Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Application of Water

“气乘风则散,遇界水则止” – This literature can be translated in layman terms as when life force energy meets strong wind, it dissipate; when it meets water, it gathers.

As home owners, we hear all the talks about how water is related to wealth. This is true to some point so long water gathers the Qi needed to trigger personal growth, which leads to wealth generation and relationships. That’s probably why Feng Shui placement sells well and generate margins for commercial FengShui Masters (FSM) in contemporary times. This is especially the case in crowded cities where housing and apartment are stack side by side to each other, the internal application of water became a frequently used tool in Feng Shui.

First cut is always the use of external landform water. Where external landform water is unavailable, swimming pools within the compound is a good alternative. Internal water (i.e. fish tank, aroma-diffuser and water based air purifier) is often an alternative when external landform water is unavailable.

Up till 2043, the ideal sector to have water are: North, Southwest, East and Southeast.