Repressed Emotions

Most people will have experienced emotional traumas during their childhood and in their adult life. An emotional trauma is not always connected to what we would intellectually consider as a “traumatising event” or something out of the ordinary. However, this sometimes creates “Repressed Emotions”.

Emotions are just as valid whether or not the intellectual mind considers the related event as a “difficult situation”. In fact, there is a discrepancy between what we feel and what we think we should feel. And, this negativity often feeds or fuelled those “Repressed Emotions”.

When an emotional trauma has occurred, the emotional and mental energies associated with the events may be subconsciously kept away from the chakra system as a defence mechanism. This prevents the energies from going through the brain / nervous system, and therefore from being felt. This process also happens with “every day” emotions, often those emotions which are deemed unpleasant. In addition the mental repetition makes it worst or permanent.

“Repressed Emotions” induces repressing energies, this negative energies ends up creating clouds of stagnant emotional energies that often disrupt the flow of energy within other energy bodies, including the etheric body. This can lead to psychological and physical conditions, benign or more severe, as well as general imbalances, suffering and self‐limitations. Therefore, clearing these energies can often significantly improve the balance and health of one’s body and mind.

Most people also tend to repress those emotions that their intellectual mind consider as “bad” or “unnecessary”, such as anger, for example. Emotions are there for a reason and are a language inthemselves. Denying their existence is not going to make them disappear. On the contrary, it is important to allow ourselves to feel all emotions and to understand their significance.

In BaZi, if the chart with these “Broken Signs” / formation in the year and month pillars, or if there is these “Broken Signs” / formation in the luck cycle which happen to occurs in the childhood years; is likelihood to have such negative energies. To seek healing or release from these “Repressed Emotions”, the key is in the use of 6-Combination (六合) or 3-Combination (三合).

子酉破,Rat + Rooster
寅亥破,Tiger + Pig
辰丑破,Dragon + Ox
午卯破,Horse + Rabbit
申巳破,Monkey + Snake
戌未破,Dog + Goat