8 Mansion Numerology


This magical methodology of numerology is derive from flying the 8 Mansion Wandering Stars in a 3×3 grid.

For example, 艮卦 use the 8 Mansion Wandering Stars path for 艮. Henceforth, 艮 start 伏位 and fly the path within 艮 palace. Do this for all 8 palaces and corelate all the numbers together to arrive at the matrix above.

This numerology is useful for day to day divination, where heaven or our higher self tries to reach us (lower self) or to communicate to us through the use using signs and numbers (and numbers being the more frequently / higher occurrences).

As such, this simple method of numerology can be use on phone number, price tag, serial numbers, random book / page flipping to get a number for divination or simply adopt onto poker cards and tarot divination (i.e. 28048 = 生气 becomes hidden 绝命, hidden danger / risk in the long term). In another words, when we choose a set of phone number or car plate number, we ought to look at something along the upper quadrant for the auspicious meaning in the numbers.

Just a suggestion worth innovating and exploring; by the same logic, we could also replace the 8 Mansion Wandering Stars with QiMen Deity, Stars and Doors to add more layers to each set of numbers. To achieve a more robust approach as well as a differentiated angle of approach to deep dive into each set of numerology divination.