Date Selection (擇日)

Brief points on Date Selection

In Gregorian Calendar, a day could be a Monday, Thursday, Saturday … In the Chinese Calendar perspective, each day could be one of the 12 Day Officers: Establish, Remove, Full, Balance, Stable, Initiate, Destruction, Danger, Success, Receive, Open and Close days.

Suitable activities would relate to what each day is named after. For example, Establish and Initiate Days are great for beginnings and starting something new. While, Remove days are good to remove negativity out of our life.

At times, Receive Days are ideal for activities that involves asking for something (such as a promotion or a pay raise).

Danger days are not at all dangerous. It about turning situation into opportunity. This is one of the better days thanks to its effect.

Likewise, Balance Day is when we can get bridge the gap and achieve a equal footing when we are in a disadvantageous position.

Success Days has a multiplier effect and are the most auspicious and favourable day of them all. The energy present during these days are suitable for most activities that require a positive start and a positive end.