Key Ideas for Annual Feng Shui – 2022

Annual Flying Stars for 2022 is a FuYin (伏吟) set-up, need to watch sectors such as SW and West, risk of legal / gossips matters, theft / missing items, female ailments, sickness – respiratiory and intestinal due to Monkey – and Goat – . This sector should remain still instead of activating it.

Monkey – is standing in the opposite direction of Tiger – , which means going against the flow of Grand Duke (太岁); when this sector is activated the household or workplace could expect challenges, obstacles to overcome and changes to happen/ adjust.

At the same time, the 5-Tiger Killing lands at SW and West ( and ), this adds woes to the already mentioned SW sector. 力士 and 蚕室 which are 2 disturbing stars of Grand Duke sits at SE and NW. Avoid starting ground breaking on these sectors for 2022.

Tiger + Horse + Dog annual combination (寅午戌会火局,三煞在北) means the 3-Killing energy is directed towards North. Hence, Star 1 in Flying Star Chart at North Sector is a little handicapped and cannot deliver at full capacity. This is (also) the common analysis most Practitioners and Masters will give to clients. But, if you understand the nature of 3-Killing, you could still use facing to ‘receive’ Star 1’s energy.

From a “Robbery Mountain” perspective, if the property / apartment is sitting at or sector + an adjacent building or mountain at sector it could represent detrimental signs of fail investment and wealth lost.

East Sector (卯), Southeast (巳), South (丙), Northwest (亥) is favourable to make use and activate in 2022. In 12 Deities of Tai Sui (流年⼗⼆神煞), these are the Green Dragon, 6-Harmony, Fortune Virtue areas.

Coincidentally, the East Sector (卯), Southeast (巳), are Nobleman Stars (贵人歌: 壬癸蛇兔藏) for 2022, for people with academic pursuit or learning a new skills (文昌歌: 壬逢虎) sitting at Northwest (寅) would get good support from the Grand Duke, and the annual wealth sectors (岁君壬禄在亥) sits at Northwest (亥).