Special Charts (Seven Star Robbery) in Flying Stars

7 Star Robbery – Special Chart that requires facing in the South (离). There is a link between (离, 震, 乾) early / later heaven 卦 position. There must be a Parent String, double facing star + next period star as the Sitting Star. Facing & Sitting Stars are linked by HeTu (i.e. 4, 9 and 3, 8). And, must have water at Robbery Gua (劫曜星). This Robbery Gua is the missing key in 90% of the Commercial Feng Shui Master’s assessment (As such, for those who chanced on this, it is your affinity and my blessings to give).

On hindsight, this (might) explains why Xuan Kong Flying Stars is going into a decline after 2017 as we approaches period 9. Because, in period 9 there is no special chart to ‘Market’ this Art of Flying Stars.

Parting Shot: if you know how to use the stars, any period can be a still be good chart. So, do you ‘really’ need 7 Star Robbery? My reply is ‘No’, you just need to use the Stars. Locally, many property and apartments are build with North-South Facing in mind and majority are 7 Star Robbery, yet many of these property and apartment either plague with career turbulence, health disorder or family dispute.