Special Charts (Pure Elemental Qi) in Flying Stars

This is a special topic on Xuan Kong Flying Star called Pure Elemental Qi (HeTu, 河图) as the saying “The Secrets of Xuan Kong resides in the 5 Elements”. What this aspect of Feng Shui does is that it uses the Elemental Qi via HeTu combination numbers in a Flying Star Chart to induce certain outcomes to the resident of that property. And over a period of time produces the desire outcome and improvement. However, there is no possible earth combination (5, 10) element flying star combination in Xuan Kong (becasue there is only 9 grids). Therefore, Earth palace sits together or follows fire. HeTu combination in Flying Stars cures Grand Duke of Jupiter (TaiSui) or 5 Yellow Stars. Nonethelsss, there is another version of Earth aligns with Metal or Earth resides in Water. There is no end to this argument. What I can conclude is to look at the natal number 5 in conjunction with the HeTu combination, there is a relationship in this 3 numbers.

A simple analogy, for example palace 6 (has a 4, 9 HeTu metal combo in the natal palace of metal. This palace has vibrant metal energy. That enhances Will Power, Leadership and Discipline.

In nutshell, what the 5 elements resonate:
1. Fire: Passion, Vibrant, Energy, Aspiration, Positive Energy, Influence, Passion, Spiritual Energy.
2. Wood: Growth, Learning, Improving, Transformation, Self Improvement, Healing.
3. Water: Emotions, Feeling, Better Thoughts (Energy/ Vibration) attracts better reality, Clarity of Mind, Positive Mentality.
4. Metal: Will Power, Decision Making, Leadership, Discipline, Execution.
5. Earth: Stability, Security, Confidence, Sustainable Wealth.

Using good sectors and energy in the property can withstand the external killing (Sha Qi / Poison Arrow / Road Clash). Solving external problems with cure or fix is beginner’s view. Improving the energy and aspects of the resident’s life is a more advanced application of Feng Shui (Improve the People, not cure/ fix the problem), it is about taking action during positive times when the annual energy comes in.

All 3 numbers (Period Star, Sitting & Facing Star) in the Natal Chart can be used to analyse if there is a HeTu combination / element.

Using Annual Stars and Month Stars when they come in each year to forms the HeTu combination with the Natal Chart + Original LuoShu element (i.e. a 4, 9 combination must happen in palace 6 or 7 – Metal or a 2, 7 combination must happen in palace 9 – Fire or 2, 7 combination in palace 2, 5, 8 – Earth).