How do I know if my floor or level is suitable for me?

This is another common question that querent frequently asked with all the build to order (BTO) coming up in the local property market. I’ll try to address it via a short note / essay. Hopefully, the idea can give a certain concept and everyone can twist and play around with it – DIY.

There are 2 ways of looking or doing an assessment for this. The “BaZi Element Method”, the “Floor vs Door Method” or if the case permits, a hybrid of both. The selection of internal layout has previously been discussed (Selecting HDB Apartment from a Feng Shui Perspective).

To use the “BaZi Element Method”, the querent first need to plot out his/her BaZi chart from one of the widely available online BaZi Calculator. Thereafter, focus on the day pillar’s heavenly stem (天干); numerically determines which element in the BaZi chart is the useful element; mathematically speaking, the weak element is often the useful element. The apartment unit selection, therefore focuses to have the main door at sector where the BaZi useful element is (i.e. Querent’s BaZi theme centers around weak fire, therefore beneficial for him/her to have a main door at the South sector). Where the chart is balance, the choice would be to select a main door’s sector similar or produce the day pillar (i.e. Day Pillar is Wood + Main door sector is North, East or Southeast).

The “Floor vs Door Method” looks at the luck cycle relative to the floor and door. Starting in year 2020 to year 2031 (12 years cycle) the luck energy is Metal. So, it would be a tailwind scenerio to select floor or levels such as 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26; but this is only useful if the door opens in North, East or Southeast. The reason being Metal (Luck) produces Water (Floor / Level) and Water produces Wood (Door). The door should (ideally) be same as or produces the Living Room sector or matches the Querent’s life-gua.

And, in some situation the Querent’s BaZi useful element is Wood. Thus, this assessment goes hand in hand adding one layer over another.

Note: This method(s) are specifically for HDB apartments and High-Rise apartments only.