4 Factor of Feng Shui

Feng Shui in general is a 4-Factor method to harnesses environmental energy, to enhance life.

The external environment, i.e. the natural contour of the land, the flow of water. And how these water is being captured by the property. Human has a natural reception to these energy flow. The use of FengShui is enable us to connect with the environment. When environment act against us, we may feel misaligned, unhappy, gloomy and pessimistic.

After the external environment would be the alignment of the building, apartment and unit. When the unit is aligned, it is poise to receive natural vibration/ energy. And this enable us to get the most of of the external energy to support out goal and purpose.

Internally within the unit, people need to be aligned in specific sector in the unit so as to best receive the natural vibration and achieve our goals and purposes.

Time is aim at capturing the high and low of the vibration strength and flow of energy, Capturing the best timing to harmonize these energy to achieve our long and short term goals.