BaZi Companions

甲不离庚 / Jia Wood need the company of Geng Metal, because wood needs to be trimmed, chopped and fine tune in order for it to be use furniture, artefacts or dried effectively to be use a firewoods.

乙不离丙癸 / Yi Wood need to be accompanied by Bing Fire and Gui Water. Bing Fire represent natural light or Sun, Yi Wood as a flowering plant needs both water and Sun to nurtrient it.

丙不离壬 / Bing Fire which is high and mightly needs to by humbled by water in the ocean. As water evaporates and condensed into clouds it covers the sun bleaming rays. Otherwise, the overwhelming heat will make life on planet impossible to grow.

丁不离甲 / Ding Fire is alike candle or flames in a fireplace, the heat is controlled by the amount of resource it has. Even if want to shines brightly for people in darkness, this line need Jia Wood as resource to burn.

戊不离甲 / Wu Earth is a mountain. In Feng Shui if a mountain is bared, earth and rocks can been seen. This is regarded as a inauspicious mountain landform. So, for mountain (ideally) it needs to have good amount of greens. Not only does it look beautiful and manificent, it also help in forming of midst , dews, rain and good habitat for living creatures. Good amount of trees also help reduce erosion. Nonetheless, wood doesn’t change the shape of the mountain.

己不离丙癸 / Ji Earth is soft soil where crops grown on, with heat from the sun (Bing Fire) and moisture from rain (Gui Water), the nutrients, acidity and humidity of the soil faciliate agriculture and growth.

庚不离丁 / Geng Metal is strong piece of rod, in order for it be shape into something useful, often it has to go into furnace and mould.

辛不离壬 / Xin Metal is a piece of jewelery wore on a lady and it needs output for its shine to be seen. Ren Water can represent the chemical need to clean this jewelery.

壬不离戊 / Ren Water is alike the ocean and the sea. It need to be control in order to take shape and form. It need to be controlled and regulated in a case of a dam otherwise the vast water bring more harm than benefit to human population.

癸不离庚 / Gui Water is seen as river or rainfall. In both cased it need a source to come from. Geng Metal here has the image of seasonal wind, dews, mist and cloud formation. Geng Metal can also be image as a tap for the water in commercial setting.