November 2022 (BTO) using the Gift of Landform Water

The November 2022 Build to Order (BTO) is an opportunity for owners to make use of actual landform waters to enhance the Feng Shui naturally. Moreover, this plot the landform water is as big as if not larger that the housing site. Incorrect application could bring the residents from hero to zero (and vice versa).

Yishun BTO ~To use the landform water, simply choose a unit that is facing lower Seletar reservoir. It should well be in the East or Southeast sector. Nonetheless, make sure the floor is at least 5th floor and above so that in future the nature trees around the area doesn’t block the line of sight from the unit to reservoir.

The other key note or the tricky part is that the Northeast must not have a line of sight to reservoir and it shouldn’t be block by another building (2 criteria).

Shan’t elaborate the details in this post; between East sector having water and Southeast sector having water. My advise is first cut to look for units with line of sight water at Southeast, 2nd the settle for water at East. Beyond this 2 category, might as well give it a missed.