5 Elements and the Feng Shui of the House

Looking at the person and to co-relate to the person’s house Feng Shui or looking at the Feng Shui and pinpointing one’s problematic areas, this aspect is also relate to the 5 elements and what it represents. Especially fluid when the one doing the assessment is an advanced or BaZi pro. Nothing to “Wow” once we understand how it is derived.

土 - 意 (Will)
金 - 魄 (Body)
水 - 志 (Mind)
木 - 魂 (Soul)
火 - 神 (Spirit)

1. Mind (志,relates to Water), this is related to a negative star or inauspicious landform in a water sector. The residents tend to have unclarity of thoughts, fear or trauma to take action and the inability to plan ahead. This often leads to unsound financial planning. It also stop the residents to start connecting with people as well as stop taking a changes that was really use to push forward, causing the residents to refuse learning new skills and acknowledging their shortcomings.

2. Spirit (神,relates to Fire), triggers when there is negative stars or landform in the fire sector. It often starts with depressed emotions and negative feeling towards money or to attach to certain emotional issue on certain thing (so much so that it begins to breed repetition). There also a feeling of scarcity blocking the residents to achieve better version of themselves, often leads to stagnant relationship. How do you know the residents has a Spirit issue? They way they talk – often rude and disrespectful.

3. Body (魄,relates to Metal), another way to understand this is the Chakra in our human body or when one feels he/she has no energy in doing things, too lethargic, energy level is often low. Normally, when the metal element in is afflicted, not only does the body is energetically drained, the household tends to have respiratory ailments. Residents of the property then to have a loyalty issue and inability to execute instructions.

4. Soul (魂,relates to Wood), a clear sign that affliction has affected this sector the residents needed anger management or the household lacks purpose, kindness and compassion. There might be also signs of alcoholism or drug misuse issues. Often leads to liver ailments.

5. Will (意,relates to Earth), is often seen when NE or SW of the apartment has affliction or when personal stability sector (Fu Wei) is visited by negative stars. If often leads to the lack of self esteem, overzealous ego and lack of stamina. When we are dealing with residents of such affliction, we can know when we are feeling lack of trust or the challenges to build trust with the person. The residents are also prone to sugary food and stagnation routine that leads to diabetes.