The (Unexplained) Flying Stars

The theory of 生入克入 applies to the interpalace relationship between Facing Stars. (i.e. Main Door Facing Star is 9 and Bedroom Door Facing Star is 8 and the Bed Sitting is 7 or Study Desk is 6 → Fire produce Earth, Earth produce Metal = Auspicious) or, if there is a HeTu (河图) combination (4, 9) even better. Therefore, connecting the Qi from External into the House, this aspect alone can negate the Inauspicious 81 Combination.

In using placements in Flying Stars, must take note on Sitting Stars (静态, 阴) and Facing Stars (动态, 阳). For placement sectors, look only at the Facing Stars.

And only use sectors with 山星 生 向星 = 生入 (财禄, 福) → 吉, Or 山星 比助 向星 = 比助 (财丁旺) → 吉.

For actual placements of objects, use Odd numbers as Yang and Even numbers as Yin. Example, 9, 6 in North sector, 6 is Yin so can use physical objects and water activation. 3, 9 in West, 9 is Yang so can only keep it clutter free and take in Qi flows or simply doing things in the area.