Secret is in Moon Formula (And not in Sun Formula)

Timing is a critical aspect in Feng Shui, as it brings the necessary Qi flow to overcome certain ills predominantly present in the residence or alignment of positive energy to bring about goals and outcomes in our lives.

When the earth rotates around the sun every year, 12 months and 24 seasons are marked out; and when the moon rotates around the earth, similarily 24 position are marked out. The ancients based on the concept that earth is static, they derive a system of 24 possible location for the sun and moon. Hence, giving rise to ” The Great Sun and Moon Formula”.

In later development, comes the 3 combination (三合) and 6 combination (六合) based on Earth Branches are add in to ‘enhance’ the usage of this formula. And it is believe that when the Sun or Moon arrives at the sitting location of the property, renovation could be done at afflicted sector. Affliction such as Grand Duke, 5 Yellow Stars, 3 Killing, Wu Ji Earth Sha (戊己都天煞) can be harmonised. And in the 3 combination (三合) approach, it is believe the other 4 sectors that are associate to the facing and sitting (2 each) could also be use (

As we move into the season of Minor Cold (6 Jan till 20 Jan, and if the property is sitting or facing N3 (癸), we can use this season to enhance the house energy (3 & 6 Combination are disregarded). Activities such as smudging, space cleansing and activation of monthly stars to bring goals / intention into fruition can be considered.

In the case of renovation, earth breaking or wall hacking and it is in an afflicted sector, receiving the sun energy on sitting or facing does not automatically harmonize or cancel out the affliction; other Date Selection methodology are still necessary.

Up to this point, you will realize Practitioners and Masters brag about The Great Sun Formula and downplay the Moon Formula, and if you are using Sun Formula and has some awareness of Western Astrology you would realize a conflicting issue in terms of the Sun actual position is in the Ecliptic Map. As well as questioning the Great Sun results.

In Western Astrology, the twelve constellations of the zodiac lie along the plane of the Ecliptic Map. The Ecliptic Map is defined by the circular path of the Sun across the sky as seen from Earth. (And the Sun Formula seemingly is moving anticlockwise).

It is because of this predictable cycle that the journey of the Sun through the zodiac was used by ancient cultures to determine the time of year. In this way, the so-called cardinal constellations of the zodiac (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) mark the beginning of the four seasons. The Sun enters these constellations on the first days of spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively.

The Moon Formula holds the secret in application (Not the Sun). It is innately aligned with the 24 Season and Western Astrology. As the sun passed through each Constellation that particular period is designated for that Constellation (i.e. Gemini in May/ Jun). Hence, it might be the Real Sun-Position is within the Moon Formula.

In layman terms, we can make use of Western Astrology Constellation or the Moon Formula to do Feng Shui activation or harmonize afflictions. For example, now is the period of Minor Cold (小寒), the property with N3/NE1 (癸/丑) Sitting or S3/SW1 (丁/未) Facing can make use of this season to do Activation or Harmonisation.

The Moon Formula is widely available on the internet. Go search it up, apply and feel the results.

For those who gravitate towards research or academically gifted, it would be beneficial to point out to you that (whether) it is The Great Sun or Gentle Moon; this ring is intentionally aligned with the San He (三合) compass’s Man and Heaven Plate/ Ring.

P.S: Only Sitting and Facing of the property are considered, the 3 Combo (三合) and 6 Combo (六合) add-ons are disregarded.