Clashes and Poison Arrows

Often (especially conventional thinking) about clashes and poison arrows. There are certainly some misconceptions and the experts cope in every under the sun and classify as detrimental.

To change this thinking, there is a conventional wisdom that says (形对形论, 色对色论), meaning Shapes vs Shapes, Colours vs Colours. (i.e. opposite shop has a signboard red (火) colour vs (克) your white (金) colour. Your rectangle (木) or wave-like (水) patterns / shapes will not have an impact on the red signboard (火).

Talking about clashes from streets and roads, we also need to realign if that sector is for the period or against the period.

1. 冲在窗, clashes via windows has less immediate impact. Usually, the greater impact when the person BaZi has an annual affliction.
2. 冲在门, clashes via the door has greater impact and usually longer term as well as accidental in nature. It sometimes span across the household.
3. 冲在卦位, clash at Gua location usually denotes wealth loss and missing nobleman in career. It usually people / roles centric (i.e. NW as father and SW as mother)
4. 冲在地支, clash at Earth Branch comes with health issues. It is Zodiacs centric and activates the most when Grand Duke clashes.
5. 冲在曜煞, clashes at killing zone (Dragon Gate Eight Formations – 乾坤國寶) can be very detrimental to the household. In traditional text, it exaggerated as death in household and lack of offsprings. This is not analyzed in silos but combined with Grand Duke and other externalities to form an opinion.

In other words, if there is a clash in earth branch + killing zone activated + grand duke affliction would combine and be seen as heavy challenges for the year.