4 Pillars (四柱命理), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Life Gua + Flying Stars Application

  • Analyse BaZi (八字) to see what element and 10 Gods (十神) balances or missing or useful (i.e wealth)
  • Next check Life Gua (命卦) and determine what stars represent the 10 Gods (十神)
  • For Example: Life Gua = 4 巽 Wood, wealth is 8 左辅星 and  2 巨门星)
  • Take LuoPan reading at Door Facing (Opposite is Sitting)
  • For Example: Door Facing is West (兑 7), Sitting is East (震 3). 
  • Using Sitting Gua (震 – 3) to Fly ‘clockwise’ LuoShu (洛书) 9 Palaces, this set is the Left Number.
  • Using Annual Star (i.e. 2020 is Star 7 enters center to Fly LuoShu (洛书) 9 Palaces, this set is the Right Number.
  • Using Life Gua, find the number 2 and 8, which represent wealth in 10 Gods (十神) to activate it.
  • The 2 Earth Stars are North and SE (based on Sitting is East 震 3) that can be activated using water, heat or movement.
  • This method uses the house natal stars and/ or annual stars that resonate with energy of our BaZi (八字) 10 Gods (十神).
Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Simply Approach to Qi Assessment for Landed Property

This post talks about analysis of energy (氣) in a low floor, shop houses or landed property (静宅); the rule or definition is that the energy flow is able to move from lower floors to higher floors within the compound (一 氣达天).

The luck cycle commence once the building of the property is completed (建好, 起宅运). Regarding the question of sitting vs facing, for low floor or landed property sitting as primary and facing as secondary (坐为主, 论乘气).

The assessment is split into 4 aspects call “君, 臣, 佐, 使” loosely translate as The King, The Minister, The General and The Envoy. Essentially, 臣, 佐, 使 must have element that produce 君).

君 or The King refers to the sitting of the property and it’s referenced element.

臣 or The Minister refers to the storey of the property and it’s referenced element. Depending on locality, it often ranges between 1 to 3.

佐 or The General refers to which unit the property is horizontally and it’s referenced element. This tend to applies to units that are side by side to each other and sharing same wall.

使 or The Envoy refers to the door of the property and it’s referenced element.