Special Charts (Parent String Formation) in Flying Stars

In this special topic on Xuan Kong Flying Star called Parent String Formation – Status, Power, Absolute Control and Leadership Position.

1, 4, 7 (Original Palaces: North, SE and West)
2, 5, 8 (Original Palaces: SW, Central, NE)
3, 6, 9 (Original Palaces: East, NW, South)

For Parent String Formation to be empowered the above number needs to have external land-form. Example, the facing palace has 3, 6, 9 numbers – the East, NW and South sectors need to have a Qi Source and External land-form.

Similar to Combination of 10 and Pearl String, the annual Stars also can turn the chart to a Parent String Formation. A Parent String can be a FanYin/ FuYin Formation which means immediate change or status Quo.

In FanYin or FuYin, also take note if it happens to Sitting Stars or Facing Stars to determine if it’s a Relationship/ Health or Career/ Wealth.