Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水), Plum Blossom Divination (梅花易数), QMDJ (奇門遁甲)



Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)


Metaphysics (易学)

Spirit Consciousness

Many people now understand the power of their thoughts and emotions to affect their present and manifest their future. However, the greatest manifestation power does not come from the lower levels of thoughts (e.g. words and visualisations), it comes from the intentions that created them.

Regardless of the words and the images we consciously create when intending to manifest something, it is the intentions we send out within those lower vibrational creations that really have an impact. We may say something in our mind to try to manifest or do something, when our true intention, in the background, may be to wait for a bit longer before we manifest it, or to never do it at all because we don’t feel ready, worthy or for another subconscious reason. Indeed, our real intentions are not always aligned with our spoken words, our superficial conscious thoughts or our actions.

Developing our spirit consciousness connection and our conscious awareness of the true intentions behind everything that we say or do will help us “feel” and better understand and control our deeper mental (subconscious) processes.

In QiMen, spirit consciousness is as simple as getting the proper alignment of Stars, Doors and Palaces.

QMDJ (奇門遁甲)


以日祿起五符 (不論陰陽遁) 順行一圈排出十二神。

吉星 : 五符、天曹、地府、風雲、唐符、國印。
凶星 : 風伯、雨師、雷公、天關、地鎖、天賊。

(1) 五符,火,謁貴,吉神。
(2) 天曹,金,詞訟,吉神。
(3) 地符,土,逃避,吉神。
(4) 風伯,木,驚恐,凶神。
(5) 雷公,木,驚恐,凶神。
(6) 雨師,水,出行,凶神。
(7) 風雲,木,半陰,吉神。
(8) 唐符,金,財吉,吉神。
(9) 國印,金,陞遷,吉神。
(10) 天關,木,阻隔,凶神。
(11) 地鎖,土,反覆,凶神。
(12) 天賊,水,失盜,凶神。

Metaphysics (易学)

The Soul’s Journey

The Soul’s Journey our spirit’s decision to embark on an exciting adventure. It is about experiencing the process of self‐realisation, manifestation, and most importantly, the incredible experience of forgetting your true divine nature to slowly reconnect to it and to the Source.

This journey normally unfolds over many lifetimes, incarnations and deaths. We can view or refer each incarnation as “Theme”. A limitless number of life experiences are offered to each soul on their own and unique path to the re‐discovery of their true nature and the nature of our multi‐dimensional universe.

Our soul is an energetic vehicle, another body, to which your spirit gives life, and through which it expresses itself and experiences life in the soul realm. A soul body seems to also be intimately connected to and affected by the two higher energy bodies: the higher emotional body and the higher mental body.

The “Home” of the soul body is the soul dimension, as it is made of the same energy, or rather the same range of vibration. It needs to be incarnated into a physical body to exist within the physical reality. This simply means that it needs to be energetically connected with, give life to and express itself through a physical body in order to experience the physical world and its specific properties.

Souls without a physical body that have crossed over to the soul dimension are however able to temporarily come into the astral world to connect with us. The astral dimension is indeed a world between the physical dimension and the soul dimension (in terms of vibration).

The soul was designed to enter the soul’s journey with restricted abilities and a limited access to its spirit’s knowledge. Over many lifetimes of learning, experiences and recording/ remembering, a soul progressively reconnects with different vibrations of energy to heal and develop its physical and energy bodies. Hence, from a BaZi perspective, we could try to unravel the main theme within the individual’s soul journey by locating or looking at the useful element(s).