From Forgiveness to Happiness

1. Embrace the darker times. Stop revisiting the event in the mind.
2. Switch from blaming others to understand ourselves.
3. Don’t go to sleep angry.
4. Stop looking for reasons to be offended.
5. Avoid the need to tell people what to do.
6. Be responsible for own happiness.
7. Be kind, instead of the need to be right.
8. Practice giving, instead of taking.

Beside seeking Forgiveness, we can use the Heavenly Pardon Day to grant forgiveness to those who hurt us. Below is list of Heaven Pardon Day (天赦日) for 2023.



1 月 6 日 ~ 甲子
3 月 21 日 ~ 戊寅
6 月 5 日 ~ 甲午
8 月 18 日 ~ 戊申
10 月 17 日 ~ 戊申
1 月 1 日 ~ 甲子 (2024)