform triggers (road works, demolition, construction).