Participatory Universe and Manifestation

In the course of encountering QiMen (QMDJ), notice there is a new-notion or interesting idea of using QiMen Deities for Manifestation, walking the 7-Stars Path and even signing contracts with “The Universe”.

Let’s look at manifestation. This concept is better explain using science of quantum fluctuations and the idea of Participatory Universe.

John Wheeler’s hunch is that the universe is built like an enormous feedback loop, a loop in which we contribute to the ongoing creation of not just the present and the future but the past as well. Wheeler envisioned that conscious observers partake in the creation of the participatory universe; the entire universe is filled with events, where the possible outcomes of countless interactions become real, where the infinite variety inherent in quantum manifests as a physical.

And as Stephen Hawking puts in it The Grand Design: “the universe appeared spontaneously, starting off in every possible way. Most of these [alternative beginnings] correspond to other universes.” Or, based in simulation theory, we (humans) could be living out a specific theme in a dimensional universe or simulation; and the act of manifestation is merely the act of reaching out to our higher-self for guidance, assistance, walk-through, solutions, decisions and goals (it should be a simple YES or NO; idea of contracts is irrelevant and is of a lower vibrational body).

In energy works, there are 4 main realms:
1. Divine
2. Spirit
3. Soul
4. Physical

And when users of manifestation are meditating, they are actually focusing or working with the soul level. This is where the higher-self, soul light and astral resides. If these energy vibration aren’t activated, the resonance could be pick up by other energy of negative qualities and not our higher-self or soul light.

Also, whether we can reach out or bridge to the higher self at the soul level largely depend on our karmic blockage on the physical level. Karmic blockage can be seen as the residual impact of memories of the soul. And even if we can bridge it, is this manifestation part of the original theme (or are we going against the original theme) we chosen when we sign up for our ‘vacation’ on Earth?

Noticed that in QiMen Manifestation, the area of focus is about using deity or giving the deity a command. Firstly, QMDJ is a divination tool, the model and naming convention although gives it a mystical feel, it is not use for mediation or visualization. To do mediation and visualization, the correct source or book to use or learn from is — The Secret of the Golden Flower 《太乙金华宗旨》. Secondly, given that we are at the physical level, even if we could bridge the soul level and reach the spirit level, are we anointed by the Divine to give command to Deity at the spirit level?

Running into technicals, in QiMen, there are several style. ZhiRun method, ChaiBu method, MaoShan method, Yin Plate method. Each of these give a different deity. Hence, users of manifestation might need to reflect upon which deity is the correct guardian deity.

In addition to these method of plotting, there is also flying style vs rotation style of QiMen. This created ambiguity as there now are 2 different set of Deity, users of QiMen Manifestation now need to discern the accuracy.

Lastly, assume the user of QiMen Manifestation come to a consensus on which is the correct deity to use. Another questionable area is why among the Classical 3 Style (三式), the 10 Deities of QMDJ is adopted instead of the 16 Deities in Tai Yi Divination (太乙神数) or / vs the 12 Deities in Liu Ren Style (大六壬); which supposedly exist earlier then QMDJ. Incidentally, this 2 other method has more Deities to choose from, and is more granular than QMDJ.

Or (maybe) we are now in period 9 which energy and vibration represent that of religion practices, spiritual awakening (and female dominance); and knowing that Classical Metaphysic might no longer be a sustainable revenue driver, there might be a business justification to use methods of manifestation and incorporate with Classical Metaphysic to revitalize the product / service curve and extend it’s life-cycle. The “truth”, perhaps only the original founder of “QiMen Manifestation” will know.

Parting Shot (P.S.) ~ if we understand this (below) quote, we would have already understand and know how to apply a “Manifestation Prayer”.