A Simple 2022 Water Tiger Zodiac Analysis

Water Tiger or Ren Yin (壬寅) Tai Sui (太岁)was born in (鄂县) County in the Yuan Dynasty, named He Ben (贺贲), also known as He Yi (贺谔).  He Ben is a talented strategist,  thrive in offensive battle.  He was (later) was in charge of Army of Jingzhao.  When he died, he was posthumously named Duke Yong (雍国公)and given the title of Zhenxian (贞献); and later worship by common folks of that region.

The Chinese 12 Zodiacs animals are just symbolic representation of the seasonal / cyclical changes reference between the Sun and the Earth. As the Sun moves around the Galaxy in the Universe, it is represented by one of the sixty Tai Sui.

In 2022, the Sun position is at Ren Yin (壬寅)it has a direct influence on Monkey or Shen (申), Snake or Si (巳), Pig or Hai (亥).

To the Monkey, it represent a direct clash, a change in environment, moving house, changing job opportunities. It also represent a difference in viewpoint with your superior or seniors.

To the Snake, it represent a harm or affliction, direct towards health, mental wellbeing and interpersonal relationships. As well as doing things or eating (drinking) in excess.

To the Pig, it a broken sign, usually in areas of the mind, self talk and goals. This aspect also can be link to self sabotaging behavior (i.e. thing are running smoothly, suddenly you decide to change course of actions for no good reasons, end up hurting relationship and deviation from the expected outcome).

Which area the clash, harm, affliction and broken depends on the pillars.

The 4 aspect based on the 4 Pillars (BAZI):
年 Year embodies externalities, government, authority, social relationship, superiors, bosses, grandparents, uncle’s, aunties, in-laws and parents.
月 Month encapsulate work environment, colleagues, peers, friends, siblings relationship and a bit of family / household matters (i.e. Living Room / Space)
日 Day focus on primarily family environment, spouse relationship (i.e. behind closed doors). It also includes self as well as personal values.
时 Hours deals with personal aspirations, dreams hopes and fear. Skills & Talents. It also encompasses offsprings and children relationship or matters.

注意 (Alert): The cutover point for TaiSui is always at the Start of Spring (立春), and not Chinese New Year.

Activating the South (Palace 9, Wu position) and Northeast (Palace 8, Chou position) sector would be a good help to induce the lucky stars as well as the Zodiac elemental combination so as to reduces these clash, harm and afflictions. Picking a good date would +points in term of higher energy activation level.