Dragon (辰), Horse (午), Dog (戌), Rat (子)

During Chinese New Year (2023), there are many Querent asking if my zodiac is good (or bad) and so on. Moreover, there are also many methodology in deriving or forecasting. Hence, took some time to put this in writing to serve the community.

In this article, I eliminate talking about the negative stars / zodiac. This is the traditional 12 Grand Duke Stars (太歲十二神), google this keyword and be lots of Chinese articles from Taiwan and China on this theory.

The Dragon (辰) is endowed by Green Dragon or other known as The Sun in the 12-General. This deity is about compassion and genuinely cares for people around them. As the name implied, this is being the Sun and that Ray of lights for others. Happiness comes from other people success, helping others to be successful (i.e being a nobleman to others). And in doing so, fortune and blessing comes in. The key word for Green Dragon is being a Guiding Light for others.

The Horse (午) is blessed with Six Harmony or known as The Moon in the 12-General. This is an entrepreneur star and the ability create solutions to problems (seeing the gap in the market) which means having the vibration to start an alternative stream of income and in doing this help comes along the way. The key idea behind Six Harmony is being Creative and think out of the Box.

Dragon Virtues or traditionally know as Phoenix, indicates that there be challenges and obstacles to overcome. And with noble help and advise the Dog zodiac will overcome and rise above and shine. This in turns brings in fame, reputation, fortune and as well as becoming a mentor or coach for others (i.e. becoming a noble man himself or herself). Hence, don’t shy away from other people problem. Rising up to Challenges is the key word.

The Rat Zodiac is blessed by the fortune virtue in 2023. To be blessed by this star, the Rat should not start gossip towards as well as backstab others. Starting legal proceedings is also a last resort as it leads to a win-lose situation. When one doesn’t start all these negative talks and attacks; good luck and fortune will gradually appear and help people with Rat Zodiac in 2023. Delayed reaction and seek win win is the key word for the Rat.


As quoted above (URL), where these 4 zodiac appears would have different inferences. For example, the Horse (午) is blessed with Six Harmony or known as The Moon and appears in the hour pillar would denotes areas such as investment, desire, passion and assets needed creativity and out of the box solutions.

Or if it’s appearing in specific months, it also indicate that energy vibration we can harmonize during that month.

These 4 zodiac can also be specific sectors, which are energetic vibration in the 24 mountain compass we can use in our house Feng Shui.

So, instead of asking fortune tellers and believing in their half bake reasonings or look at some silly banners and posters; why not we understand these theory (a bit deeper) and seek to improve the decisions and make quality outcome ahead of us.