Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Regarding Luo Shu (洛书)

HeTu (河图) and LuoShu (洛书) numbers are debatable. The conventional (traditional) numbers are based on the development of Yin Yang (阴阳) + the Movement of Qi (Water Cycle in Nature). HeTu (河图) as Body (体) and LuoShu (洛书) as Application (用):

1, 6 = Water (向下行) → China located Northern Cold (water)
2, 7= Fire (向上行) → Southern Part feels warm (fire)
3, 8 = Wood (向外行) → Receive sunlight, growth (wood)
4, 9 = Metal (向内行) → Rains in west, more minerals (metal)
5, 10 = Earth (平行) → Central Plains (earth)

For discussion’s sake; many new-age practitioners overlay the HeTu (河图) and LuoShu (洛书) to create new model, might be interesting or perhaps even more useful of a model or (flip side) could proof catastrophic in application. In the nutshell, in the new model the Fire and Metal Element switch places in Feng Shui application. But, I’m keeping to conventional practice.

1, 6 = Water
2, 7 = Metal (Deviate from Conventional / Traditional)
3, 8 = Wood
4, 9 – Fire (Deviate from Conventional / Traditional)
5, 10 = Earth