Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Needle, Needle here and there.

Swivelling Needle (搪針) – Is when Needle is vibrate or sways to one side, and could not stop moving. This indicates strong magnetic influences. Usually related to Calamity and Vices. However, one should not jump into conclusion, instead check if the area is affected by electromagnetic rods or lightning arrestors.

Floating Needle (兌針) – When Needle tip floats upwards. It is said that benevolent Yin spirit is present, possibly of one’s ancestors, it could mean a holy spirit or good deity is residing in the house. Make sure the leveling bubble is checked before coming to conclusions.

Sinking Needle (沉針) – This occurs when Needle tip sinks downwards. Signifies that an Angry, Upset or Malevolent spirit is residing or present, possibly a dead soul died of injustice or unnatural death. Make sure the leveling bubble is checked before coming to conclusions. The Eastern Practitioner are more sensitive to this aspect and more often than not, a divination would have been cast before surveying to avoid such a location.

Rotating Needle (轉針) – Needle is rotating nonstop. Malevolent spirit with anger and hatred hovering above, non-stop. Residents risked injury or harm. Practitioners could chant a sutra or prayer in the heart/ mind for personal protection. This is also the reason why Eastern Practitioner sought alignment with their Deity for personal protection as well as casting a divination before an audit.

Pitching Needle (投針) – The Needle usually will nod up and down then come to a halt. But if Needle is pitching up and down nonstop (in a see-saw motion), in the past this indicates the ground below have buried graves and residents may face a series of mishaps.

Opposite Needle (逆針) – Needle cannot come to the centreline or slanted. Usually dragged down by wealth issues.

Side Needle (側針) – Needle has rested but could not stay long. Direct Qi is too strong and possibly suitable for temple sites, not peaceful for residents or graves.

Steady Needle (正針) – Needle is steady and set correctly. Means, the ground is normal.