Jurong West May HDB BTO 2022

Jurong West May HDB BTO 2022 flats, bounded by Yuan Ching Road and Kang Ching Road.

First thing, notice that the water site / lake is larger than the developmental plot. And water / lake is located at East and Northeast of the developmental. The better choice within this site is the stack towards the North. Reason being the stack in a better position to receive energy of the Eastern Waters. Potential owners also need to be mindful to select a floor that has actual visual on the waters / lake (i.e. overlooking the trees by the pavement and roadside)

The water theory of this site complies to water we call as 催水, which is good for career advancement, officialdom, civil service and politics. Yet in 2 decade from now, after receiving the blooms one should seek to readjust and fine tuned as the quality of the water changes. Tipping point: Year 2044.