Annual Wealth Sector in 2022

• Jia (甲) 禄在寅
• Yi (乙) 禄在卯
• Bing (丙戊) 在巳
• Ding (丁己) 在午
• Geng (庚) 禄在申
• Xin (辛) 禄在酉
• Ren (壬) 禄在亥
• Gui (癸) 禄在子

Annual Wealth Sector (禄财位) sometimes refer to as 流年財神方. This tradditional way of calculation primarily focus on the Heavenly Stem (天干) of TaiSui (太岁) and plot the 12 Cycle or 12 Growth Phrases (十二長生).

For 2022 (壬寅), the wealth sector would be at position of Pig (亥) and has an annual star 6 in that palace. This is the area of the property/ apartment that should be more frequently use. We can use this area for financial planning and execution, goal setting or placement of enhancers (i.e Water, Crystal, Chimes, Music, Fan, Lighting, Diffuser).

Noteworthy would be 2022 the 3 Killing zone is at the North sector (approx. 313 – 45 degree), this kind of reduces the efficacy of the Wealth Sector. However, If we understand 3 Killing zone sufficiently, we would still be able to capitalised the potential of this sector to activate the Wealth Sector.