Heavenly Pardon Day – 2022


Heavenly Pardon Day is about 4 special Yang (陽) days in each season. It is believe that in these dates has prosperous energy (氣) giving birth to all things and forgiving sins. It is an auspicious day for the Emperor of Heaven to forgive the sins of sentient beings.

• Spring Season uses Earth Tiger, Spring (Wood Energy) prosperous at Tiger Branch.
• Summer Season uses Wood Horse, Summer (Fire Energy) prosperous at Horse Branch.
• Autumn Season uses Earth Monkey, Autumn (Metal Energy) prosperous at Monkey Branch.
• Winter Season uses Wood Rat, Winter (Water Energy) prosperous at Rat Branch.

Heavenly Pardon Day is unique because of its seasonal prosperous energy properties. Yang Wood – Jia (甲) is deem as the leader of the 5 Yang (陽) stems while Yang Earth – Wu (戊) is the mid point. Thus, this 2 Yang heavenly pillars are used.

Heavenly Pardon Days in 2022 (天赦日):
✓ January 25
✓ March 26
✓ June 10
✓ August 23
✓ October 22
✓ November 7