A Feng Shui Perspective on Selling a Property / Apartment

Property (all the while) has been a hot topic in my locality; often view as an aspect of wealth accmulation, asset growth and retirement planning. Having said that, property is a fixed asset and should be subjected to depreciation. Most of the time when owner purchasing a property, they (often) have in mind the expected growth and return; and when it comes down to the ground on selling off the fixed assets (property), owner will then need to face the stress, headwind, obstacles and compromises they have to accept in order to proceed with the sale of property / apartment.

From a metaphysic perspective, there are a few things propety owner can do to help with the flow and liquidation of this fixed asset.

  1. Using flying stars – all property / apartment has a flying star chart, within the flying star chart there is a mountain star. To use this, choose a month (higher / mid-term) or day (lower / short term) star that clashes or fuyin with the mountain star of the property / apartment.

  2. Using a day that clashes the owner’s direct resource element (bazi). or a day that produce the buyer’s direct resource element (bazi).

  3. Using an hour in QiMen that hour has Life Door clashes Chief + position is opposite between inner and outer plate + 甲子 produces the owner year of birth.

And if selling the property / apartment for reasons related to deceased, divorce, job loss or any “negative” events, be very sure to do space cleansing (i.e. smudging) to dispel lingering negative energy before your first appointment with buyer / agents.