Demystify Academic Stars

During the era of the past, BaZi practitioner learn BaZi by way of memorize verse and poems. In the modern time, there is a rely on techonlgy such as Apps and Online Calculator.

In the poem (below), let’s take a closer look and understand the corresponding stems/ branch. And we would realize that the 4 Earth Branch often regarded as tomb or storage (i.e Dragon, Dog, Ox. Goat) are left out.


Yang Wood Corresponding with Snake
Yin Wood Corresponding with Horse
Yang Fire Corresponding with Monkey
Yin Fire Corresponding with Rooster
Yang Earth Corresponding with Monkey
Yin Earth Corresponding with Rooster
Yang Metal Corresponding with Pig
Yin Metal Corresponding with Rat
Yang Water Corresponding with Tiger
Yin Water Corresponding with Rabbit

The Academic Stars are basically the Day Stem’s output branch (i.e. Wood produce Fire) only exception is Earth which goes on to the next element as Metal; there is a FengShui reason and application for it. The Academic Stars comes in both polarity – Yin / Yang branch that is associated with Day Stem.

In the classics, ONLY the day stem is taken as the point of reference. Whereas in modern days there is a NEW-AGE view and the BaZi year, month and hour (or even minutes) stems are regard as reference points. And, it has also been programmed and build into Apps and Online Calculator. There is no right or wrong, it’s therefore up to each practitioner application and analysis.