4 Pillars (四柱命理)

A mild Solution to Mitigating BaZi problem

Keeping the post to the point – a frequent question receive recently (so decided to pen it down the solution for those who have affinity with this article).

Taking an example of Yang Fire (丙) Day-Master and 7-Killing as Yang Water (壬) and in a year where Tai Sui (太岁) induces Yang Water to cause legal, gossips (口舌官非) and challenges to the chart owner.

Solution: Using a 24 mountain feng shui compass, determine the position of Yang Water in the house / apartment. Examine that area and remove those item that directly / indirectly produce Yang Water (i.e. Yin Metal – Jewelry, key chain and coin etc or Water related such as water dispenser, diffusers). And, do this before the Tai Sui (太岁) changes – before Start of Spring (立春).

There is another method that uses personal life Gua number + 3×3 Grid and 6-Kins, slightly more complex than the above discussed.