4 Pillars (四柱命理)

5 Element, Love Languages and Spirituality

The 5 Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) not only represent organs and physical body in BaZi. It also represent other intriguing aspects such as emotions, spiritual and love languages.

Wood Element in conventional BaZi relates with liver and sour taste. It also represent aspects of the spirit, repress anger as well as a need for time. In a work environment Wood indicates a need for both intrinsic and extrinsic growth; as well as passive and active growth. Passive is a need (i.e. mentor, coach and teachers inducing the growth on an individual) while Active is becoming a driver for others’ growth (i.e. becoming the mentor, coach and teacher).

Fire centers around heart, blood and bitter taste. It represent aspects of the mind, clarity and gravitate towards religious study. It is also associated with happy feeling and a need for movement or taking actions. In work environment, it trigger the need to establish relationship. In a social setting, fire people are more feeling oriented and passionate.

Earth are related to will power, and much about stomach ailment as well as the need for touch as a form of love language. In an active sense, earth related with determination while on passive sense it usually translate into negativity thinking and calling up of pass emotions (as earth also translate into planning and thinking far ahead). In work environment or as a social setting, need for earth also means a need for security and stability. And, change is a challenge for earth.

Metal walks with the soul and it seen as yearning for gifts as a form of love language. Metal is produce by earth and therefore it triggers worries. In work setting, it is often regarded as a sense of importance or recognition as well as the ability to execute a task, goal or strategy.

Water deals with determination, the human kidney as well as salty taste. In love language it often refer to as word of appreciate. Water can also relates with fear. In a positive sense, fearless and love taking on challenges and risk, while in a passive sense would be fearful. Therefore, in a work environment one with active water enjoy challenges and change while the other is stagnant and resist changes.